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Clickfunnels Alternatives Review: The 6 Most Popular 2021

Although ClickFunnels happens to be an ideal integrated system that enables enterprises to create sales pages, landing pages, webinar pages, and so forth, it is nevertheless a bit costly as well. You will come across lots of alternatives to ClickFunnels which can be inexpensive too.

Coming across the appropriate ClickFunnels alternative implies looking for the proper landing page application builder which can integrate with other applications out there.

It will be feasible to figure out the ideal solution for you by comparing the features as well as the prices of all these software builders. Below, we have mentioned a short overview of the top alternatives to ClickFunnels on the market at present.

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Alternatives Overview

1. OptimizePress


This popular ClickFunnels alternative might appear to be a normal page builder tool; however, it will offer you much more than that. It was initially created for aiding folks to create membership sites, landing pages and sales pages intended for WordPress. However, it developed in the course of time and received an increasing number of features.

 Key Features:

  • It is feasible to create contemporary as well as high converting marketing and sales pages plus landing pages with more than 30 templates.
  • It is likewise possible to generate product launch funnels by making use of their LaunchSuite.
  • One can also develop a flawless Webinar registration page together with a secure membership portal.
  • It likewise includes a premium blogging system which intends to develop the readers of the blog.
  • It comes with a Live editor that can aid in creating pages easily.
  • All pages created by it are compatible with mobile gadgets.

2. Unbounce

unbounce logo

This is one of the most well-known alternatives to ClickFunnels at present. It has helped several reputed companies on the web which consists of the New York Times, Vimeo, Hootsuite, as well as New Balance. The main purpose of Unbounce is to help folks develop landing pages that are conversion-focused. Besides this, it is likewise amongst the quickest landing page building solutions out there. 

Key features: 

  • It comes with a drag and drop builder.
  • Offers in excess of 125 custom convertibles that are focused on conversion.
  • Target audiences on the landing pages by setting frequencies as well as time.
  • It is feasible to easily integrate it with various CRM and E-mail tools such as Zapier, Hubspot, MailChimp, Salesforce, and so forth.
  • It provides lead generation as well as conversion optimization tools. Also, it is feasible to perform unrestricted testing. 
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3. Thrive Architect 

Clickfunnels Alternatives Review: The 6 Most Popular 2021 1

You will come across a plethora of page builder plugins out there and it is natural for one to become overwhelmed regarding which one to use. However, the good thing is that Thrive Architect is believed to be amongst the most well-known page builders out there which is likewise one of the latest.  

Key features: 

  • It is compatible with every single WordPress theme.
  • The click to edit feature is worth mentioning as well. It will enable the user to edit his or her content simply by clicking on it.
  • Enhanced and simpler interface which is ideal for the newbies.
  • It comes with over 234 outstanding templates intended for the landing pages.
  • There is no requirement for any other element given that it offers pre-built elements such as personalization buttons, testimonials, lead generation forms, countdown timers, and so on.

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4. Getresponse

getresponse lgo

 It was actually an email marketing device in the early phases; however, it has turned out to be a comprehensive marketing solution over time. At present, it provides other functions apart from email marketing with the intention of enhancing the list of subscribers and enhancing sales too. Moreover, one will not face difficulty while using the tool which is fully responsive to the mobile gadgets out there.

 Key features: 

  • Offers a comprehensive webinar marketing solution for boosting conversion rates.
  • Sends out emails that are delivered once it is more likely for your contacts to engage.
  • It is feasible to automate the customer’s journey on your site depending on their information as well as behavior.
  • Enables the users to create high converting and gorgeous landing pages without any difficulty at all.
  • It allows you to perform split test for optimizing your website.

5. Sumo


 As compared to the other tools for lead generation this one happens to be a suite of various standalone tools with the intention of enhancing your sales and developing your list as well. Besides being useful for WordPress, it is likewise compatible with other custom sites too.

 Key features: 

  • Includes an innovative List builder tool providing a scroll box as well as a lot of pop up opt-in forms.
  • It comes with a smart bar as well as a Welcome mat.
  • Provides A/B split testing.
  • It offers online analytics that consists of Content Analytics, Google analytics, as well as heatmaps.
  • It comes with a buy button that is intended for E-commerce websites.
  • Social Sharing using image sharer, highlighter, as well as buttons.

6. Leadpages 

Clickfunnels Alternatives Review: The 6 Most Popular 2021 2

This tool will be appropriate for you in case you are searching for a simple as well as a code-free method of developing landing pages which are high converting as well as gorgeous. It is simplicity which actually helps to make the tool one of ClickFunnels alternatives.

 Key features: 

  • Offers in excess of 130 outstanding templates and also consists of a huge marketplace for buying an increasing number of templates.
  • It provides an intuitive as well as error-free editing facility by simple drag and drop.
  • It will be possible to integrate one’s preferred payment getaways, webinar tools, CRM, marketing solution, and so on.
  • It comes with a very powerful and simple A/B testing feature.
  • Offers comprehensive analytics on just one dashboard.

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9. Fastpages

fastpages logo

Fastpages is a web-based software from the Netherlands. It enables you to build all kinds of landing pages and even whole funnels, without any design or tech skills. So as a business owner or online entrepreneur you collect leads and make sales.

What makes them stand out is the website speed and quick loading times from their landing pages.

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Learn about more competitors:

Conclusion: Is there a real Clickfunnels Alternative?

clickfunnels logo

All these above-mentioned tools happen to be the ideal alternatives to ClickFunnels right now. There is also another review of another tool called Builderall. We have provided an insight into the different features offered by these tools and also how these can be useful to you.

Take care to look at the various tools apart from the ones we have already mentioned prior to coming to a final decision.

However, ClickFunnels happens to be the best funnel builder right now thanks to its capability of developing complete sales funnels as well as a powerful yet uncomplicated editor too.

It will be possible for you to enhance your sales significantly by developing a properly designed sales funnel which will offer more value to the clients. Therefore, do not think twice and go for ClickFunnels given that it won’t disappoint you at all. Although a tad costly, it will get the job done for you! You can also grab a bonus from this site.

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