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Clickfunnels Competitors – Sales Funnel Builder Comparison

How to Build A Sales Funnel

Successful online marketing doesn’t only rely on how you promote your products/services. You need to understand your prospects, plan for them, and build sales funnels. So, what are sales funnels?

Simply put; a sales funnel is a procedure highlighting your first interaction with a potential customer to purchasing, and retaining him/her. Veteran online marketers love it because it makes it easy to predict their sales volume, pick out problem areas, and enhance your conversion rates, etc.

To achieve all these, you’re going to need an excellent funnels tool. A good sales funnel software should guide your prospects through signing up for email lists, to paying for products/services. 

Personally I love to use Clickfunnels, it gives me everything I need. But let’s compare it to some Clickfunnels competitors and alternatives.

Here are some of the common sales funnel tools you could check out… If you like to, you can check out also Profitbuilder and Builderall

1. Sumo


Sumo is a seamless marketing software that you install, and it grants you access to the management and growth of your web visitors. It’s compatible with all website builders like WordPress and also an excellent tool for increasing email list subscribers.


  • It allows you to build automatic pop-ups.
  • Integrates with most payment management systems and email marketing software.
  • Allows performance tracking.
  • Promotes building of following.
  • Builds sales funnels.


Sumo has four packages;

  • Free Trial
    You use the software for 14 days for free.
  • Professional Package
    Costs $48/month.
  • Small Business Package
    Goes for $132/month.
  • E-commerce Package
    Goes for $332/month.

Sumo also features plans for elite teams that you get specific detailed pricing for. All these plans come with unlimited subscribers, pre-built templates, and visitor targeting, etc. The only difference comes in analytics, priority support and upgrades which are mainly common with high-end packages.


  • Gives real-time updates on hot marketing topics.
  • Keeps you updated.
  • It helps you build a following.


  • It doesn’t have options for including negative keywords in your search results.
  • It doesn’t provide suggestions on post searches.
  • The free version can bombard you with a lot of less significant results. 

2. Instapage

insta page logo

Instapage is an intuitive landing page builder that comes with post-click optimization for profitable campaigns.


  • Beautiful UI templates
  • Integrates with pay per click functionalities.
  • A/B testing for testing templates and landing pages.
  • Robust campaign management features.


Has two pricing plans, i.e., core, and enterprise plans. The core package goes for $199/month. The enterprise plan is customizable to meet your marketing needs. These plans come with varied add on features like A/B testing, enterprise-grade security, and customer success manager, etc.


  • Easily customizable for building forms and landing pages etc.
  • Has plenty of templates for different business/campaign structures.
  • It allows for multiple integrations.
  • Have excellent support.


  • A bit tricky in customization.
  • It only allows for two-page width optimization.
  • Limits style fonts to use.

3. Unbounce

unbounce logo

Unbounce is a top-quality landing page builder. It comes with WYSIWYG feature and lets you build, publish and test your pages before launching them.


  • A/B split test.
  • Lots of templates to choose from.
  • Easily compatible with mobile devices with an excellent user interface.


Unbounce has three packages; Essential package, Premium Package, and Enterprise Package. Both the essential and enterprise package has a maximum of 500 visitors. The Enterprise Package allows customization to match your monthly visitors.

The significant differences in these packages are the landing pages volume allocated, and integrations with the third-party apps, etc. You enjoy a 20% discount if you go with the annual billing.


  • Simple and flexible editor.
  • It comes with sticky bars and popups for spurring engagement.
  • A large number of beautiful pre-built templates.
  • It allows you to manage keyword placement for PPC.
  • Outstanding support.


  • Costly.
  • Lacks some of the core features common with other tools.
  • Steep learning curve.

What Is ClickFunnels, and Why ClickFunnels?

Clickfunnels is a digital sales funnel builder designed to make promoting, selling and delivery of products and services online seamless. It gives you pre-built funnel templates for different businesses/products, so you find it more comfortable, and quicker getting started.


An intuitive dashboard to help you monitor your business’ KPIs

  • Affiliate tracking and management.
  • Pre-built templates for designing your landing pages etc.
  • A/B split testing.
  • API connections.
  • ClickPops.
  • Custom domains and many others.

ClickFunnels Pricing

ClickFunnels has three subscription options; the free trial package, Startup package, and Enterprise package. How do they compare? (And the Special Funnel Builder Secrets Bonus)

ClickFunnels Free Trial

This tool offers a 14-days free trial. During this period, you get to use the products as you familiarize yourself with the platform.

ClickFunnels Startup Package

This package costs $97/month. Features;

• 20 Funnels.
• 3 Custom domains.
• ClickPops.
• Unlimited contact leads.
• Order Pages.
• Click Opt-in.
• 100 Pages etc

ClickFunnels Enterprise Package.

For the Enterprise Package, you pay $297/month. Here, you get all the features in Startup Package, and..

• unlimited Funnels.
• Priority Template Requests.
• Unlimited Contact Leads.
• Priority Support.
• unlimited Pages.
• unlimited Custom Domains.
• unlimited Visitors and a lot more…

Pros Of ClickFunnels

1. An excellent affiliate program.

If you’re an affiliate marketing expert, you can take advantage of their program, and earn 40 percent commissions for any customers who join the platform via your link. This offer is recurring and is a lifetime offer.

2. They give you tutorial videos that walk you through how the tool works, and how to make the most of it. Besides, there are continuous weekly webinars that update you on any new features added on the platform.

3. It provides beautiful templates for any online campaign or marketing.

4. It’s easy to create the entire funnel workflow once you’ve gotten the hang of it.

5. Compatible with many email management and financial management software.

6. It has a great free trial period which allows you to build and customize all your web pages, create Clickfunnel membership sites, etc., as you get used to it.

7. If you want to take a break you can pause your Clickfunnels account for a very small monthly fee.

Cons of ClickFunnels

1. Not good if you’re a slim budget. The cheapest package on ClickFunnels costs zero dollars/month but only lasts for two weeks. The other packages start from $97/month hence a little bit costly if you’re starting.

2. ClickFunnels limits your funnels and visitors. The Startup Package gives you just 20 funnels and 20,000 new visitors. The Enterprise Package gives you unlimited options.

You can get an A-Z Video Training for Clickfunnels, that I provide as a bonus offer when you sign up through my links.

Conclusion: Sales Funnel Builder Comparison – ClickFunnels and Competitors

Now, as far as the packages would seem a bit costly, the ClickFunnels team does a lot to ensure your online campaigns and marketing efforts payback.

One of must-have’s for high converting sites is a beautiful sales funnel or website that is optimized to make people click. If you want to dig even deeper you can also work on spurring engagement, by showing your visitors dynamic and personalized content.

Tools like that will help you build high-end sales funnels, and pages, etc. Most of them even offer a free trial, so you can opt-out if you aren’t satisfied.

Clickfunnels even helps you by guiding you through the whole setup process and gives you tips on how to turbocharge your online campaigns.

It performs ten-times better than other sales funnel tools, and provides excellent value to your money.

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