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SamCart vs Clickfunnels detailed Review – Great options?

Choosing the right sales funnel for your business can be hard. It’s a significant step to success. An excellent funnel can help you get new leads and and lift you sales on a whole new level.

SamCart vs Clickfunnels: Although Clickfunnels and SamCart have several similar features, there’s a huge difference in their functionalities.

Clickfunnels as well as Samcart are some of the best online marketing tools available. 

However, Clickfunnels offers a much more comprehensive package: It’s a software as a service and a all-in-one tool! Samcart, on the other hand, is designed for selling products and services.

But now, let’s take a closer look on SamCart vs Clickfunnels and help you make the right decision! Ready to get started?

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Features Comparison

Let’s dive right into it:

The main differences between SamCart and ClickFunnels are: SamCart is a stand-alone checkout cart and landing page builder, whereas ClickFunnels is an A-Z sales funnel. SamCart has more advanced cart abandonement and management, whereas ClickFunnels does not.

Clickfunnels and SamCart are designed with one target. To help you sell your services and products. However, they like to use different methods.

What are the main differences between the tools?

  • They target different parts of your sales process
  • SamCart is a checkout cart combined with a landing page builder, while Clickfunnels allows you to build A-Z sales funnels
  • The cart that can be designed with Samcart is a little bit more advanced
  • Clickfunnels is more costly, however it is much easier to use with its drag and drop function
samcart vs clickfunnels

SamCart’s design as a cart page builder or some type of check out page tool is actually used for the last page of the buying process once the buyer selects the products they want to buy.

Clickfunnels has a much more comprehensive approach. It works as a funnel builder but has much more to offer. It allows you to build funnels without any techie skills (thanks to the drag and drop function mentioned before). 

Further, it offers a big community to help you out at any time, Funnelflix (a streaming platform for entrepreneurs), daily virtual hackathons to create and launch different funnels and depending on which plan you choose a program called Backpack. Backpack gives you the opportunity to create your own affiliate program.

In addition to that, it has every common integration you’ll need: Payment, email automation tools and so on.

In comparison to Samcart Clickfunnels has limited custom designs. Anyways, that’s not a big problem because Clickfunnels has different tools to increase conversions.

UPDATE: Due to the latest update in which Clickfunnels Platinum replaced the Etison Suite Plan there is no automation tool included for new members. Instead, there are three new features that will blow your mind. 

The Funnel Hacker Forum, a private community for Clickfunnels members only, daily virtual Hackathons, which will help you launch different successful funnels and Funnelflix, a streaming platform full of content especially for entrepreneurs. 

You’ll find detailed information about the new Platinum Edition it’s content right here.

Email Marketing Automation

Email Automation tool pleasing? For this instance, the Russell Brunson and his Clickfunnels team created Actionetics.  It’s an Email Automation tool with huge advantages for businesses with great email lists. The clue: The price does not increase with the number of email contacts. This is very seldom among common email automation tools.  Furthermore, it helps you build email follow-ups and everything you need to close the sale. Why do you need this? In general, to close a sale it needs 7-8 touches with the prospect. With Actionetics marketing gets much easier and you’ll have everything on just one clear dashboard. In contrast to that, SamCart requires a third-party email marketing tool to get this feature work. Even though that works pretty well, you’ll have to add some additional costs for the extra tool. That means the higher general cost for your business to manage.

Clickfunnels canceled it’s Actionetics Software and replaced it with follow-up funnels.

Pricing Plan

Samcart offers two price plans:

The cheapest plan is available for $99 per month. Secondly, there is a premium plan which offers access to all features of SamCart. It is the most expensive plan and you’re charged $199 monthly, not considering the extra tools you’ll need.

As well as SamCart, Clickfunnels offers two different plans.

The start-up plan has a monthly cost of $97 and includes up to 20 funnels, 100 pages, 3 custom domains and allows you to send up to 20000 visitors to your page per month.

This one is best suited for businesses needing only a limited number of sales funnels and make moderate sales per month.

The second and unlimited plan is the Etison Suite versionPlatinum Edition. Through the Etison Suite plan Platinum Edition you can create an unlimited number of funnels. Additionally, it allows you to send as much traffic to your websites and funnels as you wish. This plan has a cost of 7 per month.

It is perfect for entrepreneurs with a high number of sales via their funnels and wants to use the share funnel option to share many different funnels for different businesses.

Comparing Clickfunnels and SamCart, the premium plan pricing of Clickfunnels is more expensive. (Read more: )

However, considering how much more the Clickfunnels Platinum Edition offers in comparison to SamCart’s premium plan, Clickfunnels has much more value

With Clickfunnels you won’t need any techie skills, coders, consultants, email automation tools etc. which you would pay for otherwise.

In case you’re just getting started or only need a limited number of funnels etc. the basic plan is absolutely sufficient.

Furthermore, Clickfunnels has many awesome bonuses available to which you can (and should) take advantage.

Summary: SamCart vs Clickfunnels

Decisions can be hard. When choosing between Clickfunnels it depends on which of the two brings more value to your business. In general, I can say that while SamCart truly has some nice features it is shorthanded on the features and diversity of tools it offers.

Clickfunnels is a much more reasoned and comprehensive marketing software (as a service). It offers an all-around marketing package and has more built-in tools that ease cost and management. 

By the way, it’s possible to decrease the cost through different incentives.

Big plus: Community and support. Whenever you have a problem that needs solving considering Clickfunnels or your business the Clickfunnels support and the huge community will help you solve any upcoming stumbling block.

In short: Considering all factors plus own long term experience I highly recommend using Clickfunnels. Check out more Clickfunnels alternatives.

However, if you’re still on the fence easily get to know Clickfunnels for free via your 14-day trial.

Ready to get started?

By signing up for your Free Clickfunnels Trial through this site you’ll get these bonuses, that will help you get started.

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Disclosure: I am an independent ClickFunnels Affiliate, not an employee. I receive referral payments from ClickFunnels. The opinions expressed here are my own and are not official statements of ClickFunnels or its parent company, Etison LLC.

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