traffic secrets course review

Clickfunnels Traffic Secrets Course Review

Heard about the Clickfunnels Traffic Secrets training course? It’s a special offer within the Clickfunnels space. It’s an all in one course about how to get traffic on the Internet that covers EVERY single possible aspect of traffic generation!

What is the Clickfunnels Traffic Secrets Course?

The Traffic Secrets course is the insane course created by John Reese. He gives you everything you always wanted to know about how to generate the right type of traffic. And it contains more than 125 different traffic sources you can benefit from!

This course is not to be mistaken with the Traffic Secrets Book!

John Reese was the first online marketer to make over a $1 million in just one day. 

Russell Brunson, the extraordinarily successful marketer and co-founder of Clickfunnels purchased the course from Reese. 

He couldn’t do anything but admit that this was and still is the best traffic course he has ever seen. At the time Brunson discovered the course he was just in front of the 10X Growth Con Event. His desire was to give every visitor a copy of the Traffic Secrets Course…

Nearly $1 million dollars later Russell Brunson was the new owner of Reese’s company AND the Traffic Secrets course! And guess what? 

He gave every visitor to his presentation a free copy.

Sadly, you weren’t a visitor to the 10X Growth Con in 2018. 

Want to know more about the course? I’m giving you exclusive insight on the course. Plus I’m telling you how to get it! 

In case you already know that the course is part of the Funnel Builder Secrets OR the Funnel Hacking Secrets Plan and don’t want to wait any longer just click here. Later on, I’m telling you how to get the course separate from the Funnel Builder Secrets package.

Traffic Secrets Training Course – Pricing

As mentioned above the Traffic Secrets course membership is part of the Funnel Builder Secrets Package. 


This big package includes 6-12 months of the Enterprise Version of Clickfunnels, the Traffic Secrets Course, the Funnel Hackers Masterclass and so much more. 

The costs are dependent on which package you choose.

clickfunnels traffic secrets

Insider’s Tip: Discount Price

All of these packages include tons of important content that every marketer will benefit from.

clickfunnels traffic secrets

However, all of these packages are a bit costly. And in case you’re a little bit short on budget or only need them and want the Traffic Secrets Course I have a true insider’s tip for you…

The Traffic Secrets membership can be purchased for $297 as a separate course. Never heard that before? 

That’s why it’s an insider’s tip. Now you’re asking: How do I get this offer?

This special offer is only available as an upsell for the famous One Funnel Away Challenge. The OFA Challenge is like a 30 days Bootcamp including daily coaching by different 6-figure-marketers.

The challenge costs $100 and after you’ve purchased the challenge the special Traffic Secrets course offer pops up. 

In short: You’ll get the Traffic Secrets Course plus the One Funnel Away Challenge (which I highly recommend) for $397. Huge difference to the cheapest Funnel Builder Secrets package ($1997) huh?

Can’t wait to get started? In this case, I’ve got a special offer for you on top!

Want some more insight on the Traffic Secrets Training Course? Read on…

Traffic Secrets Membership Insight and Review

What does the Traffic Secrets Course include? As already mentioned, the Course is insanely good.

It describes 125 different ways to get traffic. 125 ways which show how to gain traffic with and without social media, paid and free.

Sounds great, doesn’t it?

To get a better overview the course is divided into 24 modules. Each module deals with a super powerful tool to lift your amount of traffic to a higher level.

traffic secrets course membership area
Traffic Secrets Inside Look

Module Overview

1. Foundation

The first module outlines the basic aspects of the course. For example, setting your goals and how a domain can help your branding. 

It introduces to important things like the Facebook pixel training. 

Furthermore, there’s a checklist for every module. The checklists summarize all the key points of the 24 sections.

2. Market Discovery

Market Discovery – The second section is all about keeping up with trends and using upcoming keywords. 

Predict the next trend can be hard if you haven’t got any marketing superpowers. 

That’s why this module will help you use Google Trends and Google Alerts. The Market Discovery section will also show you how to research current ads of your niche and much more…

3. Copywriting Secrets

Copywriting can be hard. That’s why this chapter is all about copywriting: It is a crash course that gives you powerful words and headlines. 

All these words and headlines can be modified to suit exactly your business. Plus the chapter describes how to increase your conversions massively through video sales letters.

4. Keyword Science

Keyword science is something very powerful when it comes to articles e.g. as blog posts. This module has tons of important info about content marketing to offer.  In addition to that comes a tool called keyword spy which allows spying on your competitors’ keywords and more helpful keyword specific tools. 

5. Email Marketing Tactics

This section is dealing with the online marketer’s most valuable asset: His e-mail list!  The module will show you how to build this precious list through different tools and strategies. Strategies that are used by some of the most successful marketers out there! 

6. Borrowing Traffic

Borrowing traffic – How does that work? Through affiliate programs! Setting up your own affiliate program becomes super easy with this helpful module. And your own affiliate program allows you to borrow traffic from your affiliate partners!  To help you do this module number 6 has strategies and programs to offer that will ease the process and lead your business to the next level. 

Already convinced? Insider Tip: Get the Traffic Secrets Course for $297 as an Upsell for the One Funnel Away Challenge [Read More]

7. Shopping Engines and Amazon

The headline says it all. This module can show you some important strategies on how to sell products on Amazon or your own eCommerce shop.

8. Traffic Formulas

Lower Expenses, please! Roger that.
The Traffic Formulas module has different traffic sources to offer. Especially the cheaper ones! 

It describes proven traffic formulas including target marketing, split testing and so much more! Can’t believe we’re only in chapter 8? Me neither but it’s the truth!

9. Buying Media and Sponsorship

You think you already know the important media platforms? Let me (well, let John Reese) prove you wrong. 

This section will show you where to purchase media from different channels. Besides the obvious ones like Facebook Ads and Google Adwords. It’s about other important channels that sell ad space and will help you gain traffic.

10. Google Adwords

One of the biggest lessons is the one about Google Adwords. 39 incorporate lessons show how powerful Google Adwords can be if you know how to use it the right way. 

It helps you to get your ad in front of the right people at the right time. In short: It summarizes the best and most converting strategies.

11. Podcasts and Broadcasts

Live events get more important every day. This newer type of traffic generation can drive tons of traffic to your business. Why not try it?

12. Mobile App Marketing

Traffic via Apps? Yes! Mobile Apps are an important traffic source. The reason for that is obvious: Almost everyone has a mobile phone with mobile apps. 

So why not use it to gain more traffic for your business? 
The Mobile App Marketing section tells you everything about the easiest way to get discovered in app stores. 

New opt-ins from mobile apps are common. However, to get them you’ll need to understand a few things taught in here… 

13. Software & Widgets

This chapter is pretty specific. However, depending on your industry it has huge potential for generating more leads. 

Therefore, you’ll get to know the types of software, tools, and widgets to growth hack your online business’ revenue. The focus lies on high margin products.  

14. Facebook Ads

Another very comprehensive module including 37 lessons. 37 lessons to learn everything about how Facebook Advertising can help you generate more traffic. 

I guess all of us know that Facebook is one of the most powerful advertising platforms on planet earth. No reason to not consider it, right?

Facebook’s reach is tremendous. It reaches so many people plus they know pretty much about their subscribers. This information helps you to get your targeted ads more precise and focused. 

fb ads

Facebook allows everyone to share, like and follow whatever and whoever they want. And that data is stored so they can understand the person behind the account.

All this to your advantage. 

The chapter is going to run you through different aspects of FB ads’ ability to get you paid traffic. You will learn how powerful Facebook Ads can be if you use it the right way! 

15. Traffic Retargeting

Traffic retargeting works as a follow up to your original targeted adverts. Retargeting can be done with Facebook as well as with Google. 

Why do you need this? Not everyone purchases on the first touch with an ad. More touches with an ad increase the possibility of a sale.

16. International Opportunities

Many online marketers and entrepreneurs only target English speaking countries in the western world. 

But why target your own and english speaking countries only? 

There are so many more opportunities for sales that are only waiting to be used. Chapter 16 helps you to use these opportunities: How to target worldwide and get cheaper traffic through the less dominant countries.

17. Social Media Strategy

Everything you’ll need about social media strategies: This chapter is a crash course on all the traffic that has its the origin on some social media platform. 

You’ll get a guide on social media’s purpose, the famous viral social media effects, the value of hashtags and how to use social media accounts in a group for a more powerful utilization.

18. Traffic Recycling

Traffic from your original traffic. 



The Traffic Recycling module shows you how to recycle your original traffic. Through non-buyers you can generate a lot of new traffic. Furthermore, the chapter talks about email marketing and how to use it to recycle traffic as well.

19. Google SEO

Free Traffic! This is one of my favorite chapters because SEO is huge! I published an article about the best SEO tips earlier and I promise you, this chapter will definitely pay off! 

This module helps you understand what factors influence your Google rankings and the rankings on other search engines. 

It goes all the way through on and off-page SEO, your website health and how to set up your website properly.

20. Building A Content Factory

No. 20 is a follow up to the Google SEO section but more focused on quality content creation. It tells you everything on what type of content you should create (or make somebody create it -> outsourcing). 

Further, it gives you the hints of where to post it and when to publish your awesome content. It’s all about scheduling and managing your SEO content strategy.

21. Content Curation Methods

This module shows you how to curate your content. Curate your own content while using other people’s content. It’s a give and take when it comes to sharing other’s content while they’re sharing your content. 

Among that, you’ll find some more pretty helpful strategies on how to keep your content up to date here!

22. Youtube Marketing

The second-largest search engine on the world wide web? 

Of course, it’s Youtube. 

And with it comes a huge source of traffic. Obviously, that’s a good place to look for traffic for your business. Among many other strategies, this chapter will help you rank your Youtube videos in Google. 

And I think I don’t have to tell you how powerful that is. To get your rankings on the fast lane the lessons will teach you how to optimize your videos and understand all the external factors that can affect your rankings. 

As a bonus, you’ll find useful tips on the so-called ‘Call to Actions’ (very important).

23. Expansion and Scalability

Expanding and scaling your online business is very important. 

To grow your traffic sources, generating more targeted traffic and expanding your offers you’ll need some strategies. That’s what’s provided within the 23. chapter inside of the Clickfunnels Traffic Secrets Membership. Furthermore, you’ll get tips about reinvesting in your business.

24. The Master Plan

Need a masterplan for growth hacking your business? The Traffic Secrets Course provides this as well. 

A single video shows you THE masterplan for you to follow. It’s a plan that can be followed by any entrepreneur and will help you no matter which niche is yours. All steps are basic and explained very detailed. 

Depending on your business there are some extra steps to take care of and the video will explain which steps you’ll need for a successful online business.

Clickfunnels Traffic Secrets

Review: Clickfunnels Traffic Secrets Course

The information provided by the course will definitely help you generate more traffic. As this can be done through so many different ways it’s easy to get lost between the paid and the free options.

This precious course helps you to stay focused. In contrast to many other traffic courses available, the Traffic Secrets Course includes EVERY important traffic source, paid, free common and uncommon the world wide web has to offer. 

In my honest opinion, I can say that I never came across another course that is so comprehensive. 

Furthermore, as Traffic Secrets is now owned by Russell Brunson the support can be accessed via Clickfunnels. That means it is easy to get a quick and helpful response which shouldn’t be underestimated. 

Join the community, the Clickfunnels Facebook page or contact the Support via chat. I’m sure you’ll get an answer you need.

To sum this up: If you’re seeking more traffic (and who doesn’t?!) no matter if you want to make it through paid or free traffic this is for you. 

Nowadays the online marketing changes within short periods. So if you don’t want to fall by the wayside you have to count on more than just one traffic source. 

This course has everything to prepare your business for any traffic source and start growing your business. 

The Traffic Secrets course is worth it’s time. There is no second of stopgap content and I highly recommend to stop wasting time and getting started.

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