The One Funnel Away Challenge Review – My Honest Opinion

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If you are a digital marketer you might have heard of the Clickfunnels’  One Funnel Away Challenge that everyone is talking about. In this One Funnel Away Challenge review, I’m gonna tell you how it helped me grow my online business. I stumbled on this challenge while researching how I could grow my niche website. This is when I was getting started over again with digital marketing.   

First, there were so many options that I could choose to work on, thus I ended up doing a lot of everything and nothing at the same time. Secondly, I had no idea about how to promote my affiliate products, services or offerings. In fact, I did not have my own offer to sell at all.

So all I did was dabble around jumping from one opportunity to another and thus ended up wasting a lot of time due to this inconsistency. 

Fortunately, when I found this challenge and it brought me on the right track. A couple of years down the line since I started on this journey, here I am running my own niche website/business and doing well. If you want to know why and how…read this one funnel away challenge review.

What Is The One Funnel Away Challenge?

One Funnel Coaches

It is a 30-day training course that gives you step-by-step instructions on how to create an effective automated sales funnel.

This could be your first sales funnel or it could be the next level one, with the aim to grow your online business to become an authority or even to earn you up to 8 figures of income.  

The training is conducted by the Clickfunnels best, which includes video training, worksheets, live coaching calls, and other exceptional learning material shipped directly to you. Russell Brunson the co-founder of ClickFunnels and also the creator of the challenge is one of the coaches. 

You will be glad to know that he built this challenge based on tried and tested market strategies and ethos. 

The challenge borrows the name from the Clickfunnels’ slogan “You are just one funnel away”. His videos gave me the critical strategy lessons and also helped you zero down the ‘why’ behind what we were learning that day. 

The other coach is Julie Stoian, who runs a 7 figure enterprise. She focuses on the “how” part of the coaching. Her videos are all about the implementation of Russell’s lessons. 

They are basically easy to follow step-by-step videos. Her lessons are critical because without implementing what you learn practically, your efforts will be in vain. 

Stephen Larsen is the 3rd coach whose major focus is on accountability. He also answers pressing questions and makes clarifications when need be through video calls. 

What I love about him, is not only his wealth of information and experience but also the kind of energy he brings to the live group calls and in his podcasts. This makes the learning experience a lot of fun.

one funnel away steve larson
Facebook Live Coaching from Steve Larsen

What Were My Goals? 

I took up the one funnel away challenge with various goals in mind. A major one was to overcome some of the challenges I was facing. My struggles were all about getting started the right way with online marketing. I needed a partner to help me negotiate the internet jungle.

I personally believe that in order to succeed in any kind of venture, you need 3 essential things to succeed: a peer group, an accountability partner and a mentor. I lacked all these until I stumbled upon this challenge.

On the other hand, I was working towards living on my own terms and also to achieve financial freedom. 

I wanted to effectively grow my new business within the shortest time possible. The goal was to start immediately so that I could have a higher chance of success. 

In my entrepreneurial journey, I sometimes get overwhelmed when I face challenges I don’t have solutions to. This was the case when I was starting out with my internet business journey.

Besides being overwhelmed, I lacked clarity as to what I should sell and what funnel I should use. There is just so much information and so much opportunity out there. It’s just so difficult to find the right one. 

The Problems I Faced On The Current Opportunity 

This new opportunity meant putting in the work to learn about building effective funnels. The first week of the challenge is tailored to orient learners to the system.

It involves a pre-training that is focused on getting you in the right mindset to take up the challenge. 

In the following 4 weeks, you get daily lessons and exercises to execute on. You have to go through each and every training material in order because each builds upon the other.  Also, there’s homework to do to test whether you have understood what you are being taught. 

Every day comes with another lesson… 

one funnel away challenge review, week 1
OFA week 3
one funnel away challenge review, week 2
ofa week 4

All this sounds pretty straightforward, right? The truth of the matter is that I felt overwhelmed half of the time. First, because there was so much to learn yet I did not have enough time to commit to this process.

What You Will Learn 

Fortunately, when I followed through the one funnel away challenge, I got the direction I desperately needed. This was my actual point of epiphany… thanks to Russell, Julie, and Stephen who deliver extremely engaging content and have a way of simplifying difficult concepts and steps. 

I felt that coaches genuinely wanted us to succeed in our new ventures. 

Now I know so much more about funnels. Besides that, I got to understand several things. 

These include: 

  • How to create an offer
  • How to design an effective funnel
  • How to build a usable automated system
  • The sales psychology so to help increase conversions.
  • much more…

The 30 days flew by fast, especially given that there was so much to learn and do.

Clickfunnels 30 Day Challenge Book

Accountability Gets You Started With Your Plan

I started the challenge without an offer, a product or a service. As earlier mentioned, the challenge gave me direction which enabled me to create a plan. The goal of the plan was to not only develop a product but also to effectively position it. 

The plan involved:

  • Setting time aside to learn.
  • Setting clear actionable goals every day. 
  • Avoid overthinking to avoid being overwhelmed. 
  • Take time to understand the lessons and act on the information immediately
  • Seek help when stuck
one funnel away

The Most Difficult Part

What bothered me was the fact that I was not learning as fast as I wanted to. 

In the first week, you have to go through a couple of 90-minute webinars. I later discovered that you can watch the rest of the training in an hours’ time. 

But I would strongly recommend taking as much time as possible during these 30 days!

The greatest achievement came about when I was able to create my own offer and to position it effectively. This means that I could create an offer around my product that effectively attracted the right leads who eventually converted. 

From this point on, I knew that I had found the right, mentor, training and peer group to steer me to success.

Here are some of the achievements I attained from the challenge

I was able to take more action – this is one aspect that drew me as close to success as possible. The one funnel away challenge usually employs an action-based learning methodology.

Thus you execute on stuff which not only gets things done but also helps you to learn and also enjoy the process while as it. It was also utterly satisfying to know that the daily tasks, were growing my business in the right direction. 

Financial success – The challenge helped me start making money in a completely new venture. Now I can generate more leads and sales, which will mean more money for me in the long-term. 

Personal satisfaction – There is nothing more satisfying than watching your business grow after putting in the intelligent work. The rewards are not only financial but also come in terms of automation, systematization, delegation, strategy and also leadership.

The skills learned can be applied to any other kind of business out there.

ofa sepcial bonus for affiliates
Special One Funnel Away Challenge Offer For Affiliate Marketers

Conclusion: My One Funnel Away Challenge Review

I started this challenge without a product or offer. Soon I learned how to promote other people’s products via my sales funnels as an affiliate marketer. 

My transformation after going through the challenge can be termed as dramatic. It is amazing how an investment of $100 can build and business from dirt to something that actually can work.

I’ve been trying that for quite a while now, but this Challenge really changed the way I look at Affiliate Marketing forever. 

The Challenge isn’t specifically designed for Affiliate Marketing but for everyone that wants to earn money online, no matter if Affiliate Marketer, Networker, Freelancer, Business owner or Consultant. Anyone will learn the necessary skills needed to succeed online. 

Although there is a special offer for the new Affiliate Bootcamp Summit, that gives you insights into the strategies of the Clickfunnels top affiliates, earning multiple thousands every single week. If you like to, go check it out…

Also, you will get my special Bonuses if you sign up for the OFA through my link. You’ll get the Bonus for both, the regular OFA and the Affiliate Bootcamp Special!

When you have registered to the Affiliate Bootcamp Summit and afterward purchased the One Funnel Away Challenge, just send me a screenshot of your receipt at and I send you your Bonuses. Just look at this Bonus Page.

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