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Udimi Solo Ads Review – Sign Up And Get Traffic with $5 Discount

Welcome to this Udimi Review and solo ads tutorial. You’re probably an online marketer who’s looking to get some cheap targeted traffic to your offers?

Or do you want to build an email list using Udimi Solo Ads?

Either way, you can use Solo Ads to build your email list or sell products online. But there a couple of things that you should know before getting into it.

Let’s get right into it.

What Is Udimi

Udimi review overview of backend

Udimi is a platform for Solo Ad sellers and buyers who want to purchase Solo ads. Let me be as neutral as possible here. You can’t really rate or review Udimi itself because it’s just a platform with individual solo ad sellers.

It’s the sea as rating eBay as a platform. Some buyers are super happy with the platform others may get scammed. And the same can happen to inexperienced internet marketing beginners, who weren’t prepared or using the wrong strategy and tools. Let me help you to make the right decisions in this Udimi Review.

So be assured that Udimi is NOT a scam site, even though some people called Udimi a scam in their reviews. You also need to do your research and purchase from the right seller! Don’t rely on the opinion of someone who made a bad experience with a single seller once.

Please don’t be scared to try this way of generating traffic, only because some people are telling you it’s a scam1 because it’s not.

Their experience with Udimi solo ads will be a result of being unprepared and using the wrong email marketing providers. Please read on so you can avoid those mistakes and use Udimi solo ads safely.

How Solo Ads Work

Advertising through Udimi Solo Ads is one of the easiest and cheapest ways to get targeted traffic to your opt-in pages and offers.

Unlike Facebook or Google ads you don’t need to learn about a platform and how to use it. You just purchase a certain number of clicks you want from someone’s email list.

So basically you purchase an email ad to an existing list. You’ll pay on a “per-click” basis. So you only pay for people who actually see your optin page or website.

What I like about Udimi Solo Ads

udimi order overview

They are super easy. You don’t need to get through a full course that teaches you how to set up a Facebook ad. First, you need to learn about targeting, audience building, Pixel2 installation, Ad creative, and copywriting… and then you must be 100% compliant with the random Facebook regulations…

No need to worry about any of this when you buy a Solo Ad. You just pick a seller who has an audience in the same niche as you’re operating and you’re ready to go.

Many sellers will even help you with copywriting. They know their subscribers and oftentimes they will help you by improving or writing your ad, additionally without more cost.

If you want a fully customized ad you can also hire a writer or designer for your landing page, for a couple of dollars.

udimi extra services

It’s fast as well. As soon as someone blasts his email list with your ad you’ll see optin’s to your landing pages and website. Also what you’ll notice when you buy your first solo ad, that optin rates from around 50% are typical… try that with Facebook ads…

What I don’t like about Udimi

The problem with list building is, that you need to build a relationship with it. You need to connect with your audience and subscribers.

If you didn’t do that before, your subscribers will not be as responsive as if you would have build it yourself and had some touchpoints with it already.

So the problem with Udimi Solo Ads is that the list you’re building is not very responsive. Even though you’ll get the most amazing optin rates, the open rates for your emails will be sobering.

The same applies to sales. Don’t expect to get sales right away

How To Make Udimi Solo Ads Work

Way Nr.1: Build A Backend

What you’ll need is a backend. That means before you purchase your first Solo Ad make sure you have a decent email marketing campaign in place to build your list.

Don’t expect to succeed and get your money back on your ad spend after the first mail. The more emails you send the higher the chances that you make sales to your list.

So prepare your emails, and don’t stop sending them on a regular basis.

Start of with smaller low ticket front end offers, and then ascend to mid ticket items. You can find plenty of those on Clickbank.

Just use some niche related products and build one campaign after another. Send some value mail in between promoting and you’re good to go.

Way Nr.2: Split-Testing

The second way you can make Udimi solo ads work or leverage is for split testing3.

Sometimes you want to split test an optin or a landing page. So you need to send a quick load of targeted traffic to it.

To make sure you’re being as efficient as possible I wouldn’t mind using Google or Facebook Ads for that… This is where cheap solo ads can help you to run your split-tests super quickly and for a fair price.

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How To Buy Udimi Solo Ads?

It’s simple.

Login to your Udimi account and browse to find sellers by typing in your keyword. Or just open up “Solo Deals” and take a look around.

But how do you find a good seller? Well, either you test them or you check out Facebook groups. There are some Facebook groups that are dedicated to testing and rating Solo Ad vendors, so you can order safely.

Thus you don’t need to test them out yourself. If you would like to do that I suggest looking at the order number. If someone has a high order number it usually indicates that people are happy with the seller and order over and over again.

I recommend taking tier1 country traffic only. That means the clicks you get will be from the US, Canada, UK, Australia and New Zealand. That will increase your chances for sales because those are the countries where people have money to spend.

Also, track your orders with software like Clickmagick to ensure the source of a sale. If you can track properly and find out where your sale came from you can focus on those sources.

Udimi Solo Ads Pricing

It depends. You can filter the sellers and you’re paying individually for the quality and volume that you order.

The lowest end you can purchase is 40 Cents per Click up to 95 Cents per click. The lowest number of clicks you can order are 100 clicks. So you pay anywhere between $40 and $95 depending on the quality of traffic.

udimi filters

If you intend to secure to get high quality traffic buy solos from tier one countries and turn on the prime filter. Udimi Solo Ads Review - Sign Up And Get Traffic with $5 Discount 1

So for the lowest end, you can order 100 real clicks on your ad for around $40. You can filter and increase the quality of the traffic, which results in a slightly higher price. But it’s worth it! Always go for Tier1 countries.

udimi top tier option

Also, there is another feature that has been recently added in Udimi. The prime filter. It enables you to get your traffic through another clearance round and increase the quality by another 34%.

Read more about the Udimi Pricing.

Which Email Software Should I Use?

The largest portion of solo ad vendors on Udimi will be in theses niches:

  • Marketing
  • Finance
  • Health
  • Mobile
  • Social
  • Crypto

That doesn’t only apply to Udimi but every Seller you’ll find online. Because those are usually very profitable markets and niches.

The problem here is that not every single email marketing software provider will allow those niches. The reason for that is, that there are a lot of spammers in those niches and those providers want to keep their servers clean.

Thus they are very rigorous with banning accounts, especially new ones. That’s something that happened to me a while ago when using Active Campaign. Even though I honestly think it’s a great software, they don’t allow affiliate marketing. Especially not in the “make money online” niche.

Don’t get me wrong. That doesn’t equal spamming. The program that I was promoting was the Funnel Builder Secrets Program. (Check out the article)

An established and super valuable program, but they marked it as some “get-rich-quick” stuff, which I would never promote. I 100% clearly never ever promoted something from a category like that… But the email provider didn’t care.

So, what we need now is an provider that is affiliate marketing friendly, has good delivery rates, and is established in the market. The best one I found after testing about 7 different providers was GetResponse.

It has great functionality, you can build landing pages in the basic plan already and it’s pretty easy to use.

Don’t make the mistake using something else if you’re an affiliate marketer, especially in the “make-money-online” space. Check out GetResponse and get a free 30-day trial by clicking the button below.

How To Get Your $5 Discount

Just sign up for Udimi by using the button down below. You’ll get the $5 Discount automatically credited to your account right after you get started and signed up.

Conclusion: Udimi Review

I hope I could help you to learn everything you need to know in this Udimi review. If you decide to use Udimi, prepare before you buy.

Prepare your email sequence and promotional content. Do some research on Social media, especially Facebook groups to find high quality sellers on Udimi. Track your orders with software like Clickmagick to see where your sales are coming from.

Test a couple of sellers and start off with 100 clicks per purchase and see what happens. Use an affiliate-friendly autoresponder like GetResponse and you’re good to go. Thus using Udimi is the best way to build your list quickly.

Thanks for reading so far. Now it’s time to get your $5 bonus by signing up for a free account and try Udimi. Just click the button down below and enter your email address to get started.

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