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Udimi pricing – $0.35-$0.95 per Click [+$5 Discount]

Are you looking for the Udimi Pricing for solo ads?

Here is the detailed listing:

First of all the Udimi pricing per click depends on the sellers and the quality of the traffic. If you want to send high quality traffic to your offer, you need to per a couple of cents per click more.

The lowest price you can get per click on Udimi is 35 Cents for every seller.

Standard cost range: $0.35 – $0.95 for clicks without filter

  • Filters: +Extra Cost
  • Tier 1 countries only: + $0.10 per Click
  • Prime Filter: +$0.03 per Click
  • Only Mobile: +$0.05 per Click

The minimum amount of clicks that buyers can order is 100 clicks per default. The top range per default is 100 clicks. But logically there has to be a higher maximum at the top, but that depends on the list of the sellers.

If you’re planning to invest a higher amount of money in solo ads you need to see for yourself and reach out to the sellers for individual requests.

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Prime Membership Cost

There is a newer option for Udimi members to upgrade to a Prime Membership. Thus you will have access to some advanced filtering features that you can’t use when you have a free membership.

When you’re an affiliate marketer you can also profit from higher affiliate commissions.

The usual commission rate1 for affiliates is 15% of the referrals order. So when someone you referred orders Solo ads for $1000 you get a $150 commission on that.

The Prime membership is $29.95 / month. You will receive $15 every month for every active Prime referral if you are Prime yourself or $7 if you are not.

Every new referral can get a $5 discount when they get started with their first solo ad.

What is Udimi?

Udimi is a platform for solo ad sellers and buyers. You can as well purchase solo ads to build your email list or you can sell some of your traffic if you have a huge email list already yourself.

The most popular niches are: make money online, finances, health, mobile, social and crypto.

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