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The Ultimate Guide On Email Marketing Strategy: How To Grow Your List Fast And Make Money Online

Does Email Marketing strategy still work in 2020?

Is Email Marketing dead?

These may be some questions and thoughts that people have regarding Email Marketing in 2020.

email marketing letters

Email Marketing definition: Email Marketing is the act of sending a message, typically to a group of people, by using email. In its broadest sense, every email sent to a potential or current customer could be considered email marketing.

It is a segment of internet marketing that helps marketers build a relationship with their potential customers.

New Social Media Platforms, Artificial Intelligence is starting to establish everywhere, people try to find new tactics to grow their businesses faster.

However, even though time literally flies, Email Marketing is still legit and really important. To tell you the truth, every successful business online or at least 99,9% uses Email Marketing.

Now, it is very important to really understand WHY Email Marketing is so crucial that it boosts sales and helps businesses to still make money online in 2020.

Let’s go!

Why Is Email Marketing Important in 2020?

When people see an offer for the first time 97% of them do not buy.

Probably, they think that this is very expensive, they do not want to take a risk, probably they fear for their credit card or they may have something else in mind but the fact is 97% of people that see an offer for the first time do not buy.

So, what are the 2 ways people try to promote anything online?

  1. Via a website
  2. Via a marketing funnel

So, if I have a website or a marketing funnel and I bring traffic to it through any possible way only 3% of people will probably buy something if everything runs smoothly.

And then all this traffic will be gone and potentially will never return back to my website because either they forgot its name or they start searching for something else in general and goes on…

Yes, but why you tell us all these things, Tasos?

megaphone shouting out dollar symbols

Because I want you to really understand the process. I don’t care to tell you email marketing is good or not and that’s it. I want you to be able to understand why this is it and never question again about it.

So, what we do to keep the potential customer near us and keep promoting?

Guess what! We try to collect his email address and then we can follow up via email. This is an excellent way not to waste the traffic that you really struggle to get to your website or funnel.

If you provide tons of free value and establish a strong relationship and trust with your audience then some of them may eventually think of your recommendations and buy something.

Then, congratulations! You made a sale that without Email Marketing you would have lost.

To sum things up with the importance of email marketing, Email Marketing is still very relevant nowadays because people tend not to buy when they don’t feel secure.

Having this psychological aspect in mind you structure your business the right way to follow people with your emails and content marketing providing value. The more value you provide the better.

I hope everything is a bit more clear.

Now, that everyone really understands how important Email Marketing is and why you should still use it in your business, we move on to the next step!

How we collect emails?

The First Stage of the Email Marketing strategy is collecting people’s emails.

You need to collect people’s emails and then you follow up with the email series.

man sitting in front of cimputer doing email marketing

Why someone should give you his email address though?

People tend to fear giving away their email address and any personal data or they feel that email marketing spams them with all these pop-ups and ribbons…

What you should do, then?

The answer is yes, all these ribbons and pop-ups are annoying sometimes, but they work. They do work. You have to use them to succeed.

Otherwise, all this traffic is lost and you have to find new customers each day which is clearly the wrong approach to have.

How we make these pop-ups convert more and work better even when some people consider them annoying?

We provide an irresistible offer/hook for free! The bait! This might be a free course or guide or literally anything high value you can think of. So, an example would be somewhat like this…

”Summer is coming! Do you want to build your dream’s body until summer?” Grab this 100% FREE training guide and start now! Enter your name and email below and it will be sent to your email in no time! Take Action!

Do you catch it? An irresistible free high-value offer. It needs some copywriting skills but it’s ok. You will test how your offer converts but as time goes on you will have more experience on how to boost your conversions. I have read many books on copywriting, you can do the same in your free time if you like.

How you create these pop-ups, lightboxes, ribbons, etc that you need to collect these emails?

Which is the best software for email marketing?

There are many options to choose from.

I use a program called ThriveThemes.

This platform has a lot of useful stuff. It’s not the right time to analyze the platform(i will probably make a separate article on ThriveThemes and how to use it)

ThriveThemes can help you build campaigns, it has useful plugins, stuff for split testing, you can create quizzes and much more and of course it has a plugin that helps people collect emails.

I think its pricing is like 19/month which in my personal opinion is a good offer for what you take. Also, if you don’t like it(which will never happen I promise) you can ask for a 100% refund so no risks here.

But this is only what I use for my websites and funnels you can use whatever you like. I just want to use easy plugins that have excellent customer support and are cheap. These are the 3 components that I value the most when I choose my tools(web hosting, plugins, software, etc)

So, with this plugin or with a similar plugin you can create these beautiful popups, lightboxes, etc that you can use to collect the emails. You can also create shortcodes and other stuff (buttons which we use to call people to action. ”Buy Here”, Take Your X Now! etc ).

thrive themes example popup on website

This blue one is a ‘call to action’ example that you can create with ThriveThemes

I ‘ll definitely create a tutorial on that because I think you may have questions on that.

In general, you should create a hook, an irresistible offer to give away for FREE to make people give you their email. This is the first step of email marketing.

We move on!

Email Marketing Automation

Now, you may think ok we collect emails and we start writing emails to send to our subscribers one by one. This is what we all (including me) were thinking when we were starting.

Yes, if you have 3-4-5 subscribers you can do that but as your list grows you will soon realize that it is impossible for you to write 1000-2000 emails or more per day yourself.

Then how the most successful online marketers seem to send us emails constantly?

They use autoresponders! 

email icon

That’s the secret. That’s the revolution on Email Marketing. Without autoresponders, no one would use email marketing because it would have been impossible to do so.

An autoresponder automatically sends emails to your customers. You can write emails and schedule them to be sent on any given occasion.

For example, at X time(every 2 days let’s say) or when the customers open the previous email, or when the customer has bought X product. You schedule them when you want them to be delivered!

This process is your way of warming people up. It may take from a few weeks or even some months for people to trust you and not to be annoyed by your emails.

The first email you will send to your subscriber is very important, because you introduce yourself and you let em know what you plan to do next with this email address you collected.

It is a nice idea to be a nice long email that introduces yourself and provides some value to the reader.

Tip: Never Promote anything in this first email. From my knowledge and personal experience, it doesn’t work!

You have the plan in your mind. You warm people up and establish trust and honest relationships.

That’s your goal. Your goal is not to earn money at this stage. Never should be.

You introduce yourself, provide value and build trust. I repeat it a lot of times and I will keep repeating it. I want to make sure that you will succeed following me.

Segmentation and Email Marketing Campaigns

Now, that you have a better idea of the basics of Email Marketing Strategy, let’s jump on how to make these email marketing campaigns work properly and towards your goals.

As you keep on building your email list, with your blog, youtube channel, funnels etc you will reach a specific point that you will need to separate people into groups/ categories.

So, segmentation of the list is the practice of splitting up your email list into smaller more specific groups. For example, these groups can be:

email marketing graphic
  • Newsletter Subscribers
  • People that have bought X product
  • People that never buy and search for free stuff
  • People from another business of yours. (for example, you won’t send the same emails to your ‘make money online customers‘ and to those people that have come to your list from your Amazon review website)
  • People that open your emails vs people that don’t.

The list can go on…

So you send targeted emails to a specific group of people in order to boost your conversions.

You can split testing here but this is more advanced. You can take a group of one category and split it into 2 segments. Send X email to the first half and Z email to the second half and then see the results. Then, you can repeat the process.

As you can easily understand it is not an easy process to master as many fake gurus will tell you.

However, if you want it bad enough you try and learn as much as you can so you overcome all the obstacles and achieve your goals.

The Legendary Arnold Schwarzenegger says:

”Dreams are for Dreamers, Goals are for Achievers”

Go for it!

So, this is it for the segmentation of your list. More amazing things to follow!

Email Marketing strategy plan

email marketing strategy graphic

So by now, you have understood that you need basically 2 tools in order to start using Email Marketing. One for collecting emails and another one for your autoresponder.

Email Marketing will be a very valuable asset in your marketing career so you need to choose correctly. 

When you have chosen this platform it is difficult to change because you will lose all the hard work you have already done creating these email marketing campaigns, automations, and workflows.

There are dozens of platforms that you can choose from. If you already have an autoresponder and this works for you, stay there.

What I have tested and use daily in my email marketing strategy are these 2 platforms:

#1 AWeber is a simple system that allows you to send automated follow-up emails to your list at any given time. I am very happy using Aweber for quite a long time and this my recommendation.

Their deliverability is great and it is very easy to set up which is crucial when you are starting.

#2 GetResponse is another strong choice that serves the same purpose but it is a little bit more advanced. It is slightly more difficult to set up but they are both relatively easy to set up and work with. I wouldn’t mess with many of them. These 2 are easy and cheap so no need to lose time searching.

They are both around 12-15$ per month for 500-1000  subscribers so it is quite affordable for starters.

Choose ONLY one of them. I suggested two just to have one more option.

>>Click here for your 30-day FREE trial of AWeber<<
>>Click here for your 30-day FREE trial of GetResponse<<

Have you ever wonder what to write in those emails. You don’t know, you don’t have enough ideas or you are just a beginner, don’t panic! I think this will help you a ton. I give you 45+ email content templates and examples and a complete course to writing great emails! Click Here to grab it for FREE!

Your email list is the most valuable asset of your online business… I can’t stress the importance enough of using a professional email marketing system from the start.

The whole concept is around the human’s and buyer’s psychology. It would be easier for us not to do anything of these things, not to do email marketing and so on. But, you really want to make money online and achieve the financial freedom you have always dreamed of, right?

Then work hard and take action! When you make the start, half the job is done! You are the only one that can change your own future. I can teach you how but I can’t change your future if you don’t want to change it.

What’s Your Email List Worth

Money is in the list! This is widely known!

But how much an email list is worth?

This obviously depends.

  • The number of subscribers you have
  • the level of engagement they are to you,
  • how much money you get directly from your list
  • how much money you get indirectly from your list
  • how much money you spend to get those subscribers

Having all these and some more advanced stats in mind you try to figure out how much money people in your list spend and how much you spend.

This will show you the total worth of your list which, for example, when you have 5000+ subscribers, is huge!

An Email List can worth over 50,ooo$ or 100,000$ or more and that’s because it’s your weapon to success. Your customer base. Your money.

Final Words – Email Marketing Strategy

Email Marketing is still relevant in 2020. Every successful business uses Email Marketing to stay in touch with its customers, provide value, build relationships with the customers until they become buyers.

People do not buy easily at first glance. They need time. You should work this idea in your mind for your whole business career.

What we need to start email marketing is 2 tools:

  1. The first to collect emails, make popups, make quizzes, make call to action buttons etc which can be ThriveThemes.
  2. The second tool is mainly our autoresponder which sends the automated emails to our email list. This can be Aweber or GetResponse. with their 30-day free trials.

Reviews and tutorials of all this stuff will follow so you do not have any questions.

The important thing for me is that you understand the basics. Why and How you should use Email Marketing in order to grow your business.

The technical stuff is the easy part. If I was writing all the tutorials of each platform here, I would tire you with a blog post of 8000-9000 words which would be pointless.

The process is everything and the mindset for success.

The next articles will be detailed tutorials on these platforms literally click by click.

Stay tuned!

Are you ready to grow your business to the next level? Take Action!

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