Legendary Marketer Review

Legendary Marketer Review Is Legendary Marketer legit?

Today I am gonna make an honest Legendary Marketer Review. It’s a platform a lot of people search for and want to learn if it can help them or not in their businesses.

Is Legendary Marketer legit? Have you heard of David Sharpe’s success and you don’t know if this is true?

Well, I ‘ll take you step by step on literally everything you need to know about Legendary Marketer. Its advantages, its disadvantages, features and products, cost, affiliate program, who is this platform for. Everything around it.

But, let’s take everything one by one.

What is Legendary Marketer?

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Legendary Marketer has a complete training program for digital marketing on every level(beginner, intermediate, advanced) that teaches people how to run a business and how to make sales, how to attract more customers, how to use funnels, how to use email marketing, how to copyright and generally how to make money online.

Imagine how amazing you will feel when finally you achieve the financial freedom, you are free to travel the world and turn your dreams into reality…

I remember when I was starting out, my problem was I didn’t focus anywhere. I was messing around with reading about e-commerce businesses, Amazon FBA, about investing in stocks, about real estate, about dropshipping and much more. If you type on Google ‘ways to make money’, I was messing around with all of these…

I didn’t know where to start. After I wasted 2 years on that, I decided to choose Affiliate Marketing. But, again I had a problem. I was searching for a mentor or a guru or someone to tell me ‘secrets’. As a parenthesis, the truth is that there are no secrets in the business! Just WORK WORK  and… WORK!

So, I was searching for the wrong things spending time and money on courses scams and ‘gurus’, having everyone near me telling me ‘you waste your time  Tasos’, ‘this never gonna work’, ‘go get a job’. Literally everyone.

Also, another problem I had and I was losing so much time with that, was that I was not tech-savvy.

So, when I wanted to change a theme to my website, create a new funnel or split test, create email series, connect everything together, create ads, sometimes coding, etc I was losing so much time and my motivation and I was thinking well I spent 5 hours to change a theme and to put a logo, this is not for me…

However, things changed when first I found out about Russel Brunson in a random blog post and a random youtube advertisement and then when I decided to pay 7$ for the Legendary Marketer’s 15Day Online Business Builder Challenge.

In the beginning, I didn’t trust it. I told myself 7$ for something so good? It will definitely be a scam. But because it was just 7$ I took the ‘risk'(if it can be called this way) to take yet another course and this was the 2nd best decision of my life other than buying Russel’s 2 first free books Dotcom Secrets and Expert Secrets.

This day changed my life completely.

Maybe ‘this day’ will come to you soon, too…I hope at least!

But enough on how I found Legendary Marketer let’s move straight into the review!

Is Legendary Marketer legit?

Legendary marketer legit

Legendary Marketer is a coaching platform that helps people start an online business or fix and grow their existing one using proven marketing strategies over and over.

It is a company that helps people make money online providing ”ready for you” stuff to use and therefore is very beginner’s friendly.

The Internet has created a lot of opportunities for people today, not taking into consideration if you live in Africa or America. It is the same. You have your chance to succeed.

Legendary Marketer is created by the charismatic internet marketer David Sharpe who is a self-made millionaire at a very young age, who has made over 200 million in sales in his life.

Sharpe is the co-founder of Empire Network that made over 170 million dollars in sales. Dave has been featured in Forbes Magazine, Entrepreneur, etc…

What is unique and special about Legendary Marketer is, that every member is assigned a coach that can help you throughout the journey and also can help you stay focused.

Legendary Marketer has a lot of levels in training so the most basic for beginner and intermediate marketers are very cheap and there are other training programs and even live event for entrepreneurs and advanced marketers that cost a lot of money(but this will be useful, I ”ll tell you later).

Who needs Legendary Marketer?

david sharpe on stage in front of big audience

Legendary Marketer is not for everyone. It is a tool. A training. A path to success. You can’t be lazy and negative and wait for the money to come to you.

You must work your butt off to succeed. Even the best training or the best mentor in the world can’t help you if you do not want to help yourself.

If you complain about work, don’t join. I tell you the truth as always. If you are not serious about building a business, keep doing what you are doing.

There is not a push-button. All of us would want it but it doesn’t exist.

Legendary Marketer is for everyone that wants to build an online business or wants to grow or fix the business he already runs with less effort.

1.Legendary Marketer gives 2 things.The first one, they teach you marketing. Everything around marketing. How to attract customers, how to sell, how to copyright, how to get traffic everything around marketing.

2. The second thing that changed my life is that they give you Done For You funnels, emails, scripts, anything you need disclaimer, privacy policy, videos to use, banners, all done for you.

This was that changed my life because I was losing so much time to create and to figure out how to do this stuff myself properly and I didn’t have time and motivation for marketing because I was tired.

Think of it, If you try to write or to find in the internet a good disclaimer for your website to be legal or you try to find a lawyer or a tax consultant, you waste time.

You waste time not learning marketing! Legendary Marketer solved this problem.

The one skill you wanna focus on, that actually pays the bills, is marketing.

Legendary Marketer is exceptionally cheap to join and they give their 15-day business builder challenge training course for 7$. Not 7$ per month. One time fee 7$. But, I ‘ll tell you a trick to join and have the course even cheaper.

In this price(and cheaper) they give:

  • The 15-day challenge
  • affiliate domination ad, videos and scripts, and phone scripts
  • Personal 1-1 coaching calls.
  • Access to their private Facebook Group that has over 20,000 members.

Their philosophy and strategy suit Russel Brunson’s model and the huge majority of their funnels are built through Clickfunnels.

Their concept on creating the funnels is the same.

Now, before I tell you how to join cheaper. I will tell another important thing that probably many of you have heard.

Legendary Marketer has an amazing affiliate program. It is very lucrative and it is the most client-oriented affiliate system online.

legendary marketer affiliate program backend look inside

It provides some really low front end offer like the 15-day challenge which costs 7$ and also an ebook named Inside Guide To Affiliate Marketing written by David Sharpe that costs 1,99$.

With these 2 ways, you bring someone to Legendary Marketer and guess what. They are cookied forever!

Do you hear me? Other affiliate programs online ‘cookie’ you 30 or 45 days. This is forever.

What does this mean? Whenever someone that has found Legendary Marketer through your affiliate link buys anything more than that you get a commission.

Because there is more on that, I ‘ll make a separate affiliate program part to analyze it.

So, basic things to remember.

  • Amazing training to grow and scale your business to the next level with excellent tutorials and your coach.
  • The best affiliate system online

Advantages of Legendary Marketer: What I like?

  1. Their basic training is ridiculously cheap and amazing.
  2. Their affiliate system
  3. Their customers’ support is awesome.
  4. Done For You files

The Basic Training is ridiculously cheap and amazing

When you log in Legendary Marketer with the 7$ one time fee or with the tip that I will give you, you will go through 15 steps. These steps will help you to educate yourself exactly on how to build your online business providing tons of value.

If you have ever bought other courses for real money I mean 300,500,1000 $ or more, you will soon understand that these 7$ will be the best investment in your entire life(1 minus Starbucks coffee).

But there is more to that! You are assigned a coach and together especially after level 5, you will go through the process step by step. This is unique. This is amazing. You always have questions and you face obstacles. Don’t you?

Tip: To become a member of Legendary Marketer and have this training you must pay 7$ or buy a book with 1,99$. If you buy the book, then they will give you as a bonus the 15-day challenge! So, you now know what you gonna do. Do it!

Legendary Marketer Affiliate System

How to make money with Legendary Marketer?

This is the second thing I love most about Legendary Marketer.

Their affiliate system is amazing. They have everything ready for you to use. Literally.

As I already told you, they do have low ticket offers like the 7$ to become a member or a book that costs 1,99$ which are a no brainer and they give you Done For You everything you need even the disclaimer for your website!

Another incredible feature is that they give the option(but this is paid) to be able to make money if your referrals integrate and purchase products like Clickfunnels, Getresponse, Aweber, Builderall and Sendlane.

If a referral of yours during his journey to success purchases some of these(which is normal) you get recurring commissions along with the commissions you already get from Legendary Marketer’s other products that he can buy.

Also, you can apply for Legendary Marketer and become an affiliate for free.

Their customer support is awesome

During my journey with Legendary Marketer, I had a lot of questions.

They do have a 24/7 chat to support their clients and they are very responsive.

Either they respond immediately or in a matter of minutes and they are kind and helpful.

So Dave has done a really good job here.

Done For You files

I have already told you many times but this was my weakness. I wasn’t tech-savvy.This option was really really important for me and I think it will also help many of you.

Disadvantages of Legendary Marketer: What I don’t like

  • The affiliate system is difficult to join and you have to pay to get better commissions.
  • During the 15-day challenge in order to proceed, you need to talk to your coach.

1) Affiliate system difficult to join and you have to pay to get better commissions.

In order to become an affiliate for Legendary Marketer, you have to make an application and get accepted. A large percentage of people are not getting accepted especially if they are not members of Legendary Marketer at all and they are not established.

You may need to have a certain level of experience to be accepted as an affiliate.

However, this may be good because there is less competition if you are in.

Also, the percentages of the commissions you will receive will be lower if you don’t want to become a pro affiliate which costs 30$ per month and you also take advantage of getting the referrals commissions from other software like Clickfunnels, Getresponse, etc.

2) During the 15-day challenge in order to proceed, you need to talk to your coach.

So, this is contradictory. You should want to get the calls, right?

The answer, of course, is yes. But if you want to proceed fast because you may not be a beginner but you must have the call and you can’t find the time(you may work etc) or they can’t find time it may delay you and you may be frustrated.

But at the end of the day, I wouldn’t say that it is too much of a deal. Take it as a chance to ask questions to learn more and come one step closer to your goal. You should focus on your goal which should be helping others.

Don’t mess this up. If your goal is only to make money, you will never make money. I guarantee this 100%. Give value to people, give more than you take and one day you will succeed. Focus long term.

What if I promote Legendary Marketer and it is actually bad or scam? I will destroy my name, my website and my business. But what if these 2$ or 7$ change your life?

You will come back here again and again and thank me for being honest with you and told you about it as I did with Traffic Secrets free book from Russell Brunson in my previous article.

I told you this is the real deal. And I tell you this again now. You should not waste another dollar or some get-rich-quick course. I found the best offers online and I write about them and that’s really it.

I don’t really care about 2$, I care about helping others and that’s what you should also do if you want to succeed.

Sorry for this parenthesis, let’s go on.

Legendary Marketer’s products

david sharpe drawing on board

Let’s discuss the core products and what they offer so that you take an idea.

Except for the 15-day business builder challenge and the Legendary ebook named Insiders Guide to Affiliate Marketing they have:

Legendary Marketers Club Membership

This is a digital marketing business system membership.

This product includes:

  1. Video training with David
  2. Private coach for 1-1 coaching
  3. Done For You sales funnels(just import and you are ready), video ads, ads copies, email follow-ups
  4. Traffic and lead generation
  5. Daily calls and live event and replays
  6. Amazing support chat and Facebook(more than they normally do)

To be honest with you, the training and the Done For You stuff were that made the change for me.

The cost is 30$/month which in my opinion is amazing and worked perfectly for me because it is affordable for nearly anyone who is serious about starting an online business.

Traffic Rolodex

Traffic is so vital for an affiliate marketer and this product teaches you exactly that. If you feel that you need to become an expert on how to get more traffic you can try it.

They have many modules which are:

  1. Landing Pages 2.0
  2. Youtube 2.0
  3. Google Display Network (GDN) 2.0
  4. Instagram Ads
  5. AdWords Ads 2.0
  6. Native Ads
  7. Facebook Ads 2.0
  8. Twitter Ads 2.0

The Traffic Rolodex bundle cost is at $247 one time payment.

Business Blueprints

They have 4 business Blueprints which are high ticket products. Each of them costs 2,500$ if you buy it separately but in day 5, Dave will probably make an offer for you to buy em all + 5-6 bonuses with just 2500$.

The Business Blueprints are:

  • Affiliate Marketing Blueprint
  • Digital Products Blueprint
  • Events and Masterminds Blueprint
  • Coaching & Consulting Blueprint

Those are the main basic and lucrative categories that you can make money online and there is a blueprint for every category.

Each Blueprint includes detailed video training if you want to scale and grow your business to the next level.

So, If you want to become a master in your area, you can try those out when they offer the discount and the bonuses, otherwise, they will cost you very very much.

Live Events

The last services that Legendary Marketer provides are live events.

They have 4 options which are:

  • Done For You Brand Builder
  • The Legendary Marketer Mastermind
  • The Legendary Entrepreneur Mastermind
  • The Legendary Leadership Group

As you can easily understand these events are for people who really want to make a difference in their lives.

People who have already been established in marketing and want to take the next step. They can attend live events, have in-person meetings and grow their business to millions of dollars.

I don’t tell you, you need to do this now, I just tell you all the options the Legendary Marketer provides.

Legendary Moneyback/ Refund

There is a moneyback guarantee for most of the plans especially the Legendary Marketer club in the first 30 days but for the Blueprints in the first 3 days, so people do not abuse that(use the training and then ask money back).

david sharpe speaking in front of audience

Q&A About Legendary Marketer

1. How to promote Legendary Marketer?

You can promote Legendary Marketer the same way you do with other affiliate products but they also give you Done For You stuff to make it easier for you. Bear in mind that you have to read their compliance section very well before starting.

2. Is Legendary Marketer Worth it?

Absolutely, in my opinion. All this training and free stuff for 2$ dollars. You don’t need to think about their other offers yet. Take the basic training and see what happens. 1 book (70pages), the training, coach calls, Facebook groups with 2$. No need to say more here. Next.

3. Is there a Free Bonus if I sign now under your link?

If you sign under my link and you email me the receipt, I will provide you with unlimited emails/Facebook chat from me personally(priceless) and 1 skype/messenger half an hour call.

Conclusion: Legendary Marketer Review

Legendary Marketer provides internet marketers training for every level.

Their basic 15-day business builder challenge is one of the most valuable products in the market. You also take the ebook, the coach calls, and the Facebook group access.

Furthermore, what personally helped me to succeed along with the training was the Done For You files that they gave me. I used them not to waste time and effort and to focus mainly on marketing.

Legendary Marketer also has an amazing affiliate system but it is a bit hard to get accepted. They don’t accept everyone.

Also, they have more products low, mid and high ticket for every entrepreneur depending on the level of knowledge he needs.

Take action and do a favor to yourself. Don’t miss this opportunity. I was exactly in the situation you are right now.

You have 2 options.

Either you use the help of other people that have already been successful and have already done what you are trying to do or you keep doing what you are doing.

The world is waiting for you! Take action!

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