What A Marketing Funnel Is

What A Marketing Funnel Is And How To Make Money Online Using It

Every successful entrepreneur or internet marketer has a marketing funnel that he uses to make money online. The question is, Do you?

Definition of a marketing funnel

What a marketing funnel is? A profitable sales funnel refers to the stages through which a cold reader/lead is warmed up in order to become a buyer at the end. A sales funnel is in simple words the journey in which potential customers are warmed up in order to make a purchase.

What A Sales Funnel Is And How To Make Money Using It

The biggest names in affiliate marketing and online marketing in general, like Franklin Hatchett, Stefan James, John Cristani etc, all use marketing funnels to promote products or services and get more subscribers and emails for email marketing purposes.

What A Marketing Funnel Is And How To Make Money Online Using It 1

As you can now easily predict, understanding how a sales funnel works, learning which the marketing funnel’s stages are and how the funnel is created, is crucial for your success as an internet marketer.

Let’s describe now the whole process in short so you have a more clear idea of what a marketing funnel is and how to make money online using it, via an example.

Example of a real-life sales funnel

Firstly, for a funnel to be created, an opt-in/landing page is required. This page is usually a page where you give something for free in order to persuade people to give their email to you.

It is called ”the bait”. For example, you can give a free ebook or pdf or you can give a video training or a course. You can whatever you like that you think, will be tempting for people to give you their email.

Let’s say that you want to make people buy a training machine.

You can offer a guide for free in your landing page saying for example, ”Do you want to have your dream body this summer? Are you tired of staring at other people at the beach? Download my FREE guide with the 10 best secrets to build your dream body in no time. Take action!”

Is it more clear right now? People will be tempted by your offer and they will give you their email.

After they download this guide they usually are sent to a Thank You page where you can sell something, normally a low ticket product from 1$-50$. However, it is up to your preferences, you can also just say thank you and don’t sell anything there.

Now, I know your question. Hey, Tasos, how we make money? And the answer is simple.

You make money in the backend. During this process, you have got an email from someone that you know is interested in building a nice body. Now the interesting part starts.

All these people that have downloaded your free guide and of course have given you their email, will pass through your funnel.

After 1 Day you can send an email to your email list providing value again to them, warming them up and building a relationship with you. For example, you can send them an article on the 5 best recipes to build your dream body or so.

After 2-3 days you can send a second email where again you provide people with something valuable warming them up even more.

During this period, some of them will start having an interest in you and they start to trust you because you are helpful to them.

After a week or more that you have provided useful content to them, you can say, Hey all the secrets, the recipes, the supplements are very good to build a great body, however, you also need to train hard to achieve your goals.

I have been using this X training machine for years and works really well for me. Also, you avoid paying gym subscriptions each year because of you having this machine. Check it out here( place your affiliate link). BOOM!

sales funnel example

Guess what, when people buy through your affiliate link, you are getting paid!

You have played your cards very well, educating them, warming them up, building trust and relationship and then you try to sell something and make money. That’s the concept. That’s marketing. That’s how you sell.

I hope everyone understood how this works via this example. Learning via examples is much more fun! So I try to be as simple and authentic as I can to help you more.

The stages of a marketing funnel  

  • Awareness
  • Interest
  • Decision
  • Action

This is the first stage of the process when someone visits your site or sees your ad through your landing page for the first time and becomes aware of you. In this stage, people just search for things without being ready to buy especially from someone who is not well known.


The second stage of the funnel is interest. People search specifically for things close to what you offer, subscribe to your email list, maybe follow you in social media accounts. The bait has worked.


The third stage of the funnel is the decision. The prospect decides that he wants to learn more about your content, enjoys reading your emails and is more and more interested and pays more attention.


The last stage of the funnel is the prospect’s action. In this stage, he is very warmed up, he trusts you and whatever product or service you promote, because of all this slow process, all this value you have provided for free. So now it’s the right time.

Now you start to promote things, at the start, low ticket products and later on, you can upsell. He is ready to purchase right now.

How easy is it to create a marketing sales funnel?

A sales funnel can include warming email sequences, for example, tutorials, guides, product suggestions, etc. People that surf the internet and check out your website and your articles won’t buy from your website at first glance.

It takes time. Thus, the marketing funnel is a multi-step process that has a psychological effect on the potential buyer, building a relationship through several stages.

The best marketers in the world know the buyer’s psychology and try to use their knowledge in their favor.

One such person is the well-known Russel Brunson who founded a company called Clickfunnels, the best sales funnel software (and more) that helps entrepreneurs and marketers to build automated funnels without all the work that is required to build a funnel without a software like that.

In order for a funnel to be created by a random person will require endless hours of work. Coding, integrations, processing APIs and much much more are required. However, don’t panic.

Clickfunnels or a similar platform can be used to create a funnel really easily. Clickfunnels offers also a 14-day free trial, so you can decide where you like it or not, but to be crystal clear with you as always, it is the most simple platform, just drag and drop stuff.

What A Marketing Funnel Is And How To Make Money Online Using It 2

However, I will make a full tutorial on how to use Clickfunnels, because I regard the creation of sales funnels very important to the affiliate marketer’s success.

The creation of a website and the creation of sales funnels are the 2 major components of the affiliate marketer’s success. With these 2 components, you can promote your stuff and grow your business, achieving the financial freedom you aim for.

One Funnel Away Challenge

If you are really serious about your business and trying to learn as much as you can and become an expert, you will probably need some guidance.

You can create or learn how to create a funnel yourself but it is obvious that it will be very basic and will need a lot of split testing from your side to understand what works and what doesn’t.

If you want to make it the easy way, you have the opportunity to learn how to create profitable marketing funnels step by step, by Russel Brunson the founder of Clickfunnels and 2 more coaches, with 40+ hours of coaching, 2 great books, 1 MP3 player and interviews of some of the most successful Clickfunnels users that earn over 1,000,000$ from CF funnels with the One Funnel Away Challenge!

There are no words to describe this offer.

If you really want to learn to create sales funnels, why not learn it from this expert who made Clickfunnels a 100,000,000 company in 3 years?

I still can’t believe he makes this offer…

Final words

As you can easily predict, I could make a huge article on sales funnels including their creation, templates, and more stuff, however, I do not want to write an endless article and tire all of you with specific details.

So I decided to end it here and write a new article specifically on

  • how a sales funnel is created
  • how it is properly used and
  • how you can integrate the funnel to other Softwares if you want.

Also, in the following articles, I will show you how to properly promote your funnel to a specific group of people who are interested in what you offer and not to random people that have no intention of learning and buying from you.

As for today’s lesson, a sales funnel is the journey a potential buyer passes through from being an indifferent reader to actively being interested in what you offer, deciding to make a purchase on things you promote and use youself.

Only if you use the things you try to promote yourself and believe they are the best, you can persuade other people.

Do not forget. You build the trust, you build an honest relationship with your potential customers.

A sales funnel has a lot of stages, trying to slowly warm people up, providing value as always, educating them, working psychologically on them.

That’s it for today. Until next time, feel free to ask me whatever question you have on the comment section below or tell me what you think about the marketing funnels, and most importantly.

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