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Keyword Research For SEO: How To Find Keywords For Your Blog For Free in 2020? (Beginner’s Friendly)

You want to boost your website’s traffic through keyword research for SEO in 2020 (search engine optimization) but you don’t want to pay money for it?

You are in the correct place to learn how to do keyword research yourself free and easy, in order to help your content marketing strategy.

It requires a little bit of effort on your part but if you want to succeed in whatever area you want in your life, you have to try and give it your all, right?

Without further intro, let’s jump into this keyword research tutorial right now!

Why Is Keyword Research For SEO  Important?

Keyword research for your blog posts will give you a better chance of ranking in Google. Plain and simple.

Finding what people type in Google, what people search, find out how competitive a keyword is, is giving you that extra edge to succeed and rank higher.

Your post should follow all SEO tips and part of the game is finding nice keywords phrases for your article that will help it to rank in Google better than your competitors’.

Does everything start to become more clear now?

How To Choose The Right Keywords For Your Blog?

  • Search Volume: I think this is one is easy. The more search volume a keyword has, the better. However, it is not so easy to rank for those keywords that have tons of search volume.
Keyword Research
  • Competition: Competition is even more important than volume! You didn’t wait for that, right? That is the truth, though! For example, let’s say the keyword ”Yoga” has 1.000.000 searches each day, do you believe you will be able to rank on the first page of Google for this keyword especially as a new website? The answer is obviously, NO! So what do we do, Tasos? We search keywords that are really really low on competition even with 10-20 searches or even with no searches. It sounds crazy? It isn’t. Do you prefer 10 searches per day or no searches per day? Also bear in mind that we use a large number of keywords inside an article so these few keyword searches stack up.
  • Cost per click: This is optional but it’s good to know when you use your keywords not only in your articles for organic searches but also for google ads or any kind of ads. Then, the cost per click comes handy. So, some keywords are more expensive than others and you try to minimize cost and maximize the search volume keeping the competition as low as possible. Also, cost per click shows that actually people pay and bid for this keyword, so it must have volume and profit.

Now, let’s go on the process going to actually find the keywords.

Free Tools For Keyword Research

There are many tools that help us find keywords. Everyone is searching for keywords nowadays, so many companies have created software that serves this purpose.

However, I will give only the FREE ways to find keywords because that’s what I promised you and I keep my word!

  • Ubersuggest is a nice tool in which you can test keyword ideas for competition and volume but also for cost per click. It has a paid version to make full use and unlimited ideas and searches but if you just starting out, I recommend you stay with the free version. It is very cool as a starting point to get your feet wet with keyword research.
  • Answer The Public is another option we have in order to find keyword ideas. This site is very good at suggesting keywords and actually questions people ask in Google. It has a search volume indicator but do not stick to that, because it is not very accurate. Go there, type your stuff, take your ideas and use them in your posts. Very good free option. It has also a paid version. Don’t mess with it.
  • is another option. It has a paid version. Stay to the free part of it but again I will repeat it, do not stick to the exact number of searches. No one knows exactly the number of searches. Use it to have an idea of what is happening and to take some good keywords ideas.
  • Google search bar: Keyword Research on Google! Take advantage of Google’s auto suggestions! Open an incognito window from the right top of your browser, so Google does not take your own preferences and searches into consideration. Then, type some sort of keyword you like around your topic and take ideas. Every phrase and keyword Google suggests obviously has some volume.

You can also try this. For example, you want to find keywords around ”how to make money online”, go type ‘How to make M” and wait for the suggestions then go letter by letter for even more suggestions.

You can find lots of useful keywords from Google search bar and these keywords are very safe options because you want your website to rank in Google, and Google suggests these! Cool?

Keyword Research For Search Engine Optimization

Tip: Use longtail keywords. Instead of using the keyword ”yoga” try to use the keyword ”how to use yoga to improve your mental health in 2020”.

This will have much less volume but also much less competition so you can possibly rank higher for this keyword.

Surely, there are more options online to find keywords especially paid software but when you are starting, just check the ones I mentioned.

Take a paper or a word document and write em down then, compare the statistics of all 4 options and after your research, you will have a really good idea of keywords to use around your niche. And all this, for FREE.

Final Words

Keyword Research for SEO is extremely important to rank your website on Google in 2020 in order to make money.

It requires some time to find the keywords, the volume, and the competition but you can do it for free.

You can always pay someone to do it for you or pay for software for better results but I wouldn’t recommend this for beginners.

Do the work yourself and do it for free, cause later when you would like to outsource it and pay people to do that for you, you must know to give them directions on how to do it properly and pay em only if they do it the right way.

But in order for you to know if they are good or not you have to be able to do the work yourself, to be an expert.

So, first, become an expert, then pay people to find the keywords or even write the articles for you. That’s my opinion.

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