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How To Become A Successful One Funnel Away Challenge Affiliate In 4 Days

There are two big problems that you’ll find next to all the one funnel away challenge reviews everywhere on the internet, many affiliate marketing beginners have or had: You don’t know how to become a One Funnel Away Challenge affiliate or a Clickfunnels affiliate.

Or you don’t know how to get sales when promoting the 30 days as an independent Clickfunnels affiliate.

What’s the problem with this and how can we solve it? In affiliate marketing, we can get frustrated pretty quickly when something doesn’t work out as we want it to. Obviously, we need to become Clickfunnels affiliates to promote the OFA challenge.

One funnel away challenge workbook

And once we pass the application process and get into the affiliate program, we need a way to promote the OFA successfully to make as many sales, as possible.

Maybe to reach the $1000 mark so you can promote more expensive Clickfunnels directly to build some recurring income… Or just to level up your affiliate business?

Are you familiar with being upset when you promote products like no other and still don’t see any results?

Every affiliate marketer had that experience at least once. Being all frustrated, don’t know how to continue, or even how to start and get into your desired program…

Let’s solve these problems right away.

How To Get Approved As A Clickfunnels Affiliate

Clickfunnels doesn’t accept everyone in their affiliate program. Whether you want to promote the OFA, the Secrets books, the monthly plans, or Clickfunnels software they’re providing – first your application needs to be approved.

So, how can I apply and make sure I get approved as an affiliate?

The application process is actually pretty easy.

clickfunnels affiliate

The only way, you can get in trouble and not be approved is via using scammy strategies. Not long ago, everyone could be an affiliate for them.

They simply had to sign up for the affiliate program and everybody was accepted.

However, Clickfunnels made some bad experiences with scammy marketers that damaged their reputation. That’s why they introduced the new application process.

Further, they audit their affiliates every once in a while to make sure the affiliate doesn’t violate their affiliate policies.

It’s easy: Don’t be a scammy and spammy marketer and you’ll be approved as a Clickfunnels affiliate.

Once you got approved, you can promote the One Funnel Away Challenge, the books Dotcom Secrets, Expert Secrets, Traffic Secrets, and Network Marketing Secrets.


The second challenge you’ll have to pass: To unlock more promotable products and not get kicked out of the affiliate program again, you have to earn $1000 in affiliate commissions in one month.

With increasing sales, you’re increasing your affiliate commission as well. Depending on the product you can earn 40% to 100% (OFA challenge) commission.

Excited to promote the OFA? Apply to be an Affiliate now!

How to become a One Funnel Away Challenge Affiliate

The good news: When becoming a Clickfunnels Affiliate you’re allowed to promote the One Funnel Away Challenge right away.

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Where do I find my affiliate link?

Once you’ve been approved as a Clickfunnels affiliate and therefore a One Funnel Away Challenge affiliate, you’ll also get your affiliate links inside your affiliate account.

And you’ll earn 100% affiliate commission for every sale. Having only one month to earn $1000 in commissions can sound pretty difficult, especially when you’re just starting.

However, the One Funnel Away Challenge can help you achieve that goal in time: You only need to sell the OFA challenge 10 times and you’re free to promote any CF product as you like. (Except being a scammer or violating affiliate policies of course.)

How To Promote The One Funnel Away Challenge

When asking yourself how to promote the One Funnel Away Challenge as an affiliate, there are many ways to answer the question.

There’s no right or wrong way to promote the OFA challenge. It always depends on you, which way is best for you as an independent Clickfunnels affiliate person?

SEO – Search Engine Optimization:

Obviously, you can promote the One Funnel Away Challenge via search engine optimization. This is one of the free options to promote it. Hot but free traffic… Sound great? Yes, it does.

But SEO is more of a long-term decision. It’s all about getting your blog to rank on Google. To be successful you have to put in the work, creating high-quality content, providing value, and keeping it updated every once in a while.

It can take some time until you can harvest the fruits of your hard work because the Google algorithm just works that way.

Social Media Profile Profits

Using your social media profile to promote something you believe in can be a very good opportunity. It’s a source of free traffic and can work way faster than your SEO efforts, depending on the work you put in (as always when it comes to free traffic sources).

Paid Ads – Facebook Ads, Google Ads

Another option is paid ads. Of course, that’s one of the more expensive ways. You need some money in the bank in advance, so you can test your ads until you know which one works.

Both Facebook Ads and Google Ads can be a very powerful tool to promote your products, whether it’s Russell Brunson’s One Funnel Away Challenge or another product or software you’d want to promote.

But you need to be aware with Google Ads because you’re not allowed to bid on branded keywords anymore.

Excited to promote the OFA? Apply to be an Affiliate now!

Is The One Funnel Away Challenge Worth It?

Once you start to promote a product, a 30-day challenge, or software you should ask yourself this question: Is it worth it?

So, is the One Funnel Away Challenge worth doing it? AND, is the One Funnel Away Challenge worth promoting it as an affiliate?

Russell Brunson, Stephen Larsen, and Julie Stoian will do everything to make you succeed throughout this challenge. The ton of value they’re providing inside the 30 days can change your business journey from scratch.

Russell Brunson, one of the most successful online marketers out there can help you structure your business and make your sales funnel a successful one.

Stephen Larsen is an original. With his energetic coaching calls, he’ll make you focus like crazy. Even before the challenge starts, he’ll do a coaching call every day to get you in the right mindset. Once the challenge has started he’ll answer all of your questions and explain all the strategies you need to build your first successful funnel.

one funnel away steve larson
Steven Larsen’s Live Coaching

In my opinion, everyone should go through the challenge at least once. As a One Funnel Away Challenge affiliate, that has gone through it as well I can really recommend it. The value that’s provided by Russell Brunson, Stephen Larsen, and Julie can really help you focus on your business. It is truly worth it.

However, in case you have not gone through the 30 days yourself and want some more detailed information on the challenge kit, the 30 days book, the live coachings, the mp3 player, or something else you can easily access our One Funnel Away Challenge review right here.

Other Products To Promote

When you reach the next level as an affiliate. there are a lot more opportunities and a lot more products you’re allowed to promote.

For example, the software itself. The software has the strong advantage of a recurring commission, as long as your customers stick to the software.

Plus, once you reach 100 subscribers your dream car is waiting for you. Want some more information on the Dream Car Bonus? It’s waiting for you, inside this article.

In a nutshell: Becoming an affiliate for the OFA is easy, as long as you’re not a scammy or spammy marketer. Staying an OFA affiliate can be a little harder because you need to make 1k in affiliate commission in one month to continue and get the links to promote the Clickfunnels software directly.

Excited to promote the OFA? Apply to be an Affiliate now!

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