Your Clickfunnels 14-Day Trial Bonus

Besides the amazing bonuses that Clickfunnels already offers I’m going to give you something on top when you sing up for Clickfunnels OR the One Funnel Away Challenge through my affiliate link.

What you’ll get with your free 14-Day Clickfunnels Trial is…

  • The Funnelflix Library with Tony Robbins private Collection
  • over 100 free Funnel Templates
  • Access to the Funnelhacker Forum…

Which is pretty amazing already. But as a Clickfunnels Affiliate, I would be also very happy when you sign up through this page 😉

Here’s what you get:

Your Clickfunnels 14-Day Trial Bonus 1

Bonus 1 – My Personal Support

personal help icon

If you should have any questions you can get my personal support for setting up your Clickfunnels account or getting started.

You can reach out at any time through messenger or email. Be sure that I will respond, as soon as I get your message.

Bonus 2 – A-Z Clickfunnels Training

Full A-Z Training on how to use Clickfunnels. A full course on everything you need to know.

Clickfunnels Course screen
  • Intro to Clickfunnels
  • Getting started inside Clickfunnels
  • The Page Editor
  • Clickfunnels Integrations
  • Custom Domains
  • Creating a website in Clickfunnels
  • Creating a Membership area
  • Analytics in Clickfunnels 
  • Affiliate Marketing 

Bonus 3 – Million Dollar Ad Swipes

This is an ad swipe library that includes some of the most successful Facebook ads from top internet marketers like Russell Brunson, Dan Henry, Peng Joon and so on.

You can use it as an inspiration for your own Facebook ads, or as a giveaway for your own leads or customers

Bonus 4 – Clickfunnels Share Funnel Library

Giving away share funnels is a great way to make commissions as a Clickfunnels affiliate. Also when you’re an agency doing web design, funnel building or advertising for other businesses.

You’ll find 46 different funnels inside this library that you can also study and learn from.

Also, you can use it as a giveaway for your own leads or customers.

You’ll find funnels for, health&fitness, books, consulting, eCommerce, memberships, homepages, webinars, real estate, affiliate marketing, and events

Bonus 5 – Ultimate List Of Lifetime Recurring Affiliate Programs

In case you don’t know what to promote as an affiliate marketer. There you go, a list of 130+ affiliate programs that pay lifetime recurring commissions.

Use it yourself or as a giveaway for your audience.

Bonus 6 – Full SEO Strategy

traffic icon

My Traffic training with my SEO and organic Facebook approach and my best resources and recommendations for free and paid traffic! You’ll find a full course on Search Engine Optimization and some other resources, like the people I follow after 5 years of affiliate marketing education.

Bonus 7 – Organic FB Traffic Blueprint

Learn how to use your Facebook Profile to generate Free Leads on Autopilot, without spending any money on paid advertising. This training shows you how you can build a personal brand on your Facebook profile that you can monetize!

Bonus 8 – OFA Affiliate Bridge Page Template

Get my Share Funnel for the One Funnel Away Challenge!

If you want to promote the One Funnel Away Challenge yourself, you should use a bridge page to capture leads and offer your bonuses. You can get this share funnel.

You can just download it with one click in your own Clickfunnels account.

Your Clickfunnels 14-Day Trial Bonus 2

Bonus 9 – Full Copywriting Secrets Slide Presentation

copywrting secrets free book picture

Don’t know what to write in your sales pages and offers? Wanna know the 31 Secrets to master Copywriting?Like…

  • Secret #6 – What’s the most important part of copy? Or…
  • Secret #10 – What really sells people! Or my favorite…
  • Secret #15 – 3 Sales formulas that never fail..?

Get the Secrets of a copywriting master with 25 years of experience!

How to get these Bonuses?

To claim these bonuses just sign up for one of the following offers. Get on the Free 14-day Trial OR sign up for the One Funnel Away Challenge.

Make sure you sign up to open the link through an Incognito tab or Private window (depending on your browser), so they will be credited to this site.

Sign up for the 14-Day-Trial here:

Or sign up for the One Funnel Away Challenge here:

After you’ve signed up just send me a message through Email or shoot me Facebook Message. 

Also, I would be very happy to see you in my Facebook group about organic Facebook Strategies to acquire leads for your online business.

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