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The Clickfunnels 30 Day Challenge Book – What Is It?

This Clickfunnels 30 Day Challenge Book is one of the new creations from marketing bestseller author Russell Brunson. The basic question in the book is “What would you do if you lost it all?” Given 30 days, a laptop and an internet connection.

What’s Inside?

The Content is not written by Russell Brunson himself but from members of the 2 Comma Club. Meaning all of the authors are internet millionaires, that made their money through various online businesses. 

30 members tell you what they would do if they lost all their money and how they would approach regaining it from day 1 to day 30. Not only a vague description, but they tell which tools they would use, which steps they would take one after another and how you can model their approach.

You can get the book within your One Funnel Away Challenge Package. It also includes a workbook, mp3 player and access to a membership area. If you want to learn more about the one funnel away challenge you can read my review.

Clickfunnels 30 Day Challenge Book

Who is featured?

  1. Trey Lewellen – The Reactive Startup
  2. Liz Benny – High Ticket Coaching
  3. Garret J. White – Application Video Funnel
  4. Alison J Prince – Ecommerce Funnels
  5. Dana Derricks – The Dream 100
  6. Julie Stoian – Start  as a Service Provider
  7. Stephen Larsen – Mid-Range Info-Product Launch
  8. Stacey and Paul Martino – Three Weeks to Webinar Launch
  9. Ed Osburn – Free 7-Day Challenge
  10. Tyler Shaule – Fundraising for Nonprofits
  11. Rachel Pedersen – Service Packages via LinkedIn
  12. Jeremy McGilvrey – Sell Funnels on Instagram
  13. Peng Joon – Live Events
  14. Myron Golden – Bible Success Blueprint
  15. Jaime Cross – Ecommerce Funnels
  16. Dan Henry – Pre-Sell Courses With Webinars
  17. Joe McCall – Mindmap
  18. Spencer Mecham – Affiliate Marketing
  19. Anissa Holmes – Facebook Live Summit
  20. Dean Holland – Coaching Packages via JV Webinars
  21. John Lee Dumas – Teach a Masterclass
  22. Rob Kosberg – High-Ticket Sales via Webinars
  23. Natalie Hodson – Ebook Launch
  24. Pat Rigsby – One-on-One and Masterminds
  25. Caitlin Pyle – Online Courses via Autowebinars
  26. Akbar Sheikh – Coaching Clients via Facebook
  27. Rhonda Swan – Three Weeks to Webinar Launch
  28. David Asarnow – Facebook Marketing Services
  29. Raoul Plickat – Connect on Instagram
  30. James P. Friel – High-Ticket Consulting

Conclusion Clickfunnels 30 Day Challenge Book

The 30 Days Book and the One Funnel Away Challenge are handy down the best resources to start an internet business or take it to the next level. You’ll get strategies from online millionaires from all kinds of different industries.  

Successful entrepreneurs usually charge a lot of money for their advice or courses, from a couple hundred up to a couple of thousands.  In this book, you’ll get strategies for Facebook, webinars, eCommerce, affiliate marketing, live events and all kinds of businesses.  

Furthermore, the One Funnel Away Challenge includes 30 days of live training from three of the best online Marketers Russel Brunson, Stephen Larsen, and Julie Stoian.In my honest opinion, this is the best investment of $100 that you can make. Get your OFA Box and the 30 days book now!

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