The Clickfunnels Clone Funnel Functions – How to Copy

The Clickfunnels clone funnel function can do multiple things. You can clone simple elements within your funnel page, you can clone rows and also complete sites, to paste them in any other funnel.

Also, Clickfunnels delivers the powerful feature, to clone complete funnels and share them with other people, or sell them.

How To Clone Each Step

clickfunnels clone headline

Clone an element by clicking on the papers on the top right corner, or on the save button, to save it as a template.

The same applies to the sections. Just click on the top right symbols to instantly clone or save as a template.

one funnel away

Also, you can clone the whole section, to duplicate it or save as a template for future funnels.

clickfunnels clone section

Furthermore, you can save the full page design as a template, in order to use it for other funnels or funnel steps.

Go to your funnel settings within the editor and select “General”.

clickfunnels general settings

In the general settings you can “Save Page as Template” and you can reuse it over and over again. It will be saved to your templates library.

clickfunnels clone funnel

To access your templates library within your Clickfunnels editor you can click on sections and “Add Section”. 

add section

To access your templates library within your Clickfunnels editor you can click on sections and “Add Section”. You will see all your saved templates under “My Sections”, just select the one you want to use and paste it into your page.

clickfunnels clone funnel

Share the whole Funnel

Furthermore, you can share the full funnel with multiple pages through the share funnel function. That gives you the possibility to sell funnels that you created on the funnel marketplace or as a freelancer on any platform.

Alternatively, you can create funnels and use them as an affiliate marketer to incentivize people to sign up for a Clickfunnels trial and give away your templates. Read more about all features in this Clickfunnels review.

If you like to get some templates, you can sign up for the 14 day trial through this page and get some free funnels with that. Just take look down below. 

By signing up for your Free Clickfunnels Trial through this site you’ll get these bonuses, that will help you get started.

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