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Traffic Secrets Review! Best Book by Russell Brunson?

Another marketing book from Russell Brunson? AWESOME! The Clickfunnels Traffic Secrets book is the third book in the co-founder’s marketing book trilogy.

Want some more information? Read my Traffic Secrets Review!

(Spoiler: Access to the Traffic Secrets Course of Clickfunnels below!)

Clickfunnels Traffic Secrets Book

Why Does Everyone Need Traffic?

Traffic, Traffic, Traffic! Paid traffic, free traffic, borrowing traffic, the Traffic Secrets course, and so on… Everyone is talking about how to get traffic and the different types of traffic, but what is traffic and why do we need it?

Traffic is just another word for people visiting your website, your landing pages, your sales funnels, your social media account, or your blog. Traffic is a prospect that needs to be converted into an actual customer. And there are three major types of traffic: Cold, warm and hot traffic.

  1. COLD traffic: These people have a problem with their business and need a solution for it. Yet they don’t know that there is a product or a service that can solve their problem.
  2. WARM traffic: These are prospects that have heard about some different solutions but aren’t especially aware of your product or software.
  3. HOT TRAFFIC: This sort of traffic can be classified as the cherry on the cake. Hot traffic is about people who already know that your product could be a solution to their problem, they just need a little reminder of how awesome your product is. By the way, this traffic type is the easiest to convert into an actual customer.

Without traffic, we can’t generate leads. That already says it all, without any kind of traffic none of us can make sales, and sales are pretty much everything why our businesses and online businesses are working.

Of course, there are many different types of traffic. You can drive traffic through your sales funnel via organic sources (e.g. search engine optimization (SEO), Facebook Groups, Youtube videos etc.) or paid options like Facebook ads – there are literally tons of traffic sources! Most of the people in online businesses bet on just one traffic source and look for THE master plan for lead generation.

But what would those people do, if their one big traffic source or all of the big marketing platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Youtube would crash down?

Would they still have their business, their company or would they lose thousands of visitors and buyers and have major losses in sales figures?

I am sure, that everyone would rather be on the safe sight and bet on different traffic sources other than just one. The Traffic Secrets book shows you the secret strategies you need, generate new traffic through all kinds of sources, and we will go deeper into the hidden secrets of the books in this Traffic Secrets review!

“I Can’t Afford Traffic”

Want to start but can’t afford traffic? OR don’t know how to drive traffic to your sales funnels, website, and so on? In this case, you actually gave yourself the answer to why you need a copy of Traffic Secrets: To help you get the solution you need.

The author Russell Brunson will show you exactly what you have to do, to get traffic to your pages. Further, you don’t need an advertising budget! There are dozens of FREE traffic reservoirs out there, and Russell explained the most important ones in his traffic book.

Even the book itself is offered for free, you only have to cover the shipping cost, that’s it. No monthly charging, no additional cost. Just shipping.

Traffic Secrets Course or Traffic Secrets Book?

But first, we have to mention the Traffic Secrets Course, so you don’t get confused. Russell Brunson Traffic Secrets, this can mean two things: The Traffic Secrets book or the Traffic Secrets Course. The Traffic Secrets course is a far more comprehensive course about 125 different ways to drive traffic and all kinds of traffic sources.

So when talking about the Russell Brunson Traffic Secrets Course one is talking about the 24 module product Brunson once bought from John Reese for nearly $1 million dollars. Brunson thought and still thinks, the Traffic Secrets is worth that much and wanted to add this course to every Funnel Builder Secrets package for free so everyone would get what they need to know to get more traffic.

Well, Mr. Reese sure didn’t want to give away his precious course for free and he didn’t want to sell it to Russell either, however, he got convinced and here we are, talking about the Russell Brunson Traffic Secrets Course, actually created by John Reese.

List of Modules inside Traffic Secrets Course:

  • Foundation: Setting goals, branding, Facebook pixel
  • Market Discovery: Keeping up with trends and keywords via market research strategies (through Google Trends and Google Analytics)
  • Copywriting Secrets: Short crash course in copywriting for every sort of business
  • Keyword Science: Keyword Science for SEO (for example for blog posts that rank via a google keyword) and everything about a research tool called keyword spy
  • Email Marketing Tactics: All you need about your email list, how to get people to subscribe with their email address and how to create email marketing campaigns content
  • Borrowing Traffic: You’ll also learn how to generate traffic through borrowing it
  • Shopping Engines, Amazon: Shopping sites like Amazon or even your own eCommerce shop need traffic generation too, that’s what this module is all about
  • Traffic Formulas: Looking for a strategy to lower your expenses? This site module is about the cheaper traffic sources out there
  • Buying Media and Sponsorships: Sponsorship secrets and the less obvious paid traffic sources
  • Google Adwords: 39 lessons about this powerful paid ads, to make your marketing efforts worth it!
  • Podcasts and Broadcasts: This module introduces you to podcasts from the podcasting process to the podcast directories. What you’ll also learn in this one are lessons about live events – worth a try!
  • Mobile App Marketing: Success tips on how to be easily discovered in app stores
traffic secrets book review
  • Software and Widgets: Very specific but effective for the right business (e.g. software company)
  • Facebook Ads: Tons of traffic hide inside this social media platform and this module teaches you everything about FB ads: From your perfect target audience to retargeting strategies and FB pixels inside Facebook ads
  • Traffic Retargeting: A follow up to your prospects trough Facebook Ads or Google Ads
  • International Opportunities: Why miss an opportunity on tens of thousands of potential customers? Obviously, not only the western world deserves attention! How to generate leads (cheaper traffic) in less dominant countries
  • Social Media Strategy: You’ll also learn everything you need about social media platforms and how to turn your account into a traffic-generating machine
  • Traffic Recycling: How to drive traffic through recycling your first traffic, email marketing, and sales letter strategies
  • Google SEO (Search Engine Optimization): This module deals with organic traffic and ranking with Google keywords (page indexing), and an SEO maintenance module to make sure your articles stay on the very top of Google once they’ve climbed up!
Traffic Secrets Review! Best Book by Russell Brunson? 1
  • Building A Content Factory: The content writers module takes up where the SEO module ended, from what kind of content you need to where you should publish it
  • Content Curation Methods: How to curate and easily update your content
  • Youtube Marketing: Where do you get traffic? How about driving traffic through the 2nd-largest search engine worldwide? That sounds like an awesome source for free traffic, so this module will show you how to rank your Youtube videos in Google and therefore drive traffic to your website, your landing page or sales funnel
  • Expansion and Scalability: Strategies for growing your traffic, scaling and expanding your online business
  • The Master Plan: The last module will help you set up a masterplan for growth hacking your business, depending on your niche you’ll also get some extra steps to follow

All of these awesome modules are what you get when purchasing the traffic secrets course. From copy for your sales page, ad copy, over mobile app marketing, to how to drive traffic to your sales funnel, website, Facebook, or Instagram account.

Even traffic recycling and retargeting via your email list is shown in this comprehensive course. In my opinion, it’s a true value overload and will definitely help you generate traffic, not just cold traffic but hot traffic (Cold traffic=everyone, hot traffic=already have shown interest in your niche) and make money with it.

How To Purchase the Traffic Secrets Course

There are only two options on how to purchase the traffic secrets course: Number one is via Funnel Builder Secrets. Funnel Builder Secrets is the yearly package of Clickfunnels Platinum (used to be Etison Suite) and a bunch of helpful extras and software.

It’s available as a 6-month version, as a 12-month version, and as a 12-month version with extra personal coaching calls. By the way, some of the best discounts for Clickfunnels Platinum out there and all of them include the Traffic Secrets course by John Reese.

Check out more discount offers:

You can get more information on Funnel Builder right here, in case you’re looking for more than one or two months of Clickfunnels anyway.


Option number two is to buy it as an upsell. When purchasing the famous One Funnel Away Challenge (daily coaching to launch your first funnel and grow your online business) for $100, you get the chance to buy the Traffic Secrets Course right after the purchase. This way, you’ll get to pay only $297 for the Traffic Secrets Course.

As a whole, you’ll pay $397 for the OFA challenge and the course. Considering, that the cheapest Funnel Builder Secrets package costs $1997 that’s a VERY good deal, especially when you don’t need the Platinum version or other bonuses.

For even more information on the Traffic Secrets Course, just click here and you’ll be redirected to the full article about it.

Now let’s get deeper into the book since this is article is mainly supposed to give you an insight into the book…

The Traffic Secrets Book by Russell Brunson

Who is the Author?

The Traffic Secrets Book is a new book from Russel Brunson.

As you probably know already, Russell Brunson has written and published some of the important books for online entrepreneurship and online businesses such as Dotcom Secrets, Expert Secrets, Network Marketing Secrets, Copywriting Secrets (by Jim Edwards) and more.

Every book by Russell has it’s own secrets to tell, whether it is about finding your dream customers, building an effective sales funnel, how to drive traffic (paid traffic (ads), free traffic), create content, or how to apply email marketing tactics to your email list (even if you don’t have a list yet).

You can check out the review of Brunson’s other free books right here, to get a better overview. I would recommend especially the secrets series for every entrepreneur and online business owner, you’ll definitely get some growth hacking strategies out of it!

Russell Brunson’s Latest Publication: Traffic Secrets

What if Facebook, Youtube, Instagram and all the big marketing platforms came crashing down tomorrow? Would your business still have traffic?

Everything you need to knowabout the new Traffic Secrets book: The book is the third of Russell Brunson’s book trilogy about the marketing secrets he discovered throughout his extraordinarily successful journey as an entrepreneur, being responsible for many Clickfunnels success stories.

Russell himself describes his latest book (one of many Clickfunnels free books) as an easy to understand traffic guide.

It shows the simple process he and his Clickfunnels team used and still use to get tens of millions of people to visit their sites. Each MONTH!

It’s an easy strategy that every company can use. Even if they don’t know what traffic is.

The book offers you the foundation of all traffic.

Excited about that?

What’s inside Traffic Secrets?

The title says it all: The book is full of traffic secrets, 20 traffic secrets divided into three sections.

Section No 1: Your Dream Customer

Secret Number 1: The first secret is all about finding out who your dream customers are so you can target them at the right point. This prevents you from trying to sell a snow shovel to a LA person. Certainly, secret #1 will make your business life easier.

Secret Number 2: Once you’ve identified your dream customers, you still have to find out where they are. Which platform are they using? Where can you pick them up and serve them your sales funnel? The second secret will help you out with this tricky question!

Secret Number 3: You just want attention… Yes! Attention is what this one is all about, even when your dream customers are busy as hell, you have to attract them with your offer. Otherwise, you’ll leave the field to your competitors, even if your offer is way better than theirs!

Secret Number 4: Two ways to place your message in front of these dream customers we’re talking about, so you can retarget them easily (and for free).

Secret Number 5: Always wondering what’s the best kind of traffic? Not as hard to answer as you think. You’ll also get a safety net in this one, in case Google, Facebook, or Youtube change their algorithm, so you don’t go all broke when they do it (and they’ll do it).

Secret Number 6: Exceedingly few customers will purchase in the first place. Most of them need more product-buyer contacts to actually make that decision and that’s why Secret #6 will explain the science of the second but invisible funnel to you. Are you losing 81% potential sales because you’re not using it?

Secret Number 7: Finding partners to promote your products and services can be hard. Making them call you back quickly, respond to your emails, or begging for your free traffic is even harder… Isn’t it? With Secret Number 7, the answer is no.

That’s it in section one – let’s continue with section two!

Section No 2: Fill Your Funnel

Secret Number 8: Secret #8 inside the book continues with how to drive tons of traffic from other people’s pages right into your funnel… for free!

Secret Number 9: Sick and tired of the ups and downs of your traffic? Let’s end that roller-coaster with #9 and add some consistent traffic flow to your funnel.

Secret Number 10: One of the fastest traffic strategies out there is hiding behind this secret. Discover dream customers on social platforms that haven’t followed you yet through a 3-5 minute strategy. AND make them follow and engage with you!

Secret Number 11: Using the biggest social party to attract your potential customers…

Secret Number 12: This secret will finally help you stop the hide and seek between you and your dream customers! Make Google work for you and let your customers find you instead of chasing them.

Secret Number 13: Easy step-by-step content creation strategy Russell uses for every platform. This secret will save you tons of work while satisfying your audience immediately!

Secret Number 14: #14 provides THE Blueprint the Clickfunnels team uses for all their market research to get in front of all the traffic trends.

Secret Number 15: “Tonight Show” – Build a powerful tool to serve all your social media platforms with customized content!

Section No 3: Growth Hacking

Secret Number 16: In the first secret of section #3 you’ll get exact outline Clickfunnels uses for their landing page. The special style makes it insanely effective!

Secret Number 17: Three different strategies to use other people’s traffic channels for your own products.

Secret Number 18: How to set up your own affiliate program, so you have a whole army to promote your products. They’ll be spending their money and time to promote your business and you only pay them an affiliate commission when they make a sale!

Secret Number 19: Converting ice-cold traffic (traffic that hasn’t even heard of your products) into super hot traffic via 7 easy phrases for your funnel. They’ll want to buy your products before they know the final offer.

Secret Number 20: Modeling successful marketers and companies can be very helpful, that’s why Clickfunnels offers three little growth hacks, they modeled from rapid growing tech companies to help you scale your business and make an amazing impact in sales!

Traffic Secrets Book – Bonuses

Whenever launching a product, software, or a book, Russell and his Clickfunnels team love to overdeliver. That’s why you’ll also get some amazing extras to pretty much every main offer Clickfunnels provides. Traffic Secrets is no exception. So while you wait for the book to arrive, you can already start using the first hacks for your business.

Bonus #1

The first bonus is an extra 60 minutes training Russell did at his Funnel Hacking Live event. Right in front of over 4000 amazing entrepreneurs, where he goes deep into a few of the traffic secrets.

Bonus #2

Brunson calls this bonus the ultimate unfair advantage, and with good reason. Russell was wondering, how Dean Graziosi got 4 times more traffic to his funnel than Russell himself. So he asked him AND he asked him to speak at Funnel Hacking Live and teach his simple steps to all the people attending. The full presentation of FHL is definitely an unfair advantage and therefore bonus number 2!

Bonus #3

Ever wondered how to make your video go viral on social media? Lucky you! Bonus #3 deals with this exact topic, having Prince EA (over 3 billion views on his videos) teaching his strategy to make a video go crazy.

Bonus #4

Everyone wants quality content on all of their platforms. What’s the biggest problem with that? Time. No one wants to spend all their time just on publishing, publishing, publishing. Super affiliate and traffic expert Peng Joon joins bonus number 4 to offer his “content multiplier” presentation and get you a strong stream of traffic into your funnel (in just three days)!

Bonus #5

Last but not least there’s the 30 Day Traffic Secrets Challenge. This challenge helps you focus and apply all the principles and growth hacks from Traffic Secrets provides to your business. Just a quick 30-day kickstart to make sure you’re not getting lazy and missing out tons of extra traffic.

How do I get it?

And how much does it cost? You can easily order it through the Traffic Secrets website, which is linked to the button down below. As I already mentioned the book is free, you only have to cover the shipping cost. All of Russell’s books (like Dotcom Secrets, and Expert Secrets, and Network Marketing Secrets) are offered for free plus shipping. Why? Because he’s not the guru-type of guy who just wants to sell his stuff. Brunson wants you to succeed and with these books, he wants to say thank you to all of his subscribers and followers.

Further, he offers a guarantee of satisfaction. In case you don’t like the book (don’t think that’s possible with any of his books, but whatsoever) you can simply email him or contact him through the number on the receipt and the shipping money will be refunded. I don’t think any other author would dare to offer that. However, Brunson is convinced of his book, and so am I. Sound fair?

Bonus Offers of Traffic Secrets

When you purchase your free copy of Traffic Secrets, you’ll get instant access to the (online) bonuses I talked about earlier: “The Traffic Secrets Foundation”, “The Ultimate Unfair Advantage”, “How To Make A Video Go Viral”, and “The Ultimate Traffic Hack”. In case your desire is to make your traffic life way easier this package will solve your problems.

Step 2, Step 3, 4, 5, 6

Since this is the Traffic Secrets review, I’ll give you an outlook on what offers are waiting for you right after purchasing Traffic Secrets. Russell provides a short series of one-time offers when you’ve bought the Traffic Secrets copy. As the name says, this offer is a once in a purchase-time offer. So the next step is the exclusive Traffic Secrets Audiobook.

The digital product version of the book is the audiobook which will appear as an upsell, in combination with

  • The Funnel Catcher Report
  • The 7 Day Launch Funnel (from Brendan Burchard)
  • The Invisible Traffic Funnels (bringing you 80% of the customers while paying only 20% of the price)
  • The Perfect Webinar Hack (fastest way to make high converting ads)

as a free bonus to the audiobook, which has a cost of $37.

No matter if you purchase the audiobook or not, there’ll be another exclusive one-time offer.

Step 3: The Traffic Secrets EVENT is a two-day live event exclusively for his 25k per year students. And you can get the live event recordings, in which he’ll be talking about traffic secrets that have never been revealed before, in step 3. The recordings have an additional cost of $97.

BUT both one-time offers have no impact on the third! You’ll still be offered the next step.

Step 4: In my opinion, this is one of the best offers in this series. OTO number 4 is the Secrets Trilogy Box Set and the “Unlock the Secrets”-book. Even if you’ve already read the Dotcom and Expert book, I would recommend taking this offer into consideration. Why? The books have been re-written and extended (30%) and definitely contain some new growth hacks for your business life.

The box set has a cost of $97 and will be delivered with the Traffic Secrets copy when added to your cart. Sound exciting?

Step 5: In case you prefer the audio version of the box set, wait for this one-time offer. It includes all three audiobooks: Dotcom Secrets, Expert Secrets, and Traffic Secrets for $74 (one audiobook for FREE). Both audiobooks contain the extended book versions:

Step 6: Last but not least, let’s talk about the Funnel Mapping Tool – Funnelytics. This software gives you a forecast on how potentially successful your sales funnel will be. After launching your funnels, Funnelytics will track your sales funnel’s results in real-time while comparing right inside your personal funnel map.

However, the hard copy will be available and shipped out in May 2020.

Will it be worth it? Review

Anyway, will it be worth it? Of course! In case you haven’t read his two previous books I highly recommend: Do it! The first two books of the trilogy are definitely a must-read for every online marketer, business owner, and entrepreneur who wants to know exactly how to get more traffic (and turn them into a million dollars).

If you already devoured his two other books you know what I mean. When it comes to the new book from Russell Brunson I promise, you won’t be disappointed.

And yes, I ordered the Trilogy box set, although I have read the two previous Secret books. No marketer is ever done learning, not me, not Russell, not anyone, and that’s why I was super excited for the new 30% of the extended book versions and of course Traffic Secrets. Because traffic is where every sale starts.

If you already devoured his two other books I think you know what I mean when saying Russell’s books are worth every minute and every dollar. When it comes to the new Clickfunnels Traffic book I promise, you won’t be disappointed.

How can I say that? As well as Russell’s tips, no matter if they are out of podcasts, books, webinars or courses, they have an enormous influence on every business…in a positive sales-increasing-way of course. 

Not one of the products of Clickfunnels or Russell Brunson that I personally purchased in the past time ever disappointed me.

And by the way, for the unlikely case of you hating the book, you can simply ask for a refund and Clickfunnels will refund the shipping cost you paid (which is the only cost, the book has because it’s free plus shipping!).

It is definitely worth it.

In the meantime

I know that all of you are excited as hell and can’t wait to get the new book. So while you’re waiting for your book or your Secrets box set to arrive, I’ve got this video for you. 

It is a little foretaste for the book and from Russell Brunson’s Youtube channel: How to get more traffic to your website in 2020 for FREE!

Clickfunnels Traffic Secrets – Funnel Builder Secrets Package

In case you aren’t willing to wait to learn as much as you can about traffic (I can understand that) Clickfunnels has a special offer for you. And it’s available right away.

UPDATE April 2020! The Book is now available! Get it down below!

The offer is called Funnel Builder Secrets.

Next to tons of valuable content and software for your business, the Clickfunnels Traffic Secrets course. 

It complements the book and contains the most important content and coaching on how to generate traffic for your business… and more!

In addition to that comes the only discount available for the full enterprise version, the Clickfunnels yearly plan..

clickfunnels traffic secrets

You see that there’s a lot of value in these offers and I’m sure that you won’t be disappointed by all the useful content inside of Funnel Builder Secrets. 

However, there’s a 30-day money-back guarantee included. In case you are not convinced by the courses you’ll get your money back with no questions asked.

Haven’t tried Clickfunnels yet? In this instance, you can easily start your free 14 day trial. Get to know the full Enterprise version of Clickfunnels for free! For both options, I’ve got some awesome bonuses for you.

Conclusions: The Traffic Secrets Review

It’s finally here! after waiting for so long this masterpiece by Russell Brunson will revolutionize the way you’ll look at traffic forever”

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Traffic Secrets?

traffic secrets book

Traffic secrets is the title of Russell Brunsons’ new Marketing Book, as well as the name of a Course from John Reese that teaches how to get online traffic.

How much is the traffic secrets book?

It’s actually free, but you need to cover the shipping costs which is $6.95 for US residents and $19.95 international.

How much it the traffic secrets course?

The traffic secrets course is available with two options. You get it free as a bonus when you purchase the funnel builder secrets bundle or you can buy it as upsell for $397 after signing up for the One Funnel Away Challenge.

How can I order traffic secrets?

You can order it from the official website, or from my website for the same amount, but you can get some bonuses with it.

Free 14-Day Trial Sign Up Bonus

clickfunnels bonus
  • Bonus 1 – My Personal Support
  • Bonus 2 – A-Z Clickfunnels Training
  • Bonus 3 – Million Dollar Ad Swipes
  • Bonus 4 – Clickfunnels Share Funnel Library
  • Bonus 5 – Ultimate List Of Lifetime Recurring Affiliate Programs
  • Bonus 6 – Full SEO Strategy
  • Bonus 7 – Organic FB Traffic Blueprint
  • Bonus 8 – OFA Affiliate Bridge Page Template
  • Bonus 9 – Full Copywriting Secrets Slide Presentation

Disclosure: I am an independent ClickFunnels Affiliate, not an employee. I receive referral payments from ClickFunnels. The opinions expressed here are my own and are not official statements of ClickFunnels or its parent company, Etison LLC.

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