How To Use Clickfunnels For Real Estate? The answer!

You can use Clickfunnels for real estate to capture leads for your business. A funnel gives you the opportunity to give value upfront and direct your customers to your offers and potential homes.

Offer a free valuation or anything your potential customers could have interest in, in order to make them sign up on your landing page. After signing up your potential customer will be automatically redirected to your offer, or given the opportunity to schedule an appointment. You can structure your funnel how you like, but it’s recommended to model successful ones.

Why Real Estate Agents Should Use Funnels

Nowadays most buyers look online for property or real estate. It’s a very convenient way to get an overview of what’s on sale. You can take advantage of that, by using Clickfunnels for real estate businesses.

This is every realtor’s opportunity to show their offer and create interest in their potential buyers. A funnel works 24/7 and you can contact your potential customer automatically as soon as he shows interest.

realtor sales funnel

Studies show that people are more likely to buy when the are presented to your offer immediately after showing interest, instead of calling them one day later.

With a funnel you can follow them up automatically per email and send them your newest offers.

If you aren’t tech savvy at all, you can also use your gmail account and send an outreach email manually to every customer. There is an awesome app called “mailtracker” by hunter, that allows to track, if someone opened your email, from your personal gmail account. By knowing, that someone showed interest you can keep following up.

Only a tiny percentage of buyers originally come from local newspaper advertisements. Local newspaper ads are more expensive than advertising on Facebook.

Furthermore you can reach a lot more people and upload more images and material to present your customer, than in a local newspaper. Thus funnels are far more superior.

Here you have 3 Clickfunnels real estate templates. You can just download these funnels into your  account. If you don’t have an accountregister for your 14 day free trial

After getting on the trial send me an email or Facebook message and I send you the three free funnels!

The Real Estate Property Funnel

This a very simple 2 step funnel to collect leads from your local area. You can put your company logo on the top and exchange all elements with your own descriptions.

There is a strong headline leading to your top 3 benefits and signals for authority logos. Use that space for your local press and signs of authority your business has.

This funnel has been featured by Stephen Esketzis

Clickfunnels Real Estate Funnel For Lead Capture

This funnel is designed to capture leads upfront and segment them into categories. It has 5 steps and is modeled after watching successful realtor funnels.

It leads your potential customer to a sign up form, where he can schedule a private tour with you. Thus giving you the chance to see them live and have a personal chat.

This funnel has been featured by Spencer Mecham

Real Estate Clickfunnels Template Nr.3

This funnel is also a very simple real estate funnel with a two-step-form. You can show some snippets of your portfolio and give interested buyers the full gallery through signing up.

After they opt-in they will be taken to the full gallery and also the chance to sign up for a private appointment.

Summary: Clickfunnels For Real Estate – 3 Free Funnels

Don’t try to re-invent the wheel. Model, what successful realtors do and adapt that to your personal needs and offers. Split-test your funnels, try different designs and offers to see which one converts best and brings you the most leads.

Create urgency to let your prospects sign up and make an appointment immediately. Use local SEO to reach your targeted audience or Facebook ads for local clients.

If you want to have a all-in-one package to build your funnels, including an email software, you can sign up for the Clickfunnels enterprise plan for $297. Alternatively sign up for the basic plan for $97 and save some money, by using an external email software like Aweber, that starts from $20.

Clickfunnels integrates very well with any email software and you can benefit from it, because you don’t need to be very tech savvy. Just download one of the funnels above and customize it for your own offer.
Furthermore you can get a full A-Z training on how to use Clickfunnels, by signing up on this page, or signing up for the 14 day free trial through one of the 3 funnels above.

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