Clickfunnels Share Funnels And How To Use Them

If you ever wondered what “ClickFunnels Share Funnels” means you’ve come to the right place.

Share Funnels is a very useful feature inside of Clickfunnels, that allows you to create funnels and give them away to others. Everyone who has a Clickfunnels account can use the Share Funnel option for example as a funnel consultant.

You simply create one or more funnels for any market or niche and then share it with the share funnel option. There will be a link in the settings for each funnel, that you can just copy and paste.

clickfunnels share funnel
Your Share Funnel URL

Share Funnel Options

Now you are able to promote your shared funnels or show them to local businesses and get them signed up through your affiliate link. The list on how to use share funnels to your virtue is endless. 

In case the person that wants to use your funnel has no Clickfunnels account yet, they get asked to start their free 14 days trial for Clickfunnels. The cool thing about this is that the new member gets tracked back to you and you will receive the monthly affiliate commission for them.

After creating their clickfunnels account they can use your shared funnel and edit it in any way that fits their business.

However, if the client already has a Clickfunnels account they can just click the button saying ‘Add This Funnel’. After clicking on that button the entire funnel will be placed into their account in no time.

Of course you can use the shared funnels of any other clickfunnels user, who shared their funnel as well. You just click on the link to add the funnel to your account and use it. Sound awesome? It truly is!

Summary: Clickfunnels Share Funnels

The Clickfunnels Share Funnels option is an awesome feature that allows you to share your own funnels with other people, so that they can add it to their Clickfunnels account, edit it in any way and use it for their business.

If they don’t have a Clickfunnels account the person that clicks on your share funnel link gets asked to start their free 14 days trial. The new member gets tracked back to you and you earn the monthly commission for them from now on.

Furthermore you can use the shared funnels of somebody else for your own business. In my opinion this feature of Clickfunnels is definitely worth a try!

PS: There are no additional costs that come with the Share Funnel option when you’re having a Clickfunnels account.

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