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Dotcom Secrets Review – A Must Have Marketing Book

Are you interested in online business? Do you want to make the process fast and effective? To set up an online business and get success from it is not easy for many of us. If you do not follow the right strategy, it might take years to get the desired benefits. In case you want a faster result (or any results), you should read this Dotcom Secrets Review and consider going through the book. It can truly help you to get success from your online business.

Dotcom Secrets is the outcome of the personal experience of the author Russell Brunson. You can trust every word since the author himself has experienced everything himself before penning down. If you want to know more about this book and its author, you can go through the following Dotcom Secrets review.

Dotcom Secrets Book Review

As stated earlier, this book is written by an expert. He understands the online business like no one else does and wants to help everyone who dreams to build his own following, change the world and make money online.

As the book is easy to understand and easy to implement, everyone can follow this book to master online business art.

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What is DotcomSecrets? 

Russell’s book, which was published in 2015 and comes as a great combination of strategies to make money from online business. It focuses on the ton of actionable tips to help people to sell online and to make profits from it.

The old version book contains 254 pages and it has written in an engaging tone and beginner-friendly language to enable readers to understand the strategies without much difficulty.

There has been a Re-release with 40% more content in May 2020, which will give you even more stunning content!

You will find many examples and stories of the success of the author in this book. He’s also responsible for hundreds of Clickfunnels success stories through his teachings.

He has combined some of the secret strategies that have helped him to get success in his online business. There’s a ton of people who already benefit from Russell’s insights.  

Those strategies can help you achieve your desired success in online marketing no matter in which industry you are.

When you try to sell or get leads online, this book is a must have!

Overview of the Dotcom author’s life

The author of the DotcomSecrets is Russell Brunson. He is a successful online entrepreneur. that started his first online business early during his college days.

Furthermore, he is also the co-founder of Etison LLC, where they launched ClickFunnels software. In addition, he has a good reputation for creating an entire ecosystem around the software that includes live events, products, and Clickfunnels free books. He has made hundreds of millionaires, which you can look up in the hall of fame of the two-comma-club.

Etison LLC is currently a 360 million dollar business (2017) and more importantly, the business is completely self-funded. All these prove the credibility of the author. He is a successful online entrepreneur and self-made man, who shared his experience and secrets in the Dotcom book, to enable people to make money from an online business.

It’s no wonder that it’s considerably a best-seller book in the online business world.

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Who Should Read Dotcom Secrets?

The book is written for anyone who wants to succeed in business. No matter if you want to sell online or attract new customers to your retail store.

Language and secrets are easy to understand. It can help anyone to make money online if the proven strategies and principles are implemented.

If you are planning to start an online business, already have one or you want to increase the results of your retail store, this book is for you. It will help you a lot to get success in your business when followed the strategies, no matter if online or offline.

For example: I personally love to travel and be able to keep working during that time. Having your workplace online enables you to work from where ever you like in the world.

If you are interested in a travel lifestyle you’ll need a solid strategy to finance that. I can highly recommend the article about making money while overlanding on

Let’s check what’s inside the Dotcom Secrets

This book is divided into five sections. All the sections will come as a step-by-step process to enable you to understand online business, funnels and how to make money from it. The details of the five sections are the following.

Ladders & Funnels

You cannot expect success overnight. Make it gradual. For example, no one is going to buy an expensive product from the first day itself. You will have to win the trust.

A value ladder will teach you to start with less expensive products and then you can introduce products with increasing value and pricing. When customers are happy with your less expensive products, they will find your premium products worth spending the money.

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Communication Funnel

This section will discuss communication funnels. Russell will educate you about the importance of an attractive character and how it is important for a funnel. The attractive character will have the same issues or pain points as your potential buyer.

If so, your potential customer can build up empathy for you and your story. You can develop personal contact and build trust with your clients, through properly telling your background story.


Once you believe that you have learned almost everything about the funnel, Russell will deliver even more. In the third section, you will know how to create a funnel, how to use and how to manage them in the best possible manner to get maximum benefits. Also, he will help you with the funnel building blocks and how and where to use them for maximum impact.

Funnels and Scripts

From the above three sections, you will have a better understanding of email funnels, sales funnels, and communication funnels. However, there is much more to learn. Russell will help you to make your funnel work by using his proven scripts.

For example, in a subsection he gives you the perfect webinar script, that shows you, how you should build up your story and sales process.

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Click Funnels

The last section is a little bonus, about the power of the ClickFunnels Software. It’s a powerful tool to help you build landing pages and full sales funnel.

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Conclusion: Dotcom Secrets Review

Making money online has become the trend of the modern generation. Many people are coming forward to invest online and to earn for living. However, most of them do not get the desired success since they invest without any preparation.

There is no doubt that online businesses have great money-making potential and you can truly make money with the right preparation. In this aspect, Dotcom Secrets can help you in a great manner. All the successful online marketers will have read this book at some point in their life.

You will get all the required help to start with and to make money with proper planning. More importantly, you do not need any specific skill to understand and implement the strategies written in this book. No matter if you are a beginner or experienced marketer, reading this book will improve your results dramatically.

By the way… have heard about Russell Brunson’s newest release, the Traffic Secrets Book?

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