Network Marketing Secrets Review (Russell Brunson) – Best MLM Book?

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We all have our favorite books. However, when it comes to network marketing books, the favorite can mean different things. Let’s face it. Currently, there is a large sea of network marketing training and guide books available. They come in various formats; e-books, hardcover, kindle, and many others. 

Some of these books are not worth their salt, unlike Clickfunnels’ free book., unlike Clickfunnels’ free book.. Others, in contrast, can be insightful with the potential to transform you from a try and error marketer to a very successful one.  This Network Marketing Secrets Review is about one of the best of these books. It’s written by Russell Brunson, one of the most successful and prolific network marketing experts of all time. 

Need Some Network Marketing Training?

Russell Brunson, the author achieved a lot of success through self-taught strategies and learning. And also through the guidance from the industry experts. 

This book can be considered as one of the best network marketing books of all time. Those who are starting a network marketing business and even the experienced marketers can definitely benefit from it.

Thanks to the deep insights, that the author shares any networker can benefit from this book. 

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Generally speaking, it doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or experienced network marketer. You should strongly consider studying Russell’s tips and guidelines in any case.

Russell is responsible for many Clickfunnels success stories, making millionaires through funnels.

Take a look inside the strategies

Starting a network marketing business can be frustrating because you need to collect a lot of leads. In this book, you can learn how to do that with mlm sales funnels, without bothering family and friends.

The goal is to help you unleash the marketing capacity in you, by equipping you with ingenious skills and knowledge about how to promote your business or opportunity. Basically, the author poured out all the practical experience he mastered over the years. And throughout his journey to becoming a successful multilevel marketer.

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Takeaways from Russel Brunson’s MLM Book

In short: The book is brimming with great information. Thus, extracting specific takeaways is quite difficult. However, here are some of the highlights.

Starting a Network marketing business is not meant for everyone

Most network marketing books tell you what you would like to hear. As a matter of fact, most of the authors want to sell as many books as possible. However, for this author, money is beside the point.  His goal is to help you achieve success and also share solid network marketing tips for beginners. One of the greatest takeaways is that network marketing business is not for everyone.

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Here’s why. Success in multilevel marketing is not automatic nor is it necessarily easy. Success can only be achieved through great effort and hard work. 

When Russell started out with multi-level marketing, the author worked long hours each day of the week, trying to learn the skills and the strategy. All without seeing any result for months. 

He had so many reasons to give up, but his ambition and personal motivation pushed him to work harder to achieve his goals. 

The mistake most people make when starting a network marketing business is that they don’t treat it as the business it really is.

Beginners tend to assume that the MLM business will run itself. Especially given the fact that it comes with a plan, a product or service and even support. The other aspect is that you need to have the right skill set.  

In “offline times” you need to have strong interpersonal skills and communication skills so as to sell yourself or the product. Moreover, now that the internet age has dawned upon us, you also need to learn how to sell your offers online.

Therefore, if you are not willing to put in the work and learn the relevant skills, multilevel marketing is definitely not for you. But if you are willing to put in the work and utilize Russell’s strategies, you win big.

Learn The right skills, learn about network marketing sales funnels

Have you been doing MLM for quite some time but you are not getting enough network marketing leads? Or making the kind of money you want? 

The problem is not likely the company you are working under. Or that you have not found the right product.

The only reason you are not enjoying the benefits you aspire to achieve is mainly because you do not have the right skills. 

marketing sales funnel,

To prove this point right, there are obviously top earners in the same industry you are in, that are selling the same products you are selling. 

Do you want to know how they succeed online? Read on…

So if there is anything that needs fixing, it is probably yourself. Over 90% of people struggle with network marketing, because they say the wrong (or probably right) things, to the wrong people and at the wrong time. 

In fact, to succeed in this industry, you need to master the basic sales and marketing skills. Else, you will have to endure a lot of unnecessary rejection, loss, and failure.

Use The Internet To Get Network Marketing Leads

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This is one of the most important network marketing tips for beginners and for established marketers as well. And it can growth hack your business tens of times faster. The internet is a vast sea of opportunity that MLM marketers can take advantage of.   

The digital market is made up of numerous avenues, that a marketer can use to grow their business. First, there is a conventional way of hiring a programmer to help you build a website. Once you acquired your domain name, it is time to start promoting your offers. This way the prospects will come to you.

Anyways, there is more to what meets the eye. You also need to learn the art of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and quality content creation so as to rank higher on search engines like Google, if you want to generate organic traffic. 

Your offer will get more visibility to potential clients. To grow your traffic faster, you might also need to try paid advertisements. For example, using Google Adwords, Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads or any other affordable digital advertisement platform.

Furthermore, promoting your MLM offers on social media is another great tactic recommended. Especially in network marketing, it can help you growth hack your business. Social media can redirect a lot of traffic to your offers which in turn will increase your rate of conversions. 

The secret is to effectively present your brand on the major social media platforms. Keep your audience engaged through posting quality content. Moreover, paid social media marketing is not only effective but also affordable and it’s easy to target the right audience.

Exploiting the MLM sales funnel

This goes beyond the traditional way of doing network marketing. Many times, the conventional methods are outdated and no longer effective. 

To get out of this rat race, Russell Brunson introduces the network marketers into the sales funnel hack of growing their business exponentially.

The MLM sales funnel is a process created in marketing, to systematically convert the prospects into paying customers. 

Of course, the ultimate end goal of any sales transaction is conversion. I.e. to make the customer buy a product or service, subscribe or do any other desirable action. 

It doesn’t matter how much traffic or inquiries you get. Without conversions, you are still playing a poor man’s game.

With this in mind, a sales funnel is an ingenious idea that solves every MLM marketer’s problems. When it comes to digital marketing, you will need a website or rather a Funnel for your prospects. 

This could mean that you need to learn programming, design and content writing skills to create effective landing pages which might be time-consuming. The other option is to hire skilled experts to do that for you. In short, you would spend a huge sum of money on assets. Assets that won’t for sure have any return on your investment.

In contrast, the book recommends the funnel building software ClickFunnels. These tools can help to automate your online marketing efforts and also save you loads of cash and time. They make the process of finding prospects much easier. Moreover, they also help network marketers to convert their visiting traffic into buying traffic. 

To learn more read the full Clickfunnels review.

sales funnel picture
Steps of a funnel

This is caused by the tool, having a set on analytical features that help the marketer to understand their visitors. Further, it gives them more control over the results, they want to achieve. 

The beauty of the sales funnel automated tool is that it can help you to easily build effective landing pages. All without having programming skills or the need to hire a developer.

network marketing training

It is all about strategy

Network marketing secrets encourages marketers to focus on strategy. Without it, you will end up wasting a lot of time and energy on leads that are not interested at all. 

To avoid this disappointment, you target qualified customers and then have more time to spend on expanding your business.

Gone are the days when sending advertisements in the mail or cold-calling customers was considered as an effective marketing strategy. 

Most MLM marketing advice or network marketing training is suggesting to put yourself or your business in front of as many people as possible. 

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Though this strategy works to some extent, it is not very effective. After all, you will need a strategy that makes the customer come to you.

Besides, you should also give your prospects a reason to sign up “now”. A call to action that communicates urgency is one of the best strategies to achieve higher conversions. For this reason, you could use scarcity tactics. 

network marketing sales funnel

Give your product or service only to a limited number of people or you could be taking the offer down after a certain period of time. 

Generally speaking, you need to be the owner of your business, not an employee. Thus, you should stop working in your business and focus on building it. 

Conclusion: Is Network Marketing Secrets the best network marketing Book?

To achieve this, you need to find a very systematic way of leveraging and automating your networking efforts. The secret weapon is actually having a properly structured sales funnel, which you can achieve with Clickfunnels.

All things considered, it can be said that this exceptional network marketing book is giving away many precious suggestions. 

It is called network marketing secrets for a good reason. Altogether, it is a must-read for any MLM marketer (beginner or experienced) who would like to growth hack their business. And definitely one of the best network marketing books available.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the fastest way to succeed in Network Marketing?

Set clear goals and surround yourself with like-minde people. Learn and master social media, to get access to unlimited leads and bring them into your funnel. Always keep testing and tweaking the process.

What is the best network marketing book?

There is no definite answer to that. Yet Network Marketing Secrets is the modern approach to network marketing without asking family and friends and how to utilize the internet and marketing funnels properly.

How can I improve my networking skills?

Talk to people and learn how to build relationships. Connect with successful people and model what they are doing.

How to start Network Marketing?

Find a product/sponsor/company that you would like to support. They need to have products that you belive in. Build a social media presence and connect with your target customer. Send them to your funnel and convince them for your product or company.

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