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Often times MLM companies don’t allow to promote their products or services online. Nevertheless more and more networkers go online because the possibilities to promote their products and companies are endless.

The big advantage is, that you don’t need to ruin relationships with your family and friends. You have far more reach and options, like using a sales funnel.

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What is a Sales Funnel?

marketing sales funnel,

A sales funnel1 is a process, that guides a prospect through a series of events to a marketing goal. The goal is usually a sale or getting a lead.

Usually, the entry to a sales funnel is designed to grab someone’s attention and lead him to some sort of sign up form.

This funnel entry can be on a single domain, a pop-up or bar on a website, a link in your social media profile or found under your videos on Youtube…there are several places to place a link.

Thus you have access to millions of leads on the internet worldwide, by using a sales funnel.

Free Sharefunnel for Network Marketing

Traditional Network Marketing is outdated. There are new methods that work multiple times better. The most successful Network Marketers use funnels to promote their products online. 

Furthermore, the principles from traditional promotion ways are very similar to the online version.

For example, a bridge page funnel is an online counterpart to a three-way call. In that case, your upline will be your “bridge” until you learn how to promote your product or service properly. 

It “bridges” your potential customer between his interest and the product you’re selling. You can pre-frame your customer and put him in the right state of mind before he goes on your product site.

In the online world you can just record a video, and set it up for your Clickfunnels network marketing bridge funnel page. 

If you would like to know how to do that properly I strongly recommend reading the bestseller book “Network Marketing Secrets” by Russell Brunson.

Your Clickfunnels Network Marketing Bridge Funnel

clickfunnels network marketing bridge funnel
The Opt-in Form
bridge page video
Your Presentation Page

This a very simple bridge page funnel that you can use for your network marketing business.

  • On the first page, you have your headline to create curiosity and collect leads. 
  • Thorugh signing up for your funnel you collect your prospect’s email address.
  • By using an Email Software like GetResponse, you can follow up on your prospects through Email-Marketing.
  • After you collect the lead, he gets redirected to your sales video, where you can convince him to buy your products, or join your company. (You should use two different funnels for each one)

By signing up for a free Clickfunnels Trial you can import it with one click and edit it for your needs. You will also get free training on how to use Clickfunnels and a couple of other bonuses 😉

More Funnels for your Network Marketing Business

home party funnel template

The bridge page funnel is only one of multiple possible funnels. You can also combine them and segment your contacts, depending on their status. You can build up lists for your customers and potential business partners.

You can also try one of these free funnels you’ll get with your Trial, like the “home party funnel” or the “hotel meeting funnel”.

Those funnels give you the incredible function to go live with hundreds of people and talk about your product.

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Free 14-Day Trial Sign Up Bonus

clickfunnels bonus
  • Bonus 1 – My Personal Support
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  • Bonus 8 – OFA Affiliate Bridge Page Template
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