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The Clickfunnels Book Set – Russell Brunson’s Secrets Trilogy

The Clickfunnels Book Set is a new box including the whole Secrets Trilogy from the super successful online marketer Russell Brunson. His first two books, Dotcom Secrets and Expert Secrets were published a while ago BUT now they have been re-written and extended…

Which means the extended book versions (40% more content!) of Dotcom Secrets and Expert Secrets are offered in this book set! Read on to learn how you can get yours!

Clickfunnels Book Box

Of course there has to be a third one to make it a trilogy: Russell Brunson’s latest book Traffic Secrets is included too and it provides everything you ever wanted to know about traffic.

As you probably already know, Clickfunnels likes to overdeliver. That’s what Russell Brunson and his team did again with the book set. They included a fourth book to the box: The Unlock The Secrets Workbook.

It will give you questions and tasks to follow along while reading the three marketing bestsellers.

There was also an old book box, namely the “Clickfunnels Black Box” which was now replaced by this superior set!

Dotcom Secrets

Dotcom Secrets is the first book of the Secrets series by Russell Brunson. He published it back in 2015 and sold over 200,000 copies to marketers all over the world, who wanted to really grow their business.

So, what’s in it? All the fundamental knowledge Russell Brunson collected in his (still lasting) time as an extraordinarily successful marketer is in the Dotcom Secrets book. I’m telling you right now, this book won’t leave any excuse for you to not grow your business. There’s a strategy in it that applies to honestly EVERY business, that has the will to grow.

Brunson is still giving all of his books away for free, because he wants to help every single marketer as much as he can and as much as they allow him to. Some people might think they’re too advanced to get help from a book that deals with fundamentals and basics. Let me tell you, there’s always something you haven’t thought about that could get your business to the next level, increase traffic and sales.

However, if you already have copy of Dotcom Secrets, the book Set might still be interesting for you. Why? The Clickfunnels trilogy box set includes an extended (40% more) and re-written copy of the book.

Expert Secrets

The second book of the Secrets Trilogy book set, Expert Secrets was launched in 2017 and is a continuation of Dotcom Secrets. In this second book by Russell Brunson, he shows that every entrepreuner can become an expert in online marketing, increase his sales and grow his business.

Everything a successful marketer needs is just a little more knowledge than his competitors. And Russell provides this knowledge and he will help you how to promote your product, products or services in the best way possible, so more people are willing to buy it from you.

Further, he is teaching you how to build a tribe of highly engaged followers who are craving your products. He teaches how to position yourself as an expert in your field and build a loyal following. Ready to level up your marketing skills with this book?

As i mentioned before, the Trilogy Book Set doesn’t offer the regular version of this book, but the extended one. So even if you already purchased the second of the secrets books, there’s something new in it for you.

Traffic Secrets

Just recently, the Secrets books have been completed by Russell Brunson’s latest publication: Traffic Secrets. This book has been eagerly awaited by so many people out in the marketing universe, they couldn’t believe it’s finally out.

Traffic Secrets is not talking about products or sales funnels, it’s all about driving more traffic to you your product, service, whatsoever and getting your leads to buy. No matter if you prefer paid or free traffic, there’ll be something in it, from the more common traffic sources to others, you didn’t even know are out there.

In case you want more details on the new Traffic Secrets book, just read my comprehensive Traffic Secrets review, where you’ll get a lot of info about the Traffic Secrets course as well as the free book.

As all of the Secrets books, Traffic Secrets is a free product Russell Brunson is giving away to every online marketer or business owner that wants to get more traffic on their sales funnel, landing page, blog or marketing website.

Clickfunnels Book Set Exclusive: “Unlock The Secrets”

One of the books, you might haven’t been expecting in the Trilogy box is the “Unlock The Secrets book”. It is a 600 pages long workbook and every page will help you through every single Secrets book by Russell Brunson: Dotcom Secrets, Expert Secrets, and Traffic Secrets.

To make sure you don’t miss out anything from your sales funnel, to your free traffic or anything else that can help your online business, services or products grow.

In contrast to the three Secrets books, the “Unlock the Secrets book” is not available on its own. The only way to get this workbook is within the Trilogy box.

How Can I Get the Trilogy Box?

The four amazing books are available on it’s own or as an upsell for any of the mentioned books above. So in case you order the one of the “secrets” books, it will appear as the last one-time offer afterwards. (There’s no need to complete every one-time offer to get to the last one.)

So just order one of the books, and you’ll automatically be redirected to the box set!

What Does The Box Set Cost?

So what’s the price to his amazing offer? The Trilogy Box Set from Russell Brunson has a one-time cost of $127 (with international shipping)!

The Trilogy Audiobooks

Some of you might be wondering: Is there an audio version of the trilogy that I can get? I’m glad that you’ve asked! Indeed, Russell Brunson made sure to offer an audioversion of the secrets books.

The audio version can help you internalize all the information much better and for those of you, who spend much time in the car or haven’t the time to go through the physical copies, the audio version of the books is even better.

Everyone who purchased the trilogy book set, can easily buy the audiobooks through the Trilogy book set funnel: After purchasing the book set, the audiobook trilogy will appear right away as an upsell in the checkbox within the order form.

Is the Clickfunnels trilogy worth it?

As the digital marketer that I am, I have bought and read pretty much every book you can buy from Russell Brunson. So far, I can say that every book he published, especially Dotcom Secrets and Expert Secrets, has provided tremendously valuable content.

There were always major key points I could take and apply to my own online marketing journey and my funnel(s), that I definitely would not want to miss.

I’ve been happy to implement the simple strategies Russell is teaching and selling for a really affordable price in his books and it has truly helped me learn new things and get my business to the next level.

I can truly recommend his books to every entrepreneur who is ready to create a whole new level for his business. No matter if it’s in affiliate marketing, high ticket sales, amazon marketing, or whatsoever.

Further, the beginner-friendly language Russell is using throughout his books makes the message super easy to understand.

So, is the trilogy worth it’s money? I can honestly say: Yes it is.

In case you need some more information on every book alone, you can take a look at this article: Free books by Russell Brunson.

Other Free Books By Russell Brunson

Network Marketing Secrets: This book is all about multi-level-marketing and how you can use a funnel to save money and to stand out from all the other network marketers out there. Check it out.

The Funnel Hackers Cookbook: Everything you need to know to build a successful funnel to make people buy your products or services.

The Marketing Secrets Blackbook: 99 Marketing Secrets that will change your life.

Copywriting Secrets by Jim Edwards: Simple copywriting hacks to easily improve your sales.

Excited and ready to get THE online marketing secrets you’ve been looking for?

Here you go!

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  • Bonus 9 – Full Copywriting Secrets Slide Presentation

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