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Gym Leads On Autopilot – Full Free Tutorial

The absolute necessity for a gym to survive is new leads. In the last years, the fitness industry is booming, new gyms are emerging and the competition is getting stronger every year. Consequently, the competition for new members and customers is getting tougher and tougher and ultimately many of them go down on fighting for the lowest price.

During the last 5 years, I worked in a couple of gyms. I learned some strategies to win new gym leads.

Some of them were rather unpleasant, like begging for contacts from existing members for goodies or chatting to people on the street during promotions.

These outdated offline methods may still work, but you always need a talented promoter to grab enough new quality leads. Also, the people you talk to, are mostly more annoyed…rather than interested.

A good promoter is worth his weight in gold, because he can always provide you with new contacts, but they are rare to find. Wouldn’t it be more pleasant to have a fully automatic process, that brings you new gym leads without having to worry about it? Yes, that works, read to the end…

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The old way to acquire fitness leads

Of course, every gym wants to have new members. Cancelations can’t be prevented all the time for many reasons, so every gym owner is dependant on new people signing up. The owners I know never shown any concern on the outside.

They said “we have enough people coming in, we have the best offer, we don’t have competition…” but the truth was different.

On meetings, the main topic was sales and marketing. “How do we get more gym leads?” was always the question.

Every gym owner and also employee should ask himself that question. Because what would happen if you don’t collect enough?

Constantly organizing promotions can be very stressful. Good promoters are hard to find and costly. You have to pick the right places and amazing people in order to get quality leads. As well as everyone needs to be constantly running for recommendations from existing members, baiting them with goodies. But that is not scalable. Also, what do you do as a gym owner if your promoters quit?

Wouldn’t it be nice to automate those processes to have more time for operative tasks?

How to get gym leads online

Let’s have a look at the online methods to get new people into the gym. Start with the methods that are free or cost very little.

Organic traffic via Google

People tend to search everything on google, before making a decision. To be found on google, you need a website that is search engine optimized. 

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As a rule, at some point, you automatically appear in the Google search in the local results. But it would be more advisable to stand in the first places because they are much more likely to be clicked…

The first page on google search results has way more clicks than the rest.  

There are agencies that specialize in improving ranking through local SEO. 

Alternatively, you can often improve your ranking significantly with just a few adjustments.

So take care of your website and the local search engine optimization for search queries that people in your region are looking for. The more visitors to your website, the more potential leads you can gain. 

Your Own Blog

To improve your rankings on google you can publish a blog. It’s not a must-have, but definitely helps to convert a website visitor, to a paying member. You just need to set it up once and it will stay online as your digital asset, showing interested people on your website, that you are an expert.

A blog can inform prospective customers more about your and convince them to show up in your gym to sign up.

This must not only be written content but also works just as well with video. It helps to regularly create content, such as nutrition tips, fitness recipes, new and interesting exercises or even training tips to publish. 

Show yourself from your best side and convince the people in your city, that you are the expert, they can ask when they have questions.

Furthermore, you can create different content for several target groups. For example, make weight loss programs for mothers after pregnancy, diabetes consultations, health circles for seniors or boot camps for the hard-boiled fitness enthusiast.

In this way, you can gain access to new target groups and thus fresh leads for your gym.

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Your Own Fitness Blog

Leverage social media to bring new prospects

Nowadays it’s essential to maintain your social media portals. If you think you don’t need it, you will miss an important lead source. Through social media, you can build up free reach and define your target group.

Facebook, for example, gives us the opportunity to see exactly which target groups visit our site. With this, we have a powerful tool and the possibility to open up new areas or even promotion spots that look promising. In the Facebook Audience insights tool you can see who is on your site, your demographic data and what other interests these visitors have.

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Furthermore, social media enables you to address your audience again and again. No matter if you have a summer promotion, a new year’s offer or a new product or service you want to offer.

Always keep track of your social media. It doesn’t have to be perfect high glossy advertising, but quite the contrary. People don’t connect to high glossy advertising, but they connect to other real people. 

Make short clips of your daily routine, workflows, new arrivals, your daily challenges, and just stuff like mentioned above in the blog section. Just be present, do some silly stuff here and there and always regularly make a call to action.

But what if that’s not enough?

Getting a consistent stream of traffic to your website and offers is awesome. But like in the offline world, not everyone who enters your gym will sign up for a membership, right?

In order to convert your visitors into paying members, one more important step is necessary. You will need a lead funnel. That’s kinda like your promoter catching phone numbers to follow up and invite them to your gym, but just online.

Your Funnel can collect leads and much more

Now let’s get to the actual process that can bring you leads at the push of a button. They need a lead funnel. A lead funnel enables you to collect the contact details of an interested visitor. 

marketing sales funnel,

You can collect a phone number or email and contact him again to invite him into your gym, alternatively, you can directly sell a membership online, within your funnel.
For the purpose of collecting new gym leads it’s necessary to have a landing page with an opt-in form.

You should link your landing page to your Facebook and Instagram profile and constantly promote it for new visitors, on your blog and social media.

What does your landing page look like? It should contain an irresistible offer and a field where you can enter your name, an email address, and a phone number if necessary. The offer is necessary to increase the conversion on your landing page. That just means that more be people will sign in, the better your offer is.

Where would you sign up?

Offer Nr.1 – Gym Membership $400/year


Offer Nr.2 – Gym Membership, Free Exercise Plan with Trainer Briefing, Professional supervision, free meal plan and 2 weeks trial upfront, $400/year

The second offer is much more likely to collect more leads, which you can convert to paying memberships.

After signing up for your offer you can follow up your leads and invite them into your gym, or you can further offer them a special discount if they sign up immediately. Giving the possibilities of a funnel you can do whatever you like.

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Build your Lead funnel with Clickfunnels

A very simple and beginner-friendly way to build such a funnel is a software called Clickfunnels. This funnel building software can create a funnel within just a couple of minutes. Furthermore, you can diversify and build multiple offers for different audiences or seasons.

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14 Day Free Trial

Furthermore, you can diversify and build multiple offers for different audiences or seasons. 

To claim your Free Gym Lead Funnel just jump on the Free 14 Day Clickfunnels Trial and send me an email or Facebook Message. You will also get a full A-Z training on Clickfunnels and my personal assistance in setting it up if needed.

It also works for personal trainers. You can just edit the headlines, offer and plug in your own video or images. 

Approaching Lead Generation Online

With the online approach, you can increase your website traffic and get leads on autopilot, converting them into your funnel. It will save you a lot of time and effort. It takes a little bit of time to build this whole system up, but if its running it takes just a couple of minutes to maintain it.

The lead funnel is just one way to increase your revenue, with more members signing up. Furthermore, you can set up your funnel with products and services you can offer as an extra to increase your average customer value.

Depending on what you offer in your gym you could sell personal training sessions, massages, fitness cookbooks and courses, weight loss workshops and so on…

In practice, you can offer a 2-4 week trial making a new gym lead sign up. After signing up you can offer him a special discount if he signs up immediately. After signing up immediately you can offer your extra products and so on… All within your funnel, all automated.

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Your Gym Lead Funnel Opt-In Page
how to get gym leads

Bonus leads

Properly structured referral programs are working very well. Give your members a nice bonus for bringing a friend in. That can be an amazon gift card or a free month of training. We had gym members, that had a complete free year of training to bring so many people in. You can also build that as an offer into your funnel.

Even more Prospects from Facebook Ads

Until now we covered some free sources to increase the traffic on our websites and to our lead funnel. If you want to accelerate the process Facebook is the way to go, especially for local businesses like gyms. Advertising on Facebook isn’t that hard to learn, but there are certain tricks that can increase your results immensely.

If you are not advertising on Facebook you are missing out BIG. For any promotional campaign, we were advertising in local newspapers for $1500. The problem is, you can’t track anything. 

How many people are buying the newspaper? Out of them, how many people are really reading it? Who sees the ad and pays attention? The most important part, how many of them will take action and pick up the phone?

Nothing offline is really track-able, but in online advertising, you will exactly see, how many have seen your ad, how many clicked and who converted on which ad. Furthermore you can target different audiences and test a lot of offers very quickly. That will enable us to see exactly, how much is needed to spend to acquire a new member or client.

Quick Comparison – Online And Offline Ads

While the local newspaper has shown our ad once for $1500, we could advertise for $500 on Facebook for a whole week.

Not only our ad cost a third of local newspapers, but also our reach was definitely much bigger and measurable as well. Even the first test campaign, which wasn’t optimized at all, had a 4x return on investment.

If you are uncertain about Facebook ads, you can get my Facebook tips and tricks PDF, through signing up for Clickfunnels through this site. 

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Conclusion: Gym Leads On Autopilot

There is no doubt that every gym needs constantly new leads to survive. The process is time-consuming, expensive and oftentimes unpleasant. Promotion on the street is a proven way, but who really likes it?

The worldwide web has given us the vast opportunities the offline world can’t provide. With the right approach, everyone can take advantage of that. By setting up a funnel and sending constantly traffic to it, you can increase your gym leads dramatically. Furthermore, there are paid ways of advertising on the internet. 

Advertising in local newspapers is pretty expensive and not measurable. You will never know how successful an advertisement in the local newspaper is.

Search engine optimization takes time and is not for everyone. In the meantime, Facebook ads are a viable alternative. They are pretty easy and quick to learn for local businesses.

Furthermore, Facebook and Google will track every movement on your website and your funnel, giving you exact information about the cost to acquire a customer, and what your visitors like and don’t like. If you sign up for Clickfunnels on this page you will get a free lead funnel and also a cheat sheet for your Facebook ads, that shows you how you should set up your Facebook ads to maximize results.

Combine a successful funnel and online advertising and your possibilities to acquire new gym leads will multiply.  

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