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Russell Brunson Net Worth 2020, Wikipedia, Age, Early Years, Bio, Wife, Products

Nearly every online marketer on the planet may have probably heard about Russell Brunson at least one time.

Russell Brunson and his company Clickfunnels have taken the marketing world by storm the past few years.

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It is common knowledge that Clickfunnels is one of the most successful companies in online marketing and has over 130,000 members and this number is very conservative because it grows very fast.

In this article, we will discuss everything around the sales funnels king. Russell Brunson net worth 2020, his personal life, his interests/hobbies, his early years and much more.

So, if you want to find out everything about the next big name in marketing, stay tuned.

Who Is Russell Brunson?

Russell Brunson is an entrepreneur, a legendary digital marketer, an author, an inspirational speaker, and a philanthropist.

He has made millions of dollars online especially from his company Clickfunnels and also his books and courses. Russell has helped many entrepreneurs to turn their dreams into reality.

He automated the process of funnel building and now people are able to plug and play with funnels easily.

He is, now, one of the most influential online marketers in the world. His email list has over 1,000,000 subscribers. You can easily understand what an impact he has on the marketing field.

He is obsessed with analyzing the data so that he can make the most out of his skills. However, Russell’s journey wasn’t a walk in the park. He didn’t become a millionaire easily.

Early Years

Russel Brunson has been collecting junk mail from the age of 12. He has always had strong motivation in his relentless hunt for success. Every normal kid or adult is watching advertisements and thinks that they are quite boring and prays they end so he continues his favorite show, movie, etc.

But for Russell, it was different. He was waiting for the commercials because to him, ads were entertaining and interesting. From a very young age, Russell was trying to opt-in for every business opportunity. This only reminds me of billionaire Mark Cuban.

Cuban was selling rubbish bags and stickers even from the age of 11. Some people are so charismatic and this is obvious from the very beginning.

Russell was also an amazing wrestler. He was practicing wrestling from a very young age and he was his state’s champion. Don’t judge from his face! He was really spectacular in wrestling!

In his senior year, he took 2nd place in the national championship and become an All-American. He also continued wrestling in college and graduated as one of the top 10 wrestlers nationally.

He probably learned many lessons from wrestling that he applied to internet marketing like hard work, consistency, competition, feel for winning, and also he learned not to quit.

At the same time, Russell had also expressed a strong feel for marketing while doing his hobby which was wrestling obviously. His marketing career and his first steps started in college.

two male wrestling

Success In Marketing

When Russell was 22 years also he was trying to make his first baby steps, he was thinking about people’s problems and what they could possibly need. Everyone needed a pager back then.

Therefore, he created a do-it-yourself screen projector for the wall. The cost of creating that was 10$ and he would sell this for 40$.

This worked up to a point but then he faced some security problems.

Then, he decided to create a small book that teaches people how to make 40$ every time their pager rang. He faced some internet connection problems again and he didn’t realize from the beginning how big his accomplishment was.

After a few days, he had already 30 sales from his little website that he created to promote his book.

This was the first success story for Brunson. It was quite amazing for his age, right?

His next success story was a marketing tool called Zipbrander. This tool was used to drive laser targeted traffic to your blog and also automate the process of making money in the backend.

This product and his next product called “How To Create A Potato Gun” DVDs helped Brunson to make his first million dollars selling his own products immediately after he graduated from college.

Russel was an amazing marketer even before he created Clickfunnels. He used to sell everything you can imagine for example supplements, shakes, books, software, etc.


He also won a Ferrari from a company as a bonus because he brought a huge number of new leads in 6 weeks. This happened just before he created Clickfunnels.

But, Clickfunnels made the real difference for him. He wouldn’t be poor without Clickfunnels but he wouldn’t be one of the richest either.

Russell Brunson Clickfunnels Success

hands typing on laptop

Russell Brunson’s success with Clickfunnels was magnificent. The company reached 100 million dollars in less than 3 first years. Of course, it is growing rapidly. But, things didn’t start so well from the very beginning.

Brunson had been trying to acquire leads through paid advertising and this was tough even for him. The cost of bringing someone to the Clickfunnels free trial was 120$ and as you can see, it was really tough for Brunson to make his campaigns profitable.

So, he had to make a change. He had to think another way of bringing customers to Clickfunnels.

When you start and people don’t know about you, they do not want to become affiliates for you. As a result, affiliate marketing for Clickfunnels promotion was also out of the game at this time.

Then, it was the time he decided to create the free books, and he would only charge for their shipping. In these books, he would provide much value and people may eventually come to Clickfunnels.

This way it is much easier and cheaper to acquire a customer but also he used upsells for the books’ funnels so that they also become profitable.

These funnels work till today. These low-cost front end products have been helping Brunson and Clickfunnels marketing plan and he has been making money in the back end.

Books have upsells and more and more people have been jumping into Clickfunnels. But there is also the compounding effect.

Clickfunnels has been becoming more and more popular throughout the marketing world and this attracted affiliate marketers. Affiliate marketers exploded Clickfunnels because Russell is now paying only if a sale is made. So, it is a win-win situation.

Furthermore, Russell built a huge email list during those years. His email list, now, has over 1,000,000 subscribers which is unimaginable.

This is how Clickfunnels dominated the marketing world over the past 5-6 years.

Russell Brunson Net Worth 2020

Russell Brunson net worth 2020 is estimated at 40M dollars. Russell Brunson Net Worth is not exactly known for anyone but Brunson. I want to make this clear. Brunson had already made money before Clickfunnels selling and promoting many products.

  • Products that he was selling before Clickfunnels(3M)
  • Clickfunnels products and books(33M)
  • His personal coaching and webinars(4M)

He also won a Ferrari because of his amazing skills which brought an incredible amount of leads for a company he was promoting. If we add these up, it is very conservative to say that Russell had already made 3 million dollars before Clickfunnels.

Clickfunnels is estimated to bring about 7 million dollars per year to Brunson. Also, he sells books that have upsells. The books have brought him about 750,000$.

Brunson also offers a mastermind, an inner circle coaching program that brought him over 4 million dollars.

If you add these numbers up, Russell Brunson’s net worth is over 37M-40M. This number is very conservative because he may invest his money in stocks or real estate or anywhere else and make more money that we are not aware of.

There is not an official interview that Russell says that he has X amount of money. But, he has at least 40M dollars. This is a fact.

Russell Brunson Products

  1. Free Books for example Traffic Secrets
  2. Courses, for example, One Funnel Away Challenge
  3. Personal coaching(1 vs 1 coaching only available to advanced marketers)

Russell has published 5 free plus shipping books. Every single one of them has become a best seller.

1) Traffic Secrets: This is the latest Russell’s book and it is a must-have for every marketer. Every business needs more traffic, right? Traffic Secrets is a mastermind that teaches every technique and secret to drive more traffic to your website or funnels.

2) DotCom Secrets: This is the first book that Brunson published(he updated it in 2020)  and it is one of the most important books you can read. Russell discusses his proven strategies that you should use to make money online easily. It is very beginner’s friendly and a shortcut to success.

3) Expert Secrets: This book teaches how to use sales funnels so that you can make money online. Buying is always emotional and this is the concept you should use in every piece of content you create to be able to generate sales.

4) Network Marketing Secrets: This book is one of the most important assets when it comes to MLM(multi-level-marketing). He points out that it is important for you to build and scale your business rather than just work for your business. Then, he describes the strategies to achieve that specifically in MLM businesses.

5) The Funnel Hacker Cookbook: This book will teach you how to actually build a sales funnel. Funnels are a really important part of online businesses.

Learn more about his marketing books: Russell Brunson Free Books

These are Russell Brunson’s free books for now. He may publish more in the future. All these books and especially the 3 first for me are real gold. Russel Brunson is one of the most successful marketers of all time, why should we not learn from him for free?

How to Work With Russell?

  • FunnelHackingLive: The annual marketing live event that thousands of entrepreneurs join. It is training for 4 days that teaches the best marketing and online sales techniques.
  • 1-1 Consulting and Speaking Engagements: This can be very expensive and requires that the marketers are already established and make good money online.

Russell Brunson Courses

Russell likes teaching a lot. Nearly every product he offers, has a little bit of training, tutorial, etc, in it. He also teaches in webinars.

One Funnel Away Challenge: This training teaches how to create your sales funnels. Many people encounter difficulties in creating high-converting marketing funnels so Russell created this training that comes with a ton of bonuses to help people achieve their financial goals.

Affiliate Bootcamp: This course is a free training as of now. Russell asked the top Clickfunnels affiliates what they would do if they suddenly lose everything. Then, he recorded their interviews and offers them to people that wanna start online marketing.

Russell Brunson Personal Biography

Russell Brunson Age

Russell Brunson was born in March 1980 so he is 40 years old, the time I am writing this article. You see he is still so young and talented with untapped potential, the ”next big thing” of internet marketing.

Who Is Russell Brunson’s Wife And Family?

Russell Brunson is married to Collete Brunson and they have been together since school years when Brunson was still wrestling. Russell and Collete have been blessed to have 5 children. 

russel brunson wife and kids

When I heard the story and how difficult it was for them to have their kids, tears were brought to my eyes…

Russel and Collete were trying to have a baby from a young age. After the first 6 months, nothing happened.

Then they went to a doctor and made some medical examination but everything seemed to be ok. After another 6 months, nothing had happened. They went again to the doctor for more in detail examination. Again, everything seemed to be ok.

They decided to keep going. After 6 months, again nothing had happened. Collete heard about a fertility doctor in their are who was known to be very successful. He gave them some pills and stuff and he told them to try for 3 months.

Collete and Russel were excited. They were super happy that they had found this doctor. After, the first month Collete went to check if she was pregnant but the test was negative…

They decided to go all-in and continue. After the second month, Collete took the test again but it was again negative. They were devastated. They had lost their hope but they decided to continue and they were praying to God. They wanted this baby very much.

After 1 more month, it was time for Brunson to graduate from college. His parents and other relatives were coming to celebrate his success.

The same day, Collete went to the doctor and she waited for the results of the test, but mainly she was preparing their house to welcome Brunson’s relatives.

When they were closing to Brunson’s house, the phone rung. It was the nurse with the results of the test. It was positive! Collete was pregnant! Russell couldn’t believe it.

He told it immediately to her and she hugged him and start crying. They were both crying.

They decided not to tell the family. They wanted to be sure about it but they couldn’t hide their happiness. They finally let everybody know.

After 2 months, they went to the doctor for the ultrasound scan. There was not only one baby but 2! Collete had twins!

This story is so moving and if you hear Russell talking about it, I am sure that you will feel the same way.

One Uncommon Russell Brunson Characteristic

Russell Brunson is a philanthropist. He likes to give away to poor people and especially to non-profit organizations like Village Impact and help build schools in Africa. Also, he donates money to other non-profit organizations that try to rescue children from sex trafficking.

He is very emotional and cares about others.

Final Words: Russell Brunson Net Worth 2020, Wikipedia, Age, Early Years, Bio, Wife, Products

Russell Brunson is a very successful entrepreneur, an established online marketer but also a family man and a philanthropist.

He is the founder of Clickfunnels which is surprisingly successful in the marketing world. Nearly every marketer, even if he uses it or not, knows about Clickfunnels and Russell Brunson.

Russell had a strong desire for marketing from the very beginning but also he was a dedicated wrestler even in college. He had already earned his first million dollars(and more) before the foundation of Clickfunnels.

He has sold everything in his life. He was really good at it from the beginning trying to understand and solve people’s problems but Clickfunnels have him the big boost.

Russell Brunson’s net worth is 40 million dollars conservatively. No one knows exactly.

Russell has created numerous courses, books and products that people can buy so that they learn how to run a business properly. The best thing is that these products are not focusing only on rich people. His books are free + shipping which is amazing.

So, you can take Russell Brunson’s free books and then if you need more you can always come back and take something else.

Russell is married to Collete Brunson and they have 5 kids. His story about having their first kids is very moving, at least for me.

Russell is only 40 years old so he has a lot more to give to the marketing community. He is young, ambitious and he likes helping people.

He also helps poor people in Africa and non-profit organizations that rescue children from sex trafficking.

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