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Fastpages Review – Pricing and Features 2020

Welcome to this Fastpages Review! There is a new player on the field for landing page and funnel building software.

Right of the bat “” compare themselves to the big players like Clickfunnels, Leadpages or Instapage.

They claim to be faster, have better customer support, and a couple of other things as well, but can they hold up to the promise? Is Fastpages a real alternative to the established software companies or even the best landing page builder?

Let’s get started.

What is Fastpages?

fastpages logo

Fastpages is a web-based software from the Netherlands. It enables you to build all kinds of landing pages and even whole funnels, without any design or tech skills. So as a business owner or online entrepreneur you collect leads and make sales.

What makes them stand out is the website speed and quick loading times from their landing pages.

They created a unique cloud infrastructure1 that guarantees the fastest pages in comparison to other landing page software.

Together with Amazon CloudFront (a global CDN), compressed images and minified page sources, your page is lightning fast
Fastpages Review SEO on rocket

Later on in this review, we will make some site speed tests to see if they can keep the promise.

With Fastpages io you don’t need a website anymore, but if you like to you can seamlessly integrate it into your blog with an official WordPress app.

Thus you can use Fastpages io as your standalone web presence or you can use it on your website with your own custom domain.

Another great feature that differentiates the landing page builder from the Netherlands from some other providers, is the payment integration.

Not only you can collect leads and build your email list, but you can also integrate Stripe directly into your pages and collect payments from your web site visitors.

The Visual Drag And Drop Builder

One of the most important features of every landing page builder is the editor. Only a few people know how to code or design landing pages.

So it’s very important to have an easy to use software that enables everyone to create fast landing pages, without being tech-savvy.

Luckily the landing page builder is one of those, where you can watch a simple 15 minutes tutorial and start building on your own. I’ve seen other landing page builders where you needed to know at least a little bit of code, or they had a bad overview.

With Fastpages you get an easy to use drag and drop editor2 that has a great overview, a good basic structure, and very simple menus. Thus the learning curve remains very flat and there is no need to watch endless hours of tutorials and courses.

The customer support will also help when you get stuck.

fastpages sections
Great Overview in the Editor

But there is more. Not only you can use one of many templates and just quickly edit them to have a ready-to-go landing page, but you can also add up multiple steps and build a whole funnel.

What makes this feature very convenient is the option to add any page without having to leave the editor, like in some other landing page builders. Thus you can quickly switch between the pages without interrupting your workflow.

Page Loading Speed

The name “” obviously refers to their promise to be the best landing page software in terms of loading speed.

The website claims: 

We started for companies who want to ensure the best page speed. As marketing experts, we know how important it is to have page speeds below 1 sec. Together with an easy to use page builder, maximum speed and lots of other pro features we want to be the fastest page builder in the market.

Can they really hold their primary selling point of lightning speed?

I’ve quickly loaded up one of their richer templates and created a live landing page to see if they are really that fast.

I’ve tested the landing page with two different tools, Pingdom Tools3 and GTmetrix4.

Here are the results:

fastpages gtmetrix speed test results
Fastpages GTMetrix Score
fastpages pingdom speed test result
Fastpages Pingdom Score

As you can see the landing page that I’ve tested performs quite well. It scores an A performance grade on GT Metrix and a B on Pingdom.

To compare the website speed with another landing page builder I’ve tested a simple squeeze page from a $97 per month funnel building software. Both tests only scored only a C for a site with way less content.

So YES it’s true. Fastpages’ page load time is indeed ultra fast!

Why Website Speed Matters

Nowadays the attention span of online users is very short. That means you need to catch their attention very fast and redirect it even faster.

If it happens that your website loads for too long, people will bounce which is not good… Logically that means they won’t convert and you don’t make money.

So website performance is an important factor when it comes to a higher conversion rate5.

Fastpages Integrations

Another important aspect of a landing page builder is how it integrates with other tools, like email automation software, payment gateways, and so on.

fastpages integrations

If you’re using Moosend, ActiveCampaign, or Mailchimp you can integrate those directly with their API. If you’re using another tool you’ll need to make use of Zapier6.

Unfortunately, that means there is no API7 for a lot of other established email marketing services, but you can still integrate them by using Zapier or a plain HMTL injection.

Luckily Zapier integrates with over 1,000 different apps, so you can always find a way to connect them with Fastpages io.

Even though that’s not optimal, it also doesn’t need a lot of tech knowledge, it’s just copy-pasting a simple code to create an opt-in form.

One thing that makes Fastpages stand out a little, is the direct integration of Stripe. That’s something you won’t find with another website builder at this price level, so that’s a big plus.

Other Great Features


Templates will always make your life easier. Not only because you don’t need to take care of a lot of design, but you’ll also save a lot of time.

Right now Fastpages has around 36 different templates to choose from.

fastpages templates

You’ll find different categories for courses, E-books, Newsletters, Webinars, events, coaching and so on.

If you shouldn’t find the right template for your purposes or categories you can choose one of the skeleton templates the platform offers, to have a framework.

That means you don’t need to care of the sections and the arrangement of your elements. You just fill in the spaces with your headlines, images and copy, and when you’re done you can publish your page with just one click.

Free SSL

Nowadays a security certificate8 is absolutely mandatory for your website. Every legitimate business needs to show their visitors that they are browsing safely.

Even more, it’s a ranking factor for Google. So having a security certificate will be rewarded.

Luckily Fastpages automatically includes an SSL Certificate on every page you build. Even if you should be using your own custom domain, Fastpages takes care of your (and your user’s) security.

What I Like

Payment Plans And Lifetime Deal

A lot of website builders are only available for a monthly fee, which can be costly over time. With Fastpages you can choose between a monthly fee or a fair one time payment for the lifetime deal.

Also, there are no hidden extra features. No matter what plan you choose you’ll have access to all the features within the page builder and platform.

The only difference is the number of monthly visitors you can send to your landing pages and the number of domains you can integrate.


fastpages options

Have you ever been stuck during the process of creating a landing page or an email sequence or any of that kind with a software product?

Everybody has probably at some point… So, the Fastpages team emphasizes its support. Another feature that other landing page services can learn from.

Fastpages goal is to answer every question you could have within one hour, so you don’t get blocked while creating your landing pages or funnels! Also, they have chat support!


Another feature that helps with conversions and site interactions: Quizzes!

In Fastpages you can create quizzes to engage your visitors and remain on your website. Thus you can boost your conversion rate and have more options.

Cookie Countdown

Have you ever seen one of those fake countdown timers, that try to create urgency and fake scarcity? Then you end up reloading the page and the timer restarts from the beginning? *Yawn..*

Not so with Fastpages io. You can create an individual cookie countdown timer on that platform.

That means the timer will be cookied to your visitor and even if he reloads the website the countdown will remain and run down, creating some real urgency.

What I Don’t Like

Limited Customization

I’m someone who likes to take care of the smaller things and details. But I noticed that you don’t have too many styling options available, especially for opt-in buttons.

Maybe the developers created the software with this limited styling functionality to avoid overwhelm in their users, but I would prefer having a little bit more options.

The same applies to the spacing option. You can only pull a bar to the left or right but you can’t type in a specific number. That can be a little annoying because you have to drag your mouse exactly by one pixel if you need to align something perfectly.

No Dedicated Mobile Styling

switch between pages instantly in fastpages

The landing pages that you’re going to build will be per default mobile responsive. So the most difficult part is taken care of.

There is also a mobile preview, so you can see how your landing pages will look like on mobile devices. But you can not control that further.

Some website builders have that feature, so you can basically optimize 100% for mobile devices and create two different site versions on the same domain.

But those are usually the ones who take a much higher price for their software.

Lacking Integrations

Most of the common software providers take care of API integrations. Having a solution like Zapier in place is kind of “the easy option” to integrate with other apps.

But I would love to see more direct API integration options in the future.

For example, when you’re in affiliate marketing you’ll only have a couple of options when choosing an autoresponder like Getresponse or Aweber.

If those established email automation services aren’t on the list of integratable tools it can lead to the decision to buy another product, because some people don’t like Zapier.

Fastpages Pricing Plans

First of all, you’ll have a 14-day free trial to test the software. You’ll need nothing else no website or email software even. Fastpages will also store the contact you collect in their backend and give you access to them.

The most important aspect, in my opinion, is that you will get every feature and function the software has, no matter which plan you choose. So no one forces you to upgrade to a monthly cost of $299 only to use one certain feature a basic version is lacking…

fastpages comparison table

Let’s start with the lifetime deal for the “Professional Plan”. Right now you can get Fastpages with a massive discount of 60% for their lifetime deal. With a one time payment of $197 and you get lifetime access to the software and updates.

For that, you can send up to 100,000 pageviews to your landing pages and connect up to 15 domains, plus SSL’s!

If you still remain unsure even after the 14-day free trial you can go with a monthly plan for the Professional Plan for $49 per month, where you can connect up to 10 domains.

Finally, there is the Enterprise Version for $97 per month. That’ll give you unlimited pageviews and also unlimited domains to connect.

On top of all that you’ll get a free WordPress plugin with every plan.

But not only you get a free 14-day trial to test the software around you’ll a risk-free 30-day money-back guarantee.

So if for whatever reason you wouldn’t like your Fastpages software you can claim your money back up to 30 days.

Pros And Cons

Here are some of the pros of Fastpages

thumbs up icon
  • Super Fast Loading Times
  • One Time Payment/lifetime deal
  • Free SSL
  • Great Support
  • Quizzes
  • Cookie Countdown Timer
  • WordPress Integration

Here are some of the cons of Fastpages

thumbs down icon
  • Limited Customization and Styling Options
  • No Dedicated Mobile Editing
  • Lacking Integrations/API

Who Is It For?

Assuming you’re an experienced designer or seasoned online marketer, that needs to build funnels on demand, is not perfect for you. The necessary styling options will bring you to the limits quickly.

The templates are not super fancy, they look pretty basic but do the job. So if you’re building a lot of landing pages constantly or do client work, you’ll probably find a better option.

Even though you could build your customers pages and integrate their domains within your account, and using the WordPress plugin on your customers website.

If you are a small business owner who is striving online Fastpages is perfect to make your first steps in online marketing or selling online.

The same applies to aspiring online Entrepreneurs who want to build an email list. Both of those target groups can save some money on expensive alternatives, and quickly build landing pages and funnels to collect leads or sell products and services, without having a website.

With Fastpages you’ll get everything your marketing needs in the beginning.

Conclusion: Fastpages Review, Pricing and Features 2020

As you can see from this Fastpages review, it has some strengths and weaknesses like every other website builder on the market.

limited one time deal

Considering they are fairly new in the business, they made a very solid landing page software that is user friendly, easy to use and has ultra fast load times.

Overall there are a lot of features that I like about it, It’s certainly suitable for beginners and people who don’t know about tech, coding, or design, but you can also build complete funnels and go deeper into sales funnel structures if you like to.

It’s certainly very fast in loading times. Of course, you always need to pay attention to optimize your media but in comparison to other landing page tools, it performs better.

What I also like a lot is that you get free SSL certificates to all of your pages and domains and the cookie countdown timer feature. That’s something that helps Fastpages to stand out from the crowd even if it’s newer software.

Of course, it has some flaws, that you will notice when you’re an experienced funnel builder or designer, but to balance that out, they have great support, customer service, and a fair price where you get a lot of value for your money.

Who knows which new features they will roll out in the future, maybe all the weaknesses will be gone in a couple of weeks or months.

So if you need to sum up Fastpages with two words, I would use simplicity and speed.

After testing it for 14 days for free you’ll still have a 30 days money back guarantee after the purchase so there is no risk involved.

Finally, I recommend to test for yourself and sign up for the free 14-day trial.

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