clickfunnels vs wordpress

Clickfunnels vs WordPress – When You Should Use Each Of Them

Clickfunnels vs WordPress is rather an unusual comparison because they are complementary. While Clickfunnels is specialized in creating Funnels in minimum time, with no techy skills at all. WordPress is a bit more technical and you need some more time to get used to it. Let’s see where both connect and where they differ from each other. 

WordPress For Creating A Blog

As you maybe can see (or not :-D) this blog you are reading right now is created with WordPress. As a matter of fact, this is the main purpose of WordPress; creating blogs.

Having some technical knowledge makes is fairly easy to create a simple blog page. WordPress is a free CMS to use for blogging and websites. Additionally, there are a ton of plugins, complementary to WordPress, having all kinds of functionality.

Also, WordPress is hosted directly on your domain hosting provider and often times installable through just one click. The big disadvantage of Clickfunnels is SEO unfriendliness. 

You can create a blog in Clickfunnels too, but all sites are hosted on their own servers. A ton of marketers in the “make money online” niche are using Clickfunnels. Some of them tend to be a little spammy, making the credibility of Clickfunnels hosted sites sort of weaker.

Thus it’s harder to rank for in google. Concluding from this fact, you should be using WordPress for blogging because it’ll be easier to rank for your keywords.  

Creating A Landingpage

First of all, you can create landing pages on both of the platforms. But for WordPress, you’ll usually need additional plugins and page builders like Elementor or Divi to use WP alternatively to Clickfunnels.

In addition to that, you’ll need another plugin to integrate your email software for example. Sometimes you will need a premium version of plugins, which means you’ll need to pay for them.

That’s often the case if you would like to use their full features or to remove branding or watermarks.

To be fully customizable, have good functionality and fast loading speed, it’s possible to be dependent on paid premium themes. 

Together with the need for multiple plugins, it can sometimes happen, that your WordPress site loses full functionality or stability after updates.

Unlike WordPress, Clickfunnels is hosted on their own servers and is maintained by a huge team of specialists. Updates are done in the background, while your landing pages are stable and running without disconnections.

clickfunnels vs wordpress

Clickfunnels For Creating A Funnel

It’s very difficult to capture leads and send them over through a funnel in WordPress. To be able to sell directly from your website, you’ll also need a plugin for an online shop like WooCommerce. This enables the connection to payment providers like PayPal and Stripe.

Even if you have that installed  WooCommerce you’ll need additional plugins to enable things like upsells, downsells or product bundles…means sales funnels.

Not to mention that your site can crash when your traffic increases.

If you are trying to sell online I would definitely recommend Clickfunnels over WordPress. You have multiple Clickfunnels integrations to choose from, like all payment gateways and common e-mail software. Then you can start selling, without being in fear that your site can crash.

It’s very unlikely because your site will be, as mentioned before, hosted by Clickfunnels and can withstand any amount of traffic.

Building a funnel is super easy in Clickfunnels, and far superior to any other software I know.

Conclusion: Clickfunnels vs WordPress

To keep it short, WordPress can be better when you’re looking for a website creation tool. Clickfunnels instead is the right pick for building sales funnels. So to build a high converting funnel and improve your sales, Clickfunnels is the right choice.

Depending on what your goal is Clickfunnels vs WordPress is a very easy comparison. Driving traffic through SEO makes the choice easy for WordPress. It’s also cheaper (free unless you need paid plugins) if you just like to have an online presence without selling something or collecting leads.

As soon as you are collecting leads or sell something I would always choose Clickfunnels. You can build all kinds of sales funnels, webinars or lead capture pages within minutes. 

My recommendation would be to use both. Use WordPress to build a website and publish on your blog and then send your traffic to your funnels.

There is also a WordPress plugin that integrates with Clickfunnels very well.

Last but not least the Clickfunnels community and the team are one of a kind. They genuinely try to help you succeed and always strive for improvement. 

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