What’s Your Dream Car Clickfunnels Affiliate Challenge – What is it?

The Clickfunnels Affiliate Program is definitely one of the hottest right now. Not only you’ll get lifetime recurring commissions of 40% or sometimes even 100%, there are massive bonuses involved.

One of those incentives is the “What’s Your Dream Car Clickfunnels Affiliate Challenge“. But what exactly is it and how many could achieve it?

What is the Challenge about?

Clickfunnels takes very good care for their affiliates. Besides 40% commissions and also payouts for the upsells clickfunnels does for you, they will pay for your dream car.

That’s right. You will get a car for FREE!

How can you qualify for this amazing opportunity?

Step1) Get 100 people to subscribe under your affiliate link.  Afterwards you should receive an email, that you have qualified for the installments for your dream car.

Step2) As long as you can manage to keep 100 subscribers under your affiliation, you will get a paycheck with$500 for you dream car payments.

Step3) Furthermore you can qualify for a higher payout! Continuing on your affiliate journey, you can subscribe 200 people for Clickfunnels and get $1000 for a car! Also, as long as you manage to keep those subsribers. 

More Help For The “What’s Your Dream Car Clickfunnels Affiliate Challenge”!

As I mentioned before Russell Brunson and his team take care for their affiliates. To help you achieve you dream car goal they provide you with sticky cookies.
That means that after visiting one of Clickfunnels websites your potential subscriber will be tagged with a cookie in his browser.
This cookie will ensure that you will get your commission, even if your potential buyer, subscribes months later to a paid plan of Clickfunnels.Clickfunnels Cost Per Month And Discounts
But there is more. The Cookie follows the visitor acros all plattforms and transitions from pc to phone and vice versa.
Also it ensures that you will get a commission on any other product that wil be sold through Clickfunnels!
Right now there are about 102 People that could achieve this task and qualified for their dreamcar!

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