how to promote clickfunnels

How To Promote Clickfunnels? Methods And Recommendations

There are a lot of tactics on how to promote Clickfunnels or any other affiliate offers. Depending on your strengths and budget, you’re able to choose from multiple options. Before starting one of the ways to promote not only Clickfunnels but any other affiliate offer, you should get the Affiliate Bootcamp Summit. It’s 100% free and shows you the approaches from 15 different Clickfunnels super affiliates. 

Stick to it and be consistent 

First of all, you should avoid “shiny object syndrome”. Meaning… don’t make the mistake of jumping from one opportunity to another before you have finished one. 

It can be hard because affiliate marketing takes some time and effort before it pays off, no matter if you are using free traffic sources or paid ads. 

Pick one of the approaches and stick to it until you see results. Afterward, you can add another traffic layer or another tactic to your arsenal. 

The quickest road to failure is jumping around from one thing to another. I’ve experienced that myself and it cost me a lot of time.

Be consistent in what you do, don’t give up and push through it!

Clickfunnels affiliate bootcamp training

Hook, Story, Offer

In most cases, if not all you’ll need these three things: Hook, Story, Offer.

  • Hook: Get people in. Try different hooks to catch the attention of your potential buyers. The distraction is big on the internet. Interrupt your prospect with a good hook, that catches attention.
  • Story: Tell your story and your epiphany on why you are using the product, that you are promoting. Your prospect can connect to you and build trust. As well as develop the urge to buy your product, because you tell the story of how it solves your prospect’s problem. 
  • Offer: Distinct yourself from the crowd. Craft an irresistible offer and a reason, why your prospect should buy from you and not someone else. Give away bonuses and “things” that solve problems, that your buyer would have through buying the product. 

For Clickfunnels you could craft tutorials on how to use the software. Additionally, you can offer free funnels for different industries. Or if you have the time you can offer your personal help with setting up Clickfunnels.  

Free traffic vs paid traffic

“There is no such thing as free traffic”

That’s not true! A lot of people argue that there is no free traffic because you pay with your time, that’s worth $xyz… But that’s nonsense. You don’t pay yourself a wage for any given task you do yourself. 

Being in the position of starting out and having no money for paid ads, there is no way around free tactics. This is what I would recommend in the beginning. 

The problem though is that a lot of people (including myself) aren’t patient. In the beginning, I’ve been trying a lot of paid ads, but even thou I knew a lot about PPC, my budget burned quickly. 

Please be patient, start out with free traffic methods. If you succeed you can scale up with paid ads very quickly!

Affiliate marketing will be an exponential process. If you can manage to earn some money with free traffic, you’ll have proof, that your funnel is working. 

Having certainty, scaling up will be your next step. 

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how to promote clickfunnels

Free methods to drive traffic

Blog SEO

Build a blog and write Clickfunnels related articles. Optimize them for search engines and try to rank in google.


Make Youtube videos, like tutorials or reviews. Research some keywords and add them to your title, description, and tags. 


Join some groups of people that could be interested in using Clickfunnels, like affiliate marketers, info product owners, consultants, network marketers and so on. Make your own Facebook profile a funnel with a link to a training or coaching, leading to your Clickfunnels sign-up link. Be active in the groups and provide as much value as you can. People will check out your profile and thus your funnel. 

Facebook groups

Build a Facebook group and provide as much value as you can to grow it. 


Quora and ask forums are some great resources to look for Clickfunnels related questions. You could look for questions related to affiliate marketing, MLM, consulting, freelancers, small business or anything that need webinars, membershipsites or landing pages. Provide an educated answer and give real value and also paste your link into the answers. 

Please don’t be a spammer!!! Facebook as well as ask forums don’t like that. Try to build reputation first and then after a while ad links to your posts. Otherwise, you can get banned for spamming pretty quickly.


You can pin your blog post to a Pinterest Wall. But make sure you post good looking quality and good articles linked to it. 


Open a business profile and research some related hashtags for Clickfunnels. There is a lot of different hashtags for different niches like network marketing, make money online, affiliate marketing and so on… Post related stuff like motivational quotes and pictures and build a following. From time to time make a call to action and send people to your bio link.

Of course, there is a lot more behind those strategies to be successful. Nonetheless, I can’t cover all of the methods in one blog post because it would be too long. If you like to know in-depth about those methods I strongly recommend checking out Spencer Mecham’s Affiliate Secrets 2.0. It covers most of the strategies in depth by experts in the fields, free and paid methods.

If you want to try the SEO approach I strongly recommend checking out the SEO Tipps. You can also get a full Training on SEO by signing up for a Clickfunnels Trial through this site.

how to promote clickfunnels

Paid methods 

Google and Bing Ads

The Google ads method has already brought a lot of Clickfunnels dreamcar winners. Google ads are the expertise of Spencer Mecham, this method alone would have brought him multiple dream cars. He is responsible for at least 10 more dream car winners and also my very first Clickfunnels commission came from google ads. 

Create a Google Ad account and open the keyword planner to research some keywords. Watch out, because it’s not allowed to bid on branded keywords anymore. Create a bridge page that is rich in information and value, because otherwise, google won’t approve it. 

Bid on Clickfunnels related keywords and send people to your bridge page. It can contain your special offer, industry-related funnels, reviews or tutorials on how to build anything in Clickfunnels and so on… 

Start with a small budget and “exact” match keywords because otherwise, you can burn very fast through your budget. Go and just create a Bing(Microsoft) Ads account and just import all your campaigns from Google. 

Again, if you like to know how Spencer utilized google ads to win his dream car and become Clickfunnels Nr.1 Affiliate check out Affiliate Secrets 2.0 But be aware that Clickfunnels’ Affiliate Term had a big update and restrict a lot of methods to promote Clickfunnels. Bidding on branded keywords is not allowed anymore.

Facebook Ads

Facebook ads are kinda difficult for affiliate marketing. You are not allowed to send people directly to an affiliate link. Sending them to a bridge page or landing page is mandatory. Also, the terms are very strict, so Facebook is kind of unpopular on how to promote Clickfunnels. 

Another method would be to promote a free training or something else that will lead the prospect to Clickfunnels in the end.

Advanced Strategies on how to promote Clickfunnels. 

Now you know the framework of traffic creation. There is a lot to learn to become one of the Clickfunnels success stories in affiliate marketing.. As I mentioned in the beginning, stick to one method first, master it and then add another layer to your offers and funnels.

Anyways these are just the methods to drive traffic, but to become a super affiliate you need a real strategy. If you really like to promote Clickfunnels and you are serious about becoming a super affiliate the Affiliate Bootcamp is MANDATORY! 

It will teach you everything that you need to know on how to promote Clickfunnels. 15 of its top super affiliates show their secrets and methods for FREE!

The first lesson from Steven Larsen alone is mind-blowing and worth hundreds of dollars. Another one of the super affiliates is Spencer Mecham!

Assuming you read that far there is only one thing left for you to do: Sign up for the Affiliate Bootcamp Summit and learn how to become a super affiliate. 

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