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Funnel Scripts Review – Fastest Way To Great Copy 2020?

Welcome to this Funnel Scripts Review. You’ve probably heard about this amazing software that can generate amazing copy within minutes? That can be because you face some conversion issues on your site or you know about the importance of good copy and the high prices good copywriters are charging…

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Even if your page is search engine optimized, your ads are working fine, your sales funnel is well-structured, and design is on-point, if the copywriting is poorly done, your sales will take a hit.

So let’s get into the review to see if Funnel Scripts is for you.

Why Do You Need a Copywriting Service?

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Copywriting is the most powerful online marketing skill that targets words strategically to sell your product or service to customers. While anyone can be a writer, it is challenging to master the craft of copywriting1.

A copywriter brings value to your knowledge, experience, and expertise at delivering the right message to the right audience in the right way.

The challenge here is hitting the bullseye with peoples’ emotions, grabbing their attention span for long, and making them realize a need for a service or a product that they would not usually think about getting.

With the modern technologies at our dispense, copywriters might not have it that difficult after all. Many software and apps assist writers in generating ideas and one-liners to help them attract an audience.

There are even some software solutions available in the market that generate sales copies without manual help. If you are thinking of minimizing the costs you shower on copywriters, to look for sustainable, better software is your best bet.

In this detailed Funnel Scripts review, I’ll answer questions like:

  • What is Funnel Scripts?
  • What can I do with it? Who is it for?
  • Who is the founder?
  • What are its features?
  • Is it free?
  • What price range do they
  • offer? Are there discounts?
  • What are the advantages and
  • disadvantages of using Funnel Scripts?

What is Funnel Scripts?

Funnel Scripts is a software that replaces manual copywriting and produces compelling copy for all kinds of purposes like email scripts, ad copy, video scripts, sales letters and all kinds of other sales copy…

Because of its algorithmic nature, this software calculates the optimum language required to communicate based on the demographic it is targeting.

Funnel Scripts turn an amateur attempt at copywriting into an expert advertisement campaign, making it easier for home-grown businesses to be in the same league as professional business companies. It was Jim Edwards’2 intent behind the creation of the software itself.

History of Funnel Scripts

Russell Brunson (CEO ClickFunnels) and Jim Edwards (an expert copywriter) came up with making software that helps business owners write efficient marketing sales copy with no money spent on copywriters3 who are prone to human errors.

Both the creators realized that even though the creativity of writing marketing drafts requires a human brain, perfecting it can be automated.

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What started the need for software that can help copywriters make easy sales funnel was the company ClickFunnels itself. Russell Brunson was already helping people in creating sales funnels when he decided to go with the Funnel Scripts project.

It was the need to write the sales scripts that made even the great writers scratch their heads.

Similarly, Jim Edwards was reading Brunson’s book titled DotCom Secrets. The book is filled with unique ways to write scripts that can pull in the audience faster.

While reading this book, Edwards first got the idea for an automated system for creating scripts and copywriting.

Funnel Scripts User Interface

Once you obtain the software, you will enter your details. The main dashboard will open up, and this is where you will find everything.

The interface has a sidebar that contains individual scripts. These are quite extensive in numbers and cover many business marketing scenarios where you might need automated versions of replies, emails, and sometimes, tech support.

The scripts include scripts for writing product information in bullet points, emails, ads, testimonials, case studies, etc. You will also find a ticker at the bottom, leading you to start video tutorials for first-time users quickly.

This video will show you how to use the software. There are plenty of videos explaining how to master the software. There are a total of six downloadable wizards that help with understanding the whole process a little bit better.

The tutorials can also be accessed in written form in a blog owned by the company. All the other important information, updates, and news are published in this article.

How Does Funnel Scripts Work?

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You can choose the script you need from the sidebar list, and the program will give you a questionnaire to fill. All the questions have scenario-based examples to better help with the answers.

After finishing, you will have your customized copy of the script you need for your particular situation. Click “Build,” and your document is ready.

So Funnel Scripts really enables you to get your copy in minutes.

Who is Funnel Scripts Targeted Towards?

It would help if you remembered that online businesses often don’t have marketing departments at all or very small ones.

If you want to generate leads online, you either have a considerable sum of money to pay someone to write compelling sales and ad copy scripts for you, or you can invest once in a single piece of software to help you with copywriting.

The Funnel Scripts software is targeted towards the second option obviously. It is designed explicitly for busy, cash-constrained entrepreneurs who need market-tested and approved sales copies on demand.

Features of Funnel Scripts

We discussed how the dashboard of Funnel Scripts looks. Now we will see each script category in-depth.

Types of Scripts

Funnel Scripts does not generate a single version of the script you require. There are three types of scripts:

  • Hot Scripts
  • Warm Scripts
  • Cold Scripts

These types vary based on the right wording you want to use for your audience4.

Each audience needs a specific type of language. You can’t just create one single piece of sales copy and use it for every audience because every audience is on a different awareness level.

You’ll need copy that is more aggressive with several call-to-actions for your warmer audience that is ready to buy.

Then you’ll need copy that is more targeted towards an audience that is problem aware but maybe didn’t hear about your product yet.

And lastly there will be a cold audience that needs to be convinced, they have a problem that you can provide a solution to.

Other than these scripts, the ready-made, read-in script copies include:

  • Video Scripts and Sales Page Copy
  • Amazon/Ecom Scripts: These are for eCommerce business owners. You have to enter the details of your clients and products
  • CTA Scripts: The call-to-action marketing device that needs an immediate response, and can be in the form of an image, advertising message, web pages, etc. that compels the audience to act in a specific way
  • Lead Capturing Scripts: These scripts help generate leads for the business pages and websites
  • Million Dollar Testimonial Scripts: Testimonials helps boost the business, and with the help of these scripts, you can get started in a positive light
  • Order Bump Scripts: These scripts aid in giving you the right words to use when adding complementary products to your sales funnel
  • Others: These include webinar scripts, origin story scripts, and opt-in video sales scripts
  • Bullet Scripts: These scripts use bullet points to clarify the information flow for readers. The famous Russell Brunson Bullet Scripts are one of the examples. Funnel Scripts also offer Feature, Benefits, Meaning (FBM) Bullet Scripts – scripts that make the customers realize the need for buying the product
  • Email Scripts: These include email responses that an owner might be too busy to write, e.g., follow-ups, promotion scripts, etc.,
  • Sales Letters: These include compelling sales copies
  • Advertising Scripts: These scripts are for engaging the audience to buy a product. These include Facebook Scripts, Stealth Scoping Scripts and Curiosity Ad Copy Scripts, etc.·
  • Content Creating: These generally include Facebook Newsfeed Ad Scripts that attract the audience using Facebook, and see the product ad in their Newsfeeds·
  • Title Scripts: Funnel Scripts are unique because they have a separate category for title scripts alone. These help business owners to make compelling headlines, subject line, and titles for their products and services

Some other types of scripts you get include Done For You OTO offer scripts, original story scripts, opt-in PPT vide scripts, Next Thing OTO scripts, scripts for special offers, and How, Why, What, Who scripts.

Note that these scripts are available online, and you don’t need to download them to edit and use.

Funnel Scripts Downloadable Wizards

In this Funnel Scripts review, we take a look at the downloadable wizards that come with the software as well. These include:

  • The Perfect Webinar Wizard
  • Star Story Solution Wizard
  • Easy Survey Wizard
  • Easy VSL Wizard
  • Master Class Wizard
  • The Podcast and Facebook Live Wizard

All these scripts are larger in size. Hence they are downloadable. Each wizard has a tutorial video on the top that explains what the wizard does and uses it for your advantage.

Each sales copy generation process takes you through seventy questions. It can take up to 60 minutes to fill these forms, in some cases.

It is for your good; the more information the program knows about you, the better the results. Once you have successfully generated the ad copy or other form sales you wanted, the program will save it in a Word or PDF file format.

The most beneficial wizard of all is the Perfect Webinar Wizard because of its multifaceted benefits.

The idea for this wizard came right out of the book Brunson wrote, and it is the same script he used to sell all of his digital products. To this date, Brunson has been able to sell $100,000,000 worth of products using this wizard…

If you are using macOS, you can use the downloadable wizards online, but you would need to download them for copy generation.

The number of wizards changes all the time. There were just two wizards with 19 scripts initially. Now there are six wizards with more than 60 scripts, so the software always improves.

Funnel Scripts Training Videos

funnel scripts presentation

A Funnel Scripts review is incomplete without talking about the tutorial trainings and videos.

Each script has its tutorial video to help beginners understand how the online and offline program features work.

These videos also provide monthly training if you subscribe to their services. They update you with the new ways of making smarter scripts and better understand the updated program.

Funnel Scripts Navigation Section

Once you get to the main dashboard, you can see a “Navigation” tab on the side section. There are some handy features in that tab, including funnels, copywriting secrets, and blueprints.

Fast-Shared Sales Funnels

This section contains five fast-shared funnels built-in, and all you need to do is export them to your ClickFunnels account for immediate use.

Copywriting Secrets

These videos teach you how the marketing world works, stand out in a saturated environment, and use inception secrets to attract an audience. It is, in many terms, a secret Masterclass for using Funnel Scripts to your advantage.

Funnel Blueprints

Blueprint is a unique feature of Funnel Scripts that is not available with many reputable scriptwriting tools. Essentially, it is a blueprint to use different funnel scripts.

It gives you outlines for the scripts that best match your scenario and even tells you which of the selected is more closely related to your requirements.

It also tells you the right script to use for the particular funnel. This feature is user-friendly and helps users get their work done even faster.

Funnel Scripts Price

In the past, Funnel Scripts had a yearly subscription fee of $497. Now, there is a one-time fee of $797, and you can use the program free on a lifetime subscription.

This way, you get access to all the blueprints, copywriting lessons, monthly coaching videos, and access to unique sales script and sales copy list.

It might seem that the one-time buy rate is higher, but with the features, it comes with, smaller businesses might improve their chances of marketing if they invest in Funnel Scripts the one time.

Although, there is a 30-day money-back guarantee, and it is a free trial period as well. You can test the program and see if you get comfortable with it before purchasing it.

There is also one option to get access to Funnel Scripts for one year basically free, when you get into a special annual Plan with a massive discount on the Clickfunnels Software.

To learn more about that, check out the full article about the Funnel Scripts Pricing.

Also, there is a free headline generator that you can use to test this feature of funnel scripts.

Funnel Scripts Pros and Cons

Funnel Scripts Pros

  • Produces decent sales copy
  • Has abundant hidden bonuses
  • Has handy downloadable wizards
  • Scripts are market-tested
  • Editable scripts
  • Wide variety of scripts that gets updated regularly
  • Export any script to any format, e.g. .EXE, .PDF, .DOCX and even .PPX
  • Guiding video tutorials for beginners
  • Saves a ton of copywriting time and money
  • Monthly training videos
  • In-depth training tutorials for each script
  • Beginner-friendly
  • Works in any industry
  • Has blueprints bonus – unique and useful
  • Has a free headline generator

Funnel ScriptsCons

  • Seems kind of expensive, even for a one-time payment
  • Discounts on purchases do not get disclosed unless the user buys the program
  • Paper-thin scripts: very little business information
  • Scripts need proof-reading, they’re still generated by software
  • Out-dated interface; needs serious revamp

Is FunnelScripts Worth it?

funnel scripts webinar sign up page

It all comes down to the use of the program that dictates if it is worth the money. If you are going to use Funnel Scripts to generate a headline once, then this program is not for you.

However, if you feel like you need to get sales copies 4 or 5 times a month, this product is totally worth it.

After looking at the pros and cons of this program, bear in mind that the content you create using Funnel Scripts may not be unique and outstanding (but proven to work).

User input and tweaks are required to give the missing oomph to the overall sales copy.

With this limitation in mind, understand that relying solely on this program for writing scripts for a particular keyword might result in a fewer chance of climbing up the search engine optimization ladder. In this regard, it might not be so worthy.

If you want to test the software features, the company offers a free Training Master Class Webinar that teaches users how to write a great sales letter and webinar slides.

There are also some lessons on writing sales copy, video sales, email subject, subject lines, and headlines in under ten minutes.

The point of this webinar is to make the reserved customers experiment with the product services and decide on their own if they need it or not.

Check out the Webinar:

Conclusion: Funnel Scripts Review

Funnel Scripts is an impressive effort to replace the need to hire copywriters while providing technical marketing tools support and cost-effective solutions.

The key takeaway here is to understand how Funnel Scripts works for non-copywriters. In some cases, when the scripts are smaller, this program generates a fantastic script.

For a situational, larger script, it can miss the mark. Thus, you must be ready to edit those scripts based on your creativity to make the script stand-out.

Funnel Scripts provides a solution to the problem; it is not the only solution. The platform lacks a proper structure for creating content for customers. It still needs to pick and suggest the tone of the write-ups, research for the topic, and marketing strategies.

Given these concepts’ abstract nature, it might take a while for the program to impart such knowledge successfully.

This software provides excellent relationship building with your prospective customers as its wording makes you seem credible and trustworthy.

It makes the customers more likely to click on your services and products.

Compelling copywriting should be convincing, and if you mix the scripts written by the program with your editing quips, rest assured, you can have a great solution for your marketing problems.

However, if you feel that you can sponsor copywriters and are not particularly bothered by viewers’ weak traffic, this program is not for you. Of course, this program might not appeal to everyone.

Check out the free webinar about Copywriting and decide if you wanna get Funnel Scripts or not!

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