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Funnel Scripts Pricing – What Does It Cost? [Free Option]

If you want to know everything about the Funnel Scripts Pricing you can get all the info you need on this page.

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Got tons of traffic but no conversions? No sales, no subscriptions to your email list, or a low click-through-rate?

If so, it’s pretty obvious that either your offer OR your copy needs some improvement.

We like to think that people buy things out of rational reasons. That’s wrong.


What Does Funnel Scripts Cost?

After the yearly offer for $497 ended, Funnel Scripts is finally available as a lifetime deal for $797
There is also an option to get it free in the Funnel Builder Secrets Package. If you want to learn more read the whole article.

No matter how much we try to rationalize our purchases, to weigh up the options that we have, at last, we buy out of emotional reasons.

Of course, your prospects are no different from that. They think they want rational reasons to buy your product, but what they need to convert is a good story. A story that shows them how your product will improve their life.

That’s why a good copywriter should be an excellent storyteller to create compelling and converting sales letter. They can tell a story through a sales letter, an email, ads, a webinar, or other copy forms and easily convert your prospects.

However, copywriting is hard, and it takes time to develop the skills of a good storyteller unless you’re a natural talent. Lucky that there’s a copy genius like Jim Edwards out there to help you with your copy.

What is Funnel Scripts?

Funnel Scripts is a web-based software by Jim Edwards, a successful copywriting wizard that wrote the book Copywriting Secrets as well.

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Maybe you’ve already heard a few things about this software. Maybe, you’re just wondering if there’s a way to create high converting content without spending tons of time. And now you are wondering if Funnel Scripts is the answer to your copy questions…

Copywriting Secrets offers step by step advice to high converting copy for sales letters, email subject lines, blog articles, headlines, webinars, ads, or anything that you need for your sales.

They way Edwards explains all his secrets makes it easy for everyone willing to read his priceless secrets. Speaking of “priceless”, the book is available for free, like many other books Clickfunnels and Russell Brunson are giving away.

Funnel Scripts is like a big extension to the book. It is a tool that allows you to create copy while following Jim Edwards’ secrets without having to hire an expensive copywriter.

If you want to learn more about the software, read this article: Funnel Scripts Review – Fastest Way To Great Copy 

However, it doesn’t take a lot of time nor money to create high converting content with Funnel Scripts because the software does all of that for you.

It is supposed to solve every problem you’ve ever had with copywriting. Good copy is all about storytelling. That’s what Funnel Scripts is all about.

How To Use Funnel Scripts

Funnel Scripts is straightforward to use. There’s no complicated download or install procedure you need to go through because it’s all online. So what does that mean? As long as you have an internet connection, you can use Funnel Scripts from anywhere.

If not, you can also download six different wizards to use them offline. Of course, you’ll be equipped with the training for that as well. There are:

funnel scripts mockup
  • The Perfect Webinar Wizard
  • Easy Survey Wizard
  • Easy VSL Wizard
  • Star Story Solution Wizard
  • Master Class Wizard
  • Podcast and Facebook Live Wizard

But there is no need to download them if you don’t like to. You can just work online.

Right at the start, the software asks you to fill in a few ask forms so it can learn something about your target audience.

Afterward, you can click the button that says “build,” and Funnel Script gives an excellent recommendation list.

The next step is to go through the suggestions and choose from something that fits your audience best.

In case you still want to change something about the script that Funnel Scripts created for you, you can edit anything you’d like to. And that’s it!

Your perfectly optimized content is ready to be launched and attract your prospects.

Funnel Scripts Webclass And Headline Generator

funnel scripts webinar signup

Funnel Scripts is a very user-friendly software. However, to make sure you know how to use the software, the team around Clickfunnels, Jim Edwards, and Russell Brunson created a free Funnel Scripts Webclass.

In this Funnel Scripts web class, Russell Brunson and Jim Edwards explain the full software step by step. And who could present a software better than the people who created it?

Exactly, no person on earth could explain this software better…

And the best thing about this web class is its price. Why? Because this awesome Funnel Scripts Webclass is absolutely free. It is an excellent outlook on what you get with Funnel Scripts, and at the same time, you’ll see how it works.

After that, you can start right off with the free Headline Generator and dive into this software a little deeper, still for free.

How To Get Funnel Scripts For Free?

Unfortunately, you can’t get the whole Funnel Scripts software for free just like that.
However, you can get one of its features for free: The Funnel Scripts Headline Generator is out there and can be used for free by everybody owning an email address.

Are you asking yourself if there is maybe another way to get the software for free? Or maybe you heard some other Clickfunnels affiliate talk about a special offer that includes a Funnel Scripts free version?

I’m glad you’ve asked! Of course, everyone is a little bit suspicious when it comes to free stuff because, in general, there’s always a catch on the matter.

It’s kind of like a free trial because where you can test the whole software.

There is one way you can get funnel Scripts as a Free Bonus. If that’s an option for you, check out Funnel Builder Secrets. When you go with that special package, you’ll get full access to funnelscripts for free!

The Funnel Scripts Headline Generator

headline generator

The free Headline Script Generator is a product of Clickfunnels and Jim Edwards as well. As Funnel Scripts helps you write all your copy, this generator enables you to create amazing headlines that’ll get your prospects’ attention.

The generator’s page itself says.

Instantly create dozens of attention-grabbing, money-sucking headlines that stop people in their tracks. Use them everywhere

The headline is where it all starts. When your headline isn’t insanely good, the best sales copy can’t help you because the prospects don’t even get to see it.

The purpose of the headline is to get your audience to read the first line. And then the second line and so on. So let’s see how the Headline generator does that:

It requires no techie-knowledge at all. The software asks you a few things about your business like:

  • Niche audience
  • Main topic keyword
  • The number 1 big result they want
  • The number 2 big result they want
  • The pain they want to avoid in their business
  • A roadblock holding them back from their goal
  • The timeframe in which you can deliver results

The software gives examples for every question and tells you if there’s supposed to be a particular word type or ending to use for the gap.

After that, you click on “build,” and you’ll get your results in no time. The software creates over 100 headline suggestions that you can choose from.

However, to get all the headline suggestions the tool has generated, you have to fill in your best email address, and the list will be sent to you immediately.

As already mentioned before, the headline generator is entirely free. However, the generator is just a small piece of the bunch of tools Funnel Scripts includes.

Everything begins with a headline, but it’s just the beginning. Just like the headline generator, the whole Funnel Scripts software creates all your copy. Once you have your Funnel Scripts login, you simply answer a few questions, and your text is generated. Sound great?

Is Funnel Scripts Included in Clickfunnels Platinum?

Unfortunately, Funnel Scripts is not part of Clickfunnels Platinum. As you may have heard already, Clickfunnels includes a lot of features, like the Funnel Builder and Funnelflix, but Funnel Scripts isn’t one of them.

However, this is not too bad. Since Clickfunnels Platinum is a monthly subscription and not everybody’s business needs the Platinum version already, there’s another, cheaper option to get Funnel Scripts.

The Clickfunnels Platinum version has a monthly cost of $297. This price is justified when your business needs the volume of funnels and traffic plus the entrepreneur streaming platform. However, an entrepreneur or a company that’s just starting probably doesn’t need the big capabilities of Clickfunnels Platinum yet.

So the good news: The lifetime subscription of Funnel Scripts has a one-time investment of $797. This includes unlimited access to every feature of Funnel Scripts, a great selection of scripts, and regular trainings and a lot of bonuses.

Funnel Scripts Pricing - What Does It Cost? [Free Option] 2

No more complicated copywriting, sales letters, headlines, blog scripts, video sales copy – everything will be generated inside Funnel Scripts.

The $797 version is the cheapest and easiest way to get to use Funnel Scripts through a lifetime offer.

Funnel Builder Secrets Offer – Funnel Scripts Included

Another option and currently the only discount available on Clickfunnels and Funnel Scripts included is the Funnel Builder Secrets package.

You may have heard of this opportunity as one of the most comprehensive packages Clickfunnels and Russell Brunson offer.

Of course, it includes 6 to 12 months of the Clickfunnels Platinum version.

Still, further, the package offers access to the Funnel Hacks Masterclass, a special Funnel Builder Secrets, the Traffic Secrets course, an unlimited Funnels Bonus, AND 12 months access to Funnel Scripts (no matter if you choose the six months or 12 months version).

Sound great? Yeah, this is a pretty good option and the only discount available on Clickfunnels and the Funnel Scripts price.

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But still, Clickfunnels likes to make sure their customers are fully satisfied and have no doubt about their purchase.

Now let me tell you a secret how you can get basically a free trial for Funnel Scripts…

In case you aren’t convinced of the Funnel Builder Secrets package after the purchase, there is a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee. To use this 30 Day, Guarantee, you don’t even need to explain why you don’t like it or something like that.

You simply get your money back. So take all of Clickfunnels products on a test ride, and if you don’t like it, just return them!

How Much Is Funnel Scripts Monthly?

Currently, there’s no monthly subscription for Funnel Scripts available. There used to be a plan for $497 per year but not anymore. In my opinion, this is not too bad since the Funnel Scripts price is pretty awesome considering the value you’re getting with the software package.

So, after all, you’re maybe asking yourself: How much is the monthly subscription for Funnel Scripts? Is there a monthly based subscription?

The answer is unfortunately no.

What Does Funnel Scripts Cost?

As mentioned before, the lowest price for Jim Edward’s Funnel Scripts is $797 for lifetime access. Or you purchase a Funnel Builder Secrets package and get it for free.

Money-Back Guarantee

jim edwards funnel scripts banner

Although the one-time payment for Funnel Scripts is absolutely worth it, there can be doubt when spending a certain amount of money in your future. That’s why Clickfunnels offers a money-back guarantee for each of its products.

Of course, Funnel Scripts is no exception. So once you purchase Funnel Scripts, you can use it as you like.

Use the software and see the full potential of your sales letters, email scripts, training videos, and every one of your scripts can reach. After using the software for a while, you will see the true potential of your business thanks to your new and improved scripts.

However, in case you still are in doubt after using Funnel Scripts, you can simply go back to the point before your purchase. Clickfunnels doesn’t ask questions when it comes to their money-back policies.

When you decide that Funnel Scripts is not the right software for you, the only thing you have to do is ask Clickfunnels for your refund, and they will give it to you. No questions asked.

Try every aspect of Jim Edward’s amazing Funnel Scripts, and after that, you can decide if Funnel Scripts is really worth it.

Conclusion: Funnel Scripts Pricing – Is it worth it?

jim and russel funnel scripts presentation

So let’s sum this up. Funnel Scripts is a software that was created by Jim Edwards. A copy genius who’s been working with Russell Brunson for a long time. He has written Copywriting Secrets.

Funnel Scripts is a software that saves you a lot of money while reaching your business’ full potential. The software is easy to use: It will ask you a few questions about your business and what kind of copy you need.

Right away, the software will create high-converting copy that you can use as it is. Or you can make alterations as you like.

Also, you get training on how to write copy, so you can identify quality copy right away,

After all, Funnel Scripts will save you a lot of time and money. Without the software, you would be forced to hire an expensive copywriter and pay him a lot of money for scripts that have no proof to be high converting. You would just hope the sales letter will work.

In contrast to that, there’s Funnel Scripts. You invest once into this web-based software in contrast to many payments for super expensive copywriters.

Further, the software doesn’t need as much time as the fastest copywriter. So the funnel scripts pricing is totally justified and worth the investment.

In case you’re in doubt because you’re not sure how it works or if it works, you can get an outlook of Funnel Scripts in the free Funnel Scripts Webclass and in the free Funnel Scripts Headline Generator, which works just like Funnel Scripts and is an awesome foretaste.

Let’s sum up: Funnel Scripts is an effective, money- and time-saving software and even if you’re not convinced there are free options to try and see the potential of Funnel Scripts.

Ready to get started?

Get Funnel Scripts and get all of my Clickfunnels Bonuses as well. For Example a full Presentation of every single Chapter of Copywriting Secrets, so you’ll learn everything you need to know about creating amazing copy!

My Clickfunnels Bonus

Do you want to try out Clickfunnels in your free 14-Day-Trial? If the answer is YES, then go to my bonus page and grab some extras for signing up through this page.

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