Clickfunnels Affiliate – 8 Important Tips To Succeed

Becoming successful as Clickfunnels affiliate is hard and easy at the same time. There are a lot of Clickfunnels super affiliates, that have won their dreamcar already.

The common thing between those Clickfunnels super affiliate is a strategic approach and will to work relentlessly to achive their goals.

Strategies To Promote Affiliate Offers

The Strategies to promote Clickfunnels are the same for any other product. It’s important to give value and make an offer. Meaning giving your potential customers a reason to buy the product from YOU.

There are a lot of approaches allowing you to promote Clickfunnels and any other product.

Funnels for businesses

Build Funnels for all kinds of niches and businesses, like freelancers, coaches and consultants, small businessesaffiliate marketers, network marketers and so on…

Then start promoting your funnels and services to your desired group of potential customers.


Start a blog and write about your product. Tell your audience which problems it can solve, or how it improves their lifes. Be sure to research keywords and optimize for SEO.


If you aren’t comfortable with writing the same principles apply to youtube. If you prefer making videos you can do that to. You don’t even need to show your face, you capture your screen and give tutorials.


Another way to promote affiliate offers online is through a podcast. If you don’t like to write or don’t want to show yourself on video, just record an audio and put it online. This medium is axcelent for interviews.


Quora is an ask and answer forum, People are constantly asking question that you cn answer and provide a solution through affiliate offers.

Facebook Ads

If you have a some budget and you are familiar with facebook ads, you can try to promote your offers through facebook ads.

But be sure to be compliant with facebook’s terms for advertising. Otherwise your ad will be disapproved and your account could get banned some day.

clickfunnels affiliate
The Affiliate Bootcamp Summit

Bootcamp Training

One of the best methods is the Clickfunnels Affiliate Bootcamp. You will get blueprints from 15 Clickfunnels superaffiliates with a 100 day plan to execute on them.

Model what dreamcar winners did to succeed as Clickfunnels Affiliate

Basically all the information to succeed is available online. You can find it for free within the Clickfunnels Facebook groups from a lot of dream car winners or in the affiliate bootcamp.

Finally the secret to success is work and consistency. Most people fail to achieve their desired dream to becomme a super affiliate, because they can’t keep up with the work. They dabble around and lose focus.

So if you have decided for one specific strategy, try to implement it. Stay on track as long as you need to figure out the process and then you will succeed.

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