How Much Is The Clickfunnels Affiliate Program Commission?

The Clickfunnels affiliate program is, in my opinion, the best affiliate program out there. Basically all of Clickfunnels affiliate program commission is 40%, but there are some exceptions, where you can get even up to 100% of the sale or just $1. 

Depending on which front end product you’re promoting you can make different commissions. Nevertheless, usually, it doesn’t stop with one sale, because Clickfunnels is upselling a lot of products, where you’ll cash in also…

After growing bigger Clickfunnels changed the structure and also the restrictions to their affiliates.

The Products And Commissions

In regard to the vast selection of products and marketing strategies, there are three possible scenarios for potential earnings. 1. 100% affiliate commission…Yeah, that’s right!

If you promote the One Funnel Away Challenge Clickfunnels will pay you 100% commission if someone signs up under your link. The OFA costs $100 so you will be rewarded with $100. Why? Because Clickfunnels is awesome…

2. 40% commission (Recurring!)

The second option is a 40% commission on the most products you will promote. If you are promoting Clickfunnels software, that costs $97 in the basic plan, you will get $38,80 as a monthly commission (118,80 for the enterprise plan). Means EVERY month, as long as the subscription exists!

Not only you’ll get lifetime recurring commission, but you’ll also get another 40% on EVERY upsell and other products your subscriber will purchase. 
So even if he is a couple of months on his Clickfunnels subscription and decides to purchase Funnel Builder Secrets ($1997-5997) for example, you will also get the 40% commission on that!

But recently you’ll have to work your way up to that 40%. First, you start out with 20% and you can only promote the One Funnel Away Challenge and the Clickfunnels free books.

Once you’ve earned $1000 you’ll be bumped up to 30% commissions and more option to promote.

By signing up 40 Clickfunnels users you’ll be bumped up again to 40% commissions and full access to all promotional tools.
3. The $1 commission

Russell Brunson offers a couple of free books like Expert Secrets, Dotcom Secrets, or the Funnel Hacker Cookbook for free. 

If someone orders one of the free books you will get the $1 commission on that. But even thou the commission seems small, there is an upsell sequence that will increase your potential income. 

So promoting free books can be very lucrative too…

dotcom secrets funnel
The DotCom Secrets Book Value Ladder

How Much Is The Clickfunnels Affiliate Program Commission?

In the first Tier $100 for promoting the One Funnel Away Challenge, $1 For any book and 20% lifetime recurring on every Clickfunnels Subscription. After earning $100 you’ll be upgraded to 30% and after referring 40 Clickfunnels subscriber to 40%. Also you’ll get access to all promoting tools.

As far as I know, there is no affiliate program out there, paying out this much on commissions to its affiliates. Russell Brunson and his team take care of their affiliates, and genuinely want them to succeed.  For this reason, they constantly provide you with new training and techniques to promote their products.  

Furthermore, they give an overall marketing training and expert insights on how to succeed online. If you want to give Clickfunnels a try you can sign up on this site for a big bonus, and the affiliate program. 

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