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Builderall vs Kartra: The Ultimate Showdown 2020

Builderall vs Kartra Comparison

Welcome to the ultimate face-off between the two all-in-one marketing platforms. Who will win? Should you go with Kartra, or should you go for Builderall? Let us find out here.

When it comes to online marketing, don’t you feel lost at times? You are juggling between multiple plugins and tools, all in the hope of marketing your website perfectly to the world. Not only is it difficult, but it can also burn a hole so deep in your pocket, that there is no coming back from it. This is where an all-in-one online marketing platform can come in handy.

Builderall is much cheaper than Kartra and the perfect solution especially if you are a beginner. In fact, Builderall’s most expensive plan called Premium costs only $69.90/month while Kartra’s cheapest plan costs $99,90/month. Builderall and Kartra have some common features but also some key differences.

In this honest comparison between Builderall and Kartra, we will discuss every aspect of these platforms including features, pricing, customer support, differences, pros and cons, affiliate programs and more so that you can decide which platform is better for your business.

Let’s dive in!

Builderall vs Kartra Overview

builderall vs Kartra Comparison

It is not uncommon to come across reviews for Builderall vs Clickfunnels or Kartra vs Clickfunnels because Clickfunnels is seen as a popular software by many. But when happens when you try to compare Kartra and Builderall?

Builderall and Kartra are both one-stop all-in-one marketing platforms. They aim to provide all the marketing solutions needed to launch and sustain an online business successfully. Builderall has been around since 2011, while Kartra is the new kid on the block from 2018.

On their company home page, Builderall says they are striving to be the best digital marketing platform in the world while Kartra makes the bold claim of being – “The greatest all-in-one platform ever.”

Both platforms have made their mark in the world of online marketing despite stiff competition from rivals such as Clickfunnels and Kajabi. There is no doubt about that, but those claims will be put to the test today as we deep-dive into the heart of these two platforms and dissect their pros and cons for you.

Builderall Vs Kartra: Key Features comparison

While both the platforms boast tons of impressive features, let us try to look at some of the defining features on both platforms.

builderall features funnels

Builderall Key Features

Builderall has 32 features but we will try to focus only on its basic features.

#1 Drag-and-Drop Website Builder.

It has the Cheetah responsive builder for both mobile and desktop. This is a drag and drop web page builder that allows you to create your own website from scratch even if you have never done it before. It is really easy to use, very beginner’s friendly. This website builder along with WordPress installation can really do wonders for your business.

#2 Funnels / Campaigns

Canvas Funnel Builder with more than 20 ‘done for you’ sales funnels that can be custom edited according to your needs. Some of the funnels are squeeze funnels, free trial funnels, sales letter funnels, lead magnet funnels, and more. Premade templates and funnels help people create a sales funnel even if they are completely new to the marketing game. You don’t need fancy and complicated sales funnels to succeed.

3# Email Automation

email icon

Builderall has its ‘responsive email builder’ that boasts of emails that are optimized for any device -desktop, mobile or smartphones. It is called Mailingboss and it has seen a huge improvement of what it used to be.

Depending on the pricing plan you choose, it allows you to have a certain number of subscribers and create your own email list which will be your most important asset.

Since every Builderall’s pricing plan is cheap compared to Kartra, Clickfunnels, etc, Mailingboss is amazing because if you would like to buy a separate email software for unlimited subscribers( for example GetResponse which is the best one) it would cost you over $300/month while Builderall’s most expensive plan costs $69,99 (and it includes 31 more features).

4# Host online courses

The dedicated Builderall Elearning app lets you build your own online courses which can be viewed on mobile too. Creating an online course can be very useful for many online marketers because they can make a lot of money using it or offer it for free as a lead magnet to build their email list and make money on the backend.

5# Build Webinars

Building and streaming your own webinar is an absolute breeze using Builderall’s inbuilt webinar app. There is no need for integration with any third-party tools. If you have been around for quite some time you may know that most webinars have upsells at the end. This is a great way to make money while providing value.

6# Build an Ecommerce Store

Another amazing Builderall’s feature is that it allows you to create your own eCommerce Store. Nowadays, everyone is looking to buy online within some clicks using his mobile device or desktop. You avoid traffic jam, queues, you avoid trying to find parking space and more. So, Builderall also gives you this option.

7# Other Features

Builderall has 32 features and it would be impossible for me and bad for you to analyse everything one by one and then go to Kartra and analyze every feature one by one.

I briefly told you about the most important Builderall features but there are more such as

  • Split test capability
  • SEO tool
  • video editing tools
  • WordPress installation,
  • Virtual assistant access
  • Browser notification tool
  • Messenger and Website chatbots
  • Script Generator
  • Presentation Builder

and more…

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Now, let’s move on to Kartra’s key features.

Kartra’s Key Features

1# Funnel and Campaigns

Kartra funnels overview graphic

Funnel and Page builder is the most important Kartra’s feature. It allows you to create amazing high converting sales funnels. They have loads of premade funnels created by Frank Kern and Andy Jenkins but you can also create your own. They also do offer many detailed tutorials that make it easy for you to follow step by step.

2# Pages

Kartra has many ‘done for you’ prebuilt templates and pages. You can just choose which page you like and you are ready to go. Some examples of the pages you will find in Kartra are checkout page templates, upsell pages, product launch pages, thank you pages, video sales pages and more.

3# Email Automation

‘Kartra mail’ boasts of behavior-based automation where mails are sent based on the behavior of the recipients. It also has an A/B testing feature for content and subject lines. Their automation system is better than Builderall’s mailing boss.

4# Host online courses

Kartra has an easy-to-follow- wizard that lets you build your course. You can make it a membership, you can drip feed your lessons, create multiple membership tiers, upload videos, and images ( which you can’t do in Clickfunnels for example that’s why Clickfunnels is not good for creating membership sites, in my humble opinion). Very professional option here.

5# Build Webinars

Katra offers you the option to creare a webinar without any functionality problems but needs integration with third-party tools such as Webinarjam or EverWebinar before a presentation can be made.

6# BAM

The Behavioral Adaptive Marketing is a unique feature that you can only find in Kartra at the moment. It is a bit complex but in simple terms this tool allows Kartra to adapt your pages’ content dynamically depending on the visitor’s profile in order to create a personalized experience for him. This is a revolutionary tool. Changing your sales copy, your tutorials, your product offers can really make the difference.

7# Marketplace

Kartra gives you another cool option. You can exhibit a product you want in the Kartra’s marketplace so that other affiliates can promote it.

Kartra landingpage overview

8# Other Features

Kartra has definitely less features than Builderall but they are really high quality and professional. Some more Kartra’s features are:

  • The Heatmap Tool
  • Video Hosting
  • Helpdesks
  • Calendar

As you can easily understand, both platform has really powerful features and we have a real debate.

Kartra Vs Builderall: Pricing comparison 

Straight off the bat, one thing is evident in the Kartra Vs Builderall pricing comparison. Kartra is a much more expensive option. The highest plan for Builderall is the $69. 90 Premium plan which gives you all the tools that Builderall has to offer. By contrast, Kartra’s beginner plan starts for $99 when you choose a monthly plan or $79 when you choose to pay for a year upfront.

Builderall has a free plan where you can connect 0 domains, get up to 100 subscribers, get ticketing support and 1 GB disk space. Email marketing is a part of this plan. They also give you a 14-day free trial.

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Builderall has 5 pricing plans.

builderall pricing table
  1. Free Plan ($0/month)
  2. Builder plan ($19,90/month)
  3. Marketer plan ($29,90/month)
  4. Essential plan ($49,90/month)
  5. Premium plan ($69,90/month)

By contrast, the Kartra starter gives you a 14-day $1 trial, which allows you to get up to 2500 leads.

Post the 14-day trial; this will change to the regular pricing of $99. The Kartra start plan gives you access to 1 custom domain, 15,000 emails/mo, and sell up to 20 products, among other features.

While the features are attractive, you need to remember that post the 14 days, you’ll have to pay $99, which is almost five times the price of the lowest-paid plan in Builderall.

Kartra has 4 pricing plans.

kartra pricing table
  • Starter plan ($99/month)
  • Silver plan ($199/month)
  • Gold plan ($299/month)
  • Platinum plan ($499/month)

Thus, we can see that purely based on price and a feature-for-penny comparison, Builderall beats and leaves Kartra behind by quite a distance.

However, in my opinion, you don’t need anything more than the starter plan for Kartra. If you have many subscribers instead of upgrading to Silver. Gold or Platinum you can just grab a separate email automation software like Getresponse.

But, this is just what I do, you can whatever you like.

All in all, the Premium plan unlocks all the other tools within Builderall, and you get unlimited leads with MailingBoss. On the other side, Kartra is more expensive but it also has even higher quality than Builderall in a few areas. But, generally, as far as pricing is concerned Builderall wins by a lot.

<<Get Your Kartra Trial Here<<

<<Get Your Free Builderall Trial Here<<

Kartra Vs. Builderall: Customer Support

contact us button image

When it comes to customer support, Kartra impressed me as they have highlighted a ‘support’ tab prominently on the navigation bar at the top of their home page.

During these difficult times of the pandemic, they have made sure to acknowledge that response times are much slower than usual. This kind of honesty and straightforwardness is much appreciated.

Four clear tabs tell you to either contact their support team, visit their Kartranaut training to learn how the platform works, join their Facebook community, or request a feature from their developers.

When it comes to Builderall, it also has a very good support that claims to be the best in the market.

From my experience, Builderall has nice customer support however when you have a quote on the home page from their CEO, Erick Salgado, saying that they have “amazing customer support 24/7”, I was waiting to be shocked with their customer service and this did not happen.

All in all, I believe that both platforms have very decent customer services. I have been using Clickfunnels for years and, to be honest, their support is terrible compared to Builderall and Kartra.

Builderall vs Kartra Affiliate Programs Comparison

make money with affilaite marketing from your laptop

Kartra’s affiliate program

If you sign up and use Kartra or Builderall, your journey with the softwares’ need not necessarily end there. You can earn commissions by selling it to other marketers with the help of their affiliate programs.

Kartra has an affiliate program which involves a questionnaire and acceptance of the terms and conditions of the affiliation. The process is self-guided and easy to follow. Kartra pays 40 % of every sale for life, and if your referrals upgrade their Kartra plan, your commission also becomes 40% of the chosen plan.

Your sales progress can be monitored using a full analytics display provided within your account.

Kartra enables a screening process whereby prospective salespeople or affiliates have to complete a questionnaire and sign the terms and conditions of the affiliation. Kartra pays 40% for all sales made.

In case of any doubts and queries help is at hand with email and skype support.

Builderall’s two tier affiliate marketing program

Builderall calls its affiliate program – Builderall leveraged affiliate program. You don’t need to pay any fee or purchase any of the Builderall plans to promote Builderall.

Builderall has an amazing affiliate program. Tier 1 affiliates take 100% on their first sale(first month) and then 30% of what his referral pays to Builderall. Tier 2 affiliates get 0% from their referral’s first sale but 30% from month 2 and for as long as their referral’s customer stays with Builderall.

Their affiliate program is two-tiered.

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Let me illustrate this with an example – You join the affiliate program and bring in your friend Adam. Adam buys a plan on Builderall. You get the entire cost of Adam’s plan as your commission. Hence, 100 % commission and then 30% of what he pays, every month for as long as Adam remains a Builderall paying customer.

Now, Adam goes ahead and makes his first Builderall sale to someone.

For month 1, Adam takes 100% commission as you did when he joined and then you get a 30 % commission from Adam’s referral every single month. This is not a one-time occurrence. Every time Adam makes a sale(his referral pays Builderall every month), you get 30 % of Adam’s sale. So, the basic concept is the more money your affiliates make, the more you also make.

You get 100% commission on the first sale and then 30 % on every repeating sale after that.

Builderall compensation plan is really amazing, as you can see.

builderall affiliate sign up page

What I like about Builderall

The first noticeable thing to love about Builderall is the price, of course. Although I never recommend that you let price alone be a deciding factor while choosing a product, it is a fact that if you’re just starting and you have a limited budget, Builderall with a comprehensive suite of features can be tempting.

Another feature of Builderall that stands out is the new Cheetah Drag-and-Drop builder, which lets you conveniently build a website in almost no time.

The builder is so beginner-friendly that I feel that anyone who doesn’t even have any idea about building a website can do so by just following the instructions given within.

Script generator within the ‘boss email marketing’ software of Builderall software is another feature that I loved. I am not the best copywriter around, but the built-in templates of sales copies for your target audience make life infinitely more accessible.

Webinars are not exclusive to Builderall, but I loved the ease of convenience with which a webinar can be set up in Builderall. It is easy to Livestream, have webinar chats or stream your recordings.

What I don’t Like about Builderall

Builderall has more than 40,000 users faithful to the platform, which means there is no doubt that it is a successful marketing platform, but it is not free of cons.

My first issue with Builderall is that unlike Kartra, where I can get access to all their features irrespective of whichever plan I have chosen, on Builderall if I need access to all their features, I have to take their highest plan.

My second issue with BuilderAll is that for software this big, with so many moving parts to it, it can be overwhelming for a new user. This is where comprehensive training could have helped but this is something I find missing in Builderall despite the fact that they do have tutorials.

Finally, my only real concern is that I don’t feel they have a focus strategy. They do everything really well but nothing perfect. I strongly believe they should focus on 2-3 things such as the funnel builder, the website builder and the email marketing builder.

Kartra Software Overview

What I Like about Kartra

The first thing that I loved about Kartra is that you can access all their tools irrespective of whatever pricing plan you choose. The difference in the plans lies in the traffic bandwidth and a number of contacts that you are allowed to build.

However, what I found most unique in Kartra was its algorithm of Behavioral Adaptive Marketing (BAM). For those of you who are yet to use this feature, BAM lets you keep track of your users and their profiles. This is done so that you can familiarize yourself with the buyer personas of your audience. It will help you to tweak your marketing strategies according to their mannerisms.

The marketing funnels of Kartra are already famous, as you might know, mostly because of prominent marketers, Frank Kern and Andy Jenkins, who was involved in the design of these funnels. The hype didn’t disappoint and the quality of the premade campaigns is top-notch. Anyone hesitant about their marketing skills will save a lot of time and effort with these campaigns.

What I don’t like about Kartra 

Unlike the website builder on Builderall, Kartra does not have a website builder as such. Instead, it has a quite simply named Kartra Pages which, as the name suggests, allows you to create website pages.

However, what if you wanted a website instead of different scattered pages? It is possible with the option of Kartra Site buried deep inside Kartra pages but this is not immediately evident. The bottom line is that it is not newbie friendly and new users might feel entirely at a loss here.

My second issue with Kartra is that it has way fewer features than Builderall. This could be good because they try to focus on certain things but at the end of the day, it has fewer features than Builderall.

My last issue with Kartra is more of advice rather than a problem with the platform itself. Kartra’s pricing makes it challenging for some people to join it because they don’t have the money to do so. However, their quality is really good so I think the cost can be understandable.


Which is better, Builderall or Kartra? 

This is up to your preferences and it also depends on your pocket. I think both platforms are really good. Kartra may be better at funnel building while Builderall gives you far more option including the WordPress website creation option.

Should I switch from Kartra to Builderall? 

Again, it all depends on what your priorities are. If you have time on your hands but not enough money, it makes sense to shift to Builderall from Kartra. On the other hand, if cash flow is not an issue and you don’t have time to do certain things on your own, you are probably better off with Kartra by your side.

Do Builderall and Kartra Offer Trial Periods?

You can join the platform you prefer by clicking on the links below.

<<Get Your Kartra Trial Here<<

<<Get Your Free Builderall Trial Here<<

Do Builderall and Kartra offer refund policies?

Yes, both platforms have a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Can Builderall replace my website?

Builderall offers a complete website builder and also a WordPress installation. This means you can easily create your own website and also you have the option to create sales funnels and email marketing campaigns.

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So, who trumps whom in the Kartra Vs. Builderall challenge? I would say both Kartra and Builderall are powerful platforms that have a lot going for them.

I am tempted to choose one winner here, but I have decided against it because, as in life, one man’s food is another man’s poison.

Keeping the above in mind, before deciding on either Kartra or Builderall, think about certain factors such as – the type and size of your business, your budget, your comfort, and familiarity with the software.

If the price is not an issue, and you want the bells and whistles of marketing, Kartra might be a good option. If the price is a consideration and you’re a beginner who is just getting a business off the ground, Builderall will serve you well.

Similarly, if your primary marketing strategy is based on Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and organic rankings, I wouldn’t recommend Kartra.

If you’re still thinking about which might be the best solution for you, you can hold a 14-day-trial period with both the software and test them to see which one best suits your needs.

That’s it for today’s topic. I really hope you found everything you need here.

If you have any comments or questions, feel free to comment down below and I will be more than happy to help.

Which one do you prefer? Builderall or Kartra?

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