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Builderall Affiliate Program: How To Make Money With Builderall

Have you started affiliate marketing and you want to know how to make money online with the Builderall affiliate program?

If your answer is yes, then you are in the right place!

Builderall affiliate program has tier 1 and tier 2 affiliates and this is one of the reasons that make it so appealing.

It gives 100% on the first sale on tier 1 affiliates and then 30% every single month.

Tier 2 affiliates take 0$ from the first sale(because it goes 100% on the tier 1 affiliate) but then 30% every single month.

In this article, we will discuss what Builderall offers to marketers, how you can make all these commissions, and what’s the best ways to promote Builderall, therefore stay tuned!

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What is Builderall?

Before we start with Builderall affiliate payout and ways to promote it, I want to make sure you know the product you are gonna promote. Not knowing the product you are going to promote can lead your business to failure and can harm your credibility. So, be careful.

I don’t tell you to absolutely buy Builderall( which would be the best way to do it) but at least somehow know your product in detail.

Builderall is an all-in-one platform that allows online entrepreneurs to build and grow their businesses. In order to have an business online, you need a lot of things.

Some of them can be a WordPress website, marketing funnels, webinars, online courses, membership sites, email marketing software, and much more. Builderall has 32 features and some of them are the things I mentioned, as you can easily understand, it can do everything.

When I first tested Builderall the platform had some bugs and glitches and I did not like it. Lately, I have decided to give Builderall a second chance because I have seen people talking about its updates.

Builderall was completely different. It fixed most of its problems and its pricing is ridiculously low for what it offers.

So, in my opinion, it is not hard at all to promote Builderall even when Clickfunnels exists.

Clickfunnels has been promoted way more than Builderall and their marketers did an exceptional job of convincing people that everyone needs a sales funnel which is a lie. This was a huge success for them.

This was a really short Builderall overview if you wanna learn more read the full Builderall Review.

How To Join Builderall Affiliate Program?

In the past and in many other outdated articles that you may have read, people tell you that you need to pay to become a Builderall affiliate. In fact, in the past, you had to buy Builderall Business to be able to become an affiliate.

But, Builderall changed that.

Now, you are able to join Builderall for free. Of course, you can become a member so that you have the tools to promote but it is not necessary. You can just grab the link and promote it for free.

You make an application and 99,9% of affiliates are getting accepted. It is very easy to get accepted.

How to get your affiliate link

Getting the affiliate link is very easy in Builderall but I wanted this article to be the most complete so that you will not need anything else to start with Builderall.

builderall affiliate program backend welcome video

So the steps to grab your affiliate link are:

  • Login to Builderall( There is not a separate login)
  • Click on Affiliates from the Menu
  • Then you are inside your affiliate dashboard
  • Click ‘ Lead generation funnels ” to grab your link
builderall affiliate link creation process

It is a very simple process. Isn’t it?

But, now that you have the link you wonder…How much money can I make with Builderall?

Builderall Affiliate Program Review

The Builderall compensation plan is not as simple as other similar compensation plans because it has 2 a two-level affiliate system.

But this is good. I briefly told you about it before but I will explain it more in detail this time.

Builderall will pay you as long as you bring customers to it. When someone buys through your affiliate link, you will receive a commission.

This commission will be 100% on your first sale(which is simply the payment of your referral’s first subscription).

After that, you will be getting 30% of the amount of money your referral pays to Builderall depending on what pricing plan he chooses.

Also, Builderall has tier-2 affiliates. This means that affiliates are also getting paid when their referral bring a new customer. For their customer’s first payment, 100% of the money is given to the tier-1 affiliate and from the next month and forth, 30% of the referral payment goes to the tier-1 affiliate and 30% goes to the tier-2 affiliate.

network of play figures

I will give you an example to make things simpler.

Bob is an affiliate for Builderall and promotes the platform through his Youtube channel. Mark is trying to find about Builderall and watches Bob’s video. Then he decides to buy a Builderall membership plan, for instance, Essential which costs $49,90/month, on January 1rst.

Bob gets $49,90 for January and from February and for as long as Mark stays with Builderall he is getting 30% of $49,90= $14,97

Bob is a tier-1 affiliate.

Later on, Mark has created his online business through Builderall and decides to promote it via his website. He created content around Builderall and in March 1rst another person called Giannis finds his article and decided to buy the same Builderall plan called Essential.

For this March sale, Mark is getting paid $49,90 and from April until Giannis decides to stop paying for Builderall, Mark will be getting paid $14,97.

But, also Bob will be getting paid for Giannis. In fact, for March he won’t get paid but from April and on he will be also earning $14,97.

Bob is a tier-2 affiliate for Giannis and Mark is a tier-1 affiliate for Giannis.

I hope everything is more clear right now.

Builderall Pricing Plans

builderall pricing table

Builderall commission rates are 30%, in general, but how much money can you actually make from this affiliate program?

To answer this question, I need to tell you about Builderall pricing.

Builderall has 5 pricing plans:

  1. Free Plan ($0/month)
  2. Builder plan ($19,90/month)
  3. Marketer plan ($29,90/month)
  4. Essential plan ($49,90/month)
  5. Premium plan ($69,90/month)

The most complete plans that have enough features for an online to build an online business are Essential and Premium. They are all very cheap but these plans at least have a decent price for an affiliate marketer to make good money.

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Also, it is easier for affiliates to promote an offer that is cheaper than its competitors’.

Also, if you teach or educate your referrals to promote Builderall, you can make a ton of money as a tier-2 affiliate.

How To Promote Builderall

make money with affilaite marketing from your laptop

Over the past few years, competition in affiliate marketing has rapidly increased. More and more people try to promote the same products and you have to find a way to stand out.

The ways that you can promote Builderall are the same as with any other program or product.

You can promote it for free with Google(website), Youtube(Youtube channel) and Facebook(Facebook groups and personal profile) but also you can promote it through paid ads( Google ads, Facebook ads, Pinterest ads, etc)

However, this is what everybody is doing…

What can you stand out?

From my experience, in order to stand out you have to provide more value than your competitors. You have to find out what people need and give a solution.

My best tip and what I have learned over the past few years is that people want shortcuts. They want the ”easy way”. They don’t want to put effort into it.

So, what can you offer?

An amazing strategy is to share your sales funnels. You can give them as a bonus for buying from you because they need them. If they get Builderall they need to learn how to create a sales funnel themselves but also they need to have some ready for them funnels to use.

These 2 things can be used as a bonus to incentivize people to buy from you. You can also offer them your personal coaching if you have time.

All in all, you can make a great amount of money with Builderall if you promote it the right way. Also, keep in mind that if you educate your prospects not only it is more possible for them to buy from your link but also they will start immediately to promote Builderall and you can be a tier-2 affiliate for many people if your referrals succeed in their business.

Can you make a lot of money with Builderall?

Builderall compensation plan and contest

Builderall as any other platform that offers sales funnel builders, website builders, email marketing tools, and more tries to keep its customers for years to come. This is happening because if someone has created a whole business on this platform it’s very difficult for him to change.

Have you ever heard of the compounding effect?

Let’s see how much money you can earn in 3 years from Builderall with minimum effort.

In month 1, let’s say you bring 5 customers to Builderall and they buy the Essential plan so you make $14,97/month x 5= $74,85

Month 2, you bring 5 more customers and each of them is paying $14,97/month x 10= 149,7/month.

And so on.

Month 36

You have brought 5 x 36= 180 customers to Builderall. So, $14,97 x 180= $2694,6/month

So in 3 years, you will be earning approximately 2,700$ per month even if you don’t reinvest any of your profits. If you reinvest some money you will scale this much faster( You won’t get only 5 customers/month if you also use ads).

But, it does not stop here.

Those from those 180 people you brought to Builderall some of them will promote it. Let’s say 50/180 promote and let’s say that only 10 of them succeed in online marketing.

If each of those 10 people brings 50 people a year to Builderall this adds up to 150 in 3 years x 10= 1500 new members for which you will be also getting 30%.

This scenario is very hypothetical but you see you can make an insane amount of money promoting Builderall and teaching others to promote it as well.

My Builderall Bonuses

builderall bonuses

I always want to provide the most valuable and value for money possible solutions on the market and I try to do it every single day.

But also, I’d like to keep my readers even happier providing free bonuses for buying BuilderAll which is already a no brainer in my opinion.

Bonus #1

Unlimited support via email and chat personally from me. (value 1,997$)

Do you want to ask something? No, problem! Send me an email or a message on messenger and I will try my best to reply as soon as possible.

Bonus #2

1 Facebook messenger or skype call with me(value 497$)

This call is not only to analyze the BuilderAll program but also to create a daily actionable plan for your business with me and ask me your questions on affiliate marketing and marketing in general.

Bonus #3

Ready For You Youtube Scripts(value 1997$)

It is common knowledge that Youtube is one of the best ways to grow and promote your business and your brand. It is insane how fast you can grow with Youtube.

These” ready for you” scripts will help you grow from 0 to 1000$/month in no time. In fact, you apply them right away and with Builderall you have the core of the business ready to make money online.

Bonus #4

My Step by step Blueprint on how to create high converting marketing funnels with Builderall in just 5 minutes(value 497$).

How To Claim Your Bonuses

After you buy whichever Builderall pricing plan suits you the most, email me with the receipt to acquire all these bonuses on

results sign no excuses

Final Words

The Builderall affiliate program is a very lucrative affiliate program.

The Builderall platform is very legit and really cheap for you to promote and this is the reason why it is very easy for affiliates to promote it.

Joining Builderall affiliate is free and it is a very easy process to do. You can easily get your link and start promoting it. However, it is a good idea at least to get the Builderall 14-day free trial in order to for you to see the platform so that you know what you are talking about. People are very clever to recognize when you don’t know your stuff.

Builderall affiliate system has 2 levels. For both levels you are getting paid 30% but if you are a tier-1 affiliate you get 100% of the first sale and if you are a tier-2 affiliate you get 0% of the first sale(since the tier-1 affiliate took all the money).

But, don’t focus on the first sale. Focus on your longterm success. There is no shortcut. There is no easy way. Don’t let anyone fool you. If it was easy and fast, everyone would do it and make thousands of dollars online.

I want you to understand that.

You will have to deal with many obstacles, struggles…

Most people quit there. They work 1-2 months and think that this does not work. If you think you will make money in 1 month, do not start affiliate marketing or marketing in general.

But, if you want a longterm business, a longterm success for you and your family then yes, you can become an online entrepreneur.

Are you ready to crush it this year with online marketing? Take action!

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