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Builderall Pricing 2020: How Much Does Builderall Cost

If you’ve thought of getting started with online marketing, you maybe have found Builderall but you wonder how much does Builderall cost…?

In this article, we will discuss exactly that! Builderall pricing plans but also what features every Builderall’s plan includes.

In short, Builderall has 5 pricing plans.

Its price range is from $0 to 69,99$ depending on what features are included. Their first paid plan is called Builder and costs $19,90, the second is called Marketer and costs $29,90, the third is Essential and costs $49,90 and finally, there is the Premium plan which costs $69,90.

Builderall is an all-in-one platform that helps people start and grow their online businesses. It provides everything an online marketer needs.

Before I let you know about every pricing plan, I suppose it would be helpful to make a brief Builderall review so that you know what this is all about.

Let’s dive straight into it!

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What Is Builderall?

Builderall is an all-in-one platform that provides all the necessary tools for marketers to start and scale their online businesses. Builderall was founded by Erick Salgado in 2011 to help digital marketers run their businesses with ease.

Builderall has changed the scenery in digital marketing because it is so cheap. Every Builderall alternative is much more expensive.

Builderall offers a variety of features including both sales funnel building and website building but let’s see Builderall’s features in detail.

Builderall’s Main Features

Builderall has over 30 tools and features and it would be worthless to analyze them all in this article. However, I’ll create a list of the most important of them.

  • Cheetah Website Builder
  • Drag and drop funnel builder
  • eLearning Platform
  • Email Marketing Platform
  • WordPress Installation
  • Video Wrapper
  • Video Funnel Builder
  • 3D photo editor studio
  • On-Page SEO tool
  • App creator tool
  • Messenger and Websites chatbots
  • Browser Notifications
  • Ecommerce Website Builder
  • Professional Webinar App
  • Telegram funnels
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

and more…

As you can understand, Builderall has more than enough tools for you to use.

Let’s now continue with its pricing plans.

Builderall Pricing Plans

builderall pricing table

Builderall cost depends on which pricing plan you choose. There are 5 pricing plans you can choose from.

  1. Free Plan ($0/month)
  2. Builder plan ($19,90/month)
  3. Marketer plan ($29,90/month)
  4. Essential plan ($49,90/month)
  5. Premium plan ($69,90/month)

Free Plan

This plan provides some essential tools you can use but you won’t be able to run a whole business using it. This plan just allows you to test the platform and see if it is worth it. Cool option compared to other platforms that only have paid options.

Builder Plan

This plan costs $19,90 and allows you to use CDN, SSL certificate, and share funnels which you couldn’t use with the free plan.

However, neither this plan nor the free plan allows more than 100 subscribers to your email list and also you don’t have the extremely important WordPress installation which allows you to create a WordPress website.

Marketer’s Plan

The marketer’s plan is a very good plan that includes Cheetah Website Builder, another easy and fast way to create your website. This plan also allows you to have up to 5,000 subscribers to your email list which is not amazing but it is not bad at all especially for a beginner.

It also gives you the Customer Relationship Management(CRM), SMS messaging and Telegram Automation, check out software, and unlimited membership sites.

This plan is absolutely amazing compared to a Clickfunnels plan (Clickfunnels most basic cost $97/month). Even though Clickfunnels has less bugs and glitches.

The only disadvantage I can see is the lack of WordPress Installation which is, though, a massive problem if you wanna create a website.

Essential Plan

This plan is a fantastic plan. This is my recommendation for every beginner that wants to start a business. This plan includes nearly everything you need to start and grow a business and it only costs $49,90$/month.

In fact, it lets you do double as much as Clickfunnels and its pricing is half the price of Clickfunnels.

This plan gives a significant jump in subscribers allows from 5,000 to 15,000 in order for you to grow your email list successfully. 15,000 email subscribers can make you a lot of money.

It also includes WordPress installation and you can use up to 10 domains. WordPress is the easiest way to create a website. It is amazing.

wordpress rocket

Furthermore, this plan gives you messenger and website chat-bots and up to 10 domains and 10GB disk space.

This plan also saves you a lot of money from buying other tools.

You can make your research and find out yourself but, for example, if you buy a funnel builder software like Clickfunnels, an email marketing tool like Getresponse, a WordPress Website with hosting(even the cheapest which is Bluehost) and all the other tools that Builderall gives you you will need to pay way more than $49,90.

In fact, as I told you Clickfunnels costs at least $97/month by itself.

Premium Plan

This is the last and most expensive Builderall’s pricing plan. This plan provides, of course, everything all other plans provide but also more.

This plan allows you to use up to 15 domains, you have even better customer support. Also, with this plan, you have the option to create online courses and webinars. This is very important for many digital entrepreneurs.

Finally, this plan allows you to have UNLIMITED subscribers! This is huge for most marketers. Email marketing tools become really expensive when the number of subscribers increases.

Up to 1000, they seem inexpensive but if you have for example 100,000 subscribers you will need much money for it, way more than $69,90.

In Builderall, you get these options plus 32 more tools! That’s why I like Builderall. They don’t make customers overpay and I do not want my readers to overpay. If you have read any of my other articles, this is quite obvious.

Every plan has a 30-day money-back option which makes it really risk-free to check out if you like Builderall.

Builderall Alternatives

Builderall vs Clickfunnels

Builderall is an all-in-one platform that provides you with everything you need to start a business online. On the other hand, Clickfunnels is the best sales funnel builder.

It can also do some other stuff like email marketing, webinars, membership sites, etc but their main focus is the sales funnels.

Clickfunnels is also a lot more expensive than Builderall. In fact, Builderall will cost you at most $69,90/month and Clickfunnels starts from $97/month which is absurd.

Their more expensive plans cost $297/month and $1497/month. There is a major difference here, right?

Finally, Clickfunnels’ customer support is bad. This is well-known. I have told it to them many times.

They only provide email support, especially in the basic plan and it takes them at least 1 day or 2 to reply. If they don’t manage to answer your question, you need to wait again. Builderall has way better customer support.

Builderall vs Leadpages

I have great respect for Leadpages. I had been using it in the past for quite some time. But, to be honest, it has way fewer features than Builderall.

Not to mention, LeadPages requires some integrations to be able to help you with your online business. It can’t stand alone.

It also does not have an email marketing tool and no way to collect payments.

Their most common pricing plan is the Pro which costs $79/month which is more expensive than Builderall’s with way fewer features.

Their customer support is good and helpful though. I have to admit that but still, I think Builderall is way better overall and more value-for-money.

Builderall Bonuses

builderall bonuses

I always want to provide the most valuable and value for money possible solutions on the market and I try to do it every single day.

But also, I’d like to keep my readers even happier providing free bonuses for buying BuilderAll which is already a no brainer in my opinion.

Bonus #1

Unlimited Email support via email and also chat personally from me. (value 1,997$)

Do you have a question? Email me or send me a messenger message and I will do my best to reply as soon as possible.

Bonus #2

1 personal Facebook messenger or skype call with me(value 497$)

This particular call is to analyze not only BuilderAll program but also create an action plan for your business with me and ask me your questions on affiliate marketing and marketing in general.

Bonus #3

Ready For You Youtube Scripts(value 1997$)

It is common knowledge that Youtube is one of the best ways to grow and promote your business and your brand. It is insane how fast you can grow with Youtube.

These” ready for you” scripts will help you grow from 0 to 1000$/month in no time. In fact, you apply them right away and with Builderall you have the core of the business ready to make money online.

Bonus #4

My Step by step Blueprint on how to create high converting marketing funnels with Builderall in just 5 minutes(value 497$).

How To Claim Your Bonuses

After you buy whichever Builderall pricing plan suits you the most, email me with the receipt to acquire all these bonuses on

Final Words

Builderall is an all-in-one platform with which you create a complete online business. It does not lack anything. Builderall does much stuff and it does it well.

However, if you want something really specific for example, you only want sales funnels and nothing else you can go with Clickfunnels.

Or if you want a professional WordPress website you can just go with Bluehost but if you don’t want to spend all this money on buying all those tools separately then Builderall is a very good option.

I am honest with you, as always. Builderall is amazing and it costs very little money for a platform that you can build a whole business with and also make money with Builderall.

But again, if you don’t need all these options that Builderall provides then go with another platform if you have the money to do so.

I use several platforms and one of them is Builderall because I have the money to do it.

But, if I was a beginner and I didn’t want to spend much money I would definitely choose the cheap option of Builderall.

This is the reality.

If you have the money, go purchase every tool separately because each tool focuses on certain things.

If you do not have the money go with Builderall.

And actually, that’s it!

I really hope I gave you a clear picture of Builderall pricing plans and options.

Are you ready to crush it this year and make money online with your online business?

Are you ready to be your own boss and create your own financial future?

Take action, and don’t quit. Remember, winners aren’t those that do not fail, but they are those that do not quit.

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