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MarketerMagic Review 2020: All You Need To Know!

You are probably searching about Marketer Magic by Kevin David (Kevin Dad) and you wonder what it is and if it is worth it, right?

If that’s the case, you are in the right place!

Marketer Magic is an innovative, relatively new, marketing tool created by Kevin David that helps online entrepreneurs run their businesses with ease. It is a marketing and conversion platform to help marketers automate many difficult tasks and get an edge over their competitors.

In this MarketerMagic Review, we will discuss everything around this platform.

Its owner, its features, its pros and cons, its pricing and customer support and finally we will decide if it is worth it or not?

Without further ado, let’s dive in!

Who Is Kevin Dad?

kevin david social banner

Every time you use a tool or a product ( not only a marketing tool), it is good for you to know who has created this tool. For example, when you are going to buy a Mercedes car, it is good for you to make a good research about this company(in this case it is very obvious) so that you know if it is legit and it’s worth your hard-earned money.

In our case, MarketerMagic is created by Kevin David( Kevin Dad)

Kevin runs a multimillion-dollar business right now. He has multiple online courses, he is a very well-known Youtuber with over 1 million subscribers and he has also an Amazon FBA business and course.

On top of that, he is a Clickfunnels Dream Car Contest Winner, a 2 Comma Club Winner and also an 8-figure Club award winner. (2 Comma X club) Obviously, he uses sales funnels and ads to feed his business and grow it.

He makes much money with Clickfunnels and he is not even focused solely on this…

As you can easily understand, whether you like him or not, he is a very established online entrepreneur that knows his stuff, makes a lot of money online and also he is the creator of Marketer Magic.

MarketerMagic Review: What Is MarketerMagic?

female in front of laptop

MarketerMagic is a platform that has 6 very useful tools that in my opinion fill a huge gap in the industry. While most software platforms focus on funnel building or website creation, this platform is one step ahead.

This is not even close to what this platform allows you to do and we will discuss this shortly in detail.

These tools help you generate leads, create email marketing campaigns, do pixel tracking, work-hub, social proof, and much much more.

Kevin Dad tried to create the tools to outgrow the competition. In my opinion, with this platform, he proves that he has been looking to the future very different than everybody else and he has created something really innovative at this point of time.

Kevin acknowledges the concerns of his fellow digital entrepreneurs and this made him create MarketerMagic. MarketerMagic’s user experience, appearance, and features clearly show his way of thinking.

But, what exactly can Marketer Magic do, after all?

Marketer Magic Features: How It Can Help Your Business?

Marketer magic has 6 different tools and each tool can do much stuff. Here is a brief overview of these tools:

  • Click Proof
  • LivePic
  • Email Verifier
  • WorkHub
  • ManyLeads
  • MiniMe

But let’s take things one by one…

Become More Authoritative With ClickProof

marketermagic clickproof

ClickProof is the first MarketerMagic feature and it allows you to add social proof to your landing pages and also to your website in a really innovative way.

Nowadays, digital marketing has become more competitive than ever before. This happens because everyone starts to understand how powerful it is to work online and work from home.

But this has had a domino effect in the marketing world. Before 10 years, it would be much easier for you to rank a website in Google through SEO or dominate with your Facebook ad campaigns.

However, this has changed forever and the competition is becoming more fierce.

That’s why you now need social proof to stand out from your competition. This wasn’t the case before 10-15 years. But, now it is.

Clickproof allows you to display recent activity on your website. ( it shows other people visiting your website, purchasing or signing-up to your email list)

It can also show how many live visitors your website has. Do you imagine how powerful this is?

Showing people you are legit can really make the difference. If they wanna buy anything online, they will surely trust a legit blogger or a legit marketer, won’t they?

Also, I wanna add one more aspect of Clickproof to the discussion. Some of you may think that, in order for this to work, you will probably need some expertise around the subject and so on.

But this is not the case here for 2 reasons.

The first reason is that for every tool MarketerMagic has, Kevin David has created a series of videos showing how it works step by step. (You just follow the videos click by click)

The second reason is that Clickproof only needs a copy and paste process for it to work and everyone (even my grandma) can do this in 30 seconds.

I am sure you have seen messages like these on various websites in the past but you didn’t realize it.

For example, go to and search for anything. When you are looking for a hotel, do you notice that many times there is a message similar to ”3 people are watching this”?

There you got it, ClickProof is powerful. No one can deny that. But, has MarketerMagic more stuff to offer?

Let’s move on.

LivePic: Personalize Your Emails Automatically

marketermagic livepic

How cool does this sound?

LivePic is the second MarketerMagic’s tool. This tool allows you to personalize your email campaigns so that every person in your email list receives a personalized email which obviously converts much better.

Email Marketing still is the ultimate weapon for online success. As many marketers, including Peng Joon, have said if you don’t have a list, you don’t have a business. It is that simple.

The reason is that email marketing is the backend of your sales funnel. When you have provided people with some free value and then follow them with your email series they are definitely more eager to buy from you than they were in the beginning.

But, if people are seeing generic emails that seem to be automated, they can’t trust you and they are more possible to unsubscribe from your list. Sounds familiar?

LivePic allows online marketers to create automated emails while keeping a personalized tone. It gives you the option to create personalized visuals into your emails and also personalized subject lines and receiver names.

This is a great way of increasing your conversion and open rates up to 50% and this is not a minor thing, isn’t it?

In fact, it can be translated to thousands of dollars per month.

Let’s move on to the third MarketerMagic tool.

Email Verifier Can Increase Your Email Deliverability

marketermagic emailverifier

We have already briefly discussed the importance of building an email list. Once again, I ‘ll tell you this is our ultimate weapon. The traffic source we own.

But, how we know if the email addresses in our email list are actually legit and not fake?

Many people fear to give you their best email and either they give you an email that they rarely or never use just to take your lead magnet or they even create fake emails.

If your email list includes many fake emails, it will definitely hurt your business. Firstly, it hurts your email deliverability which is a huge risk and a huge problem. If your emails are not sent (or at least some of them are not sent), you lose a significant amount of money.

Secondly, you waste money paying more to your email software tool. Email marketing tools’ (for example Getresponse) pricing varies depending on how many email subscribers you have.

MarketerMagic Email Verifier is a very useful tool that lets you delete all these fake email addresses and clean up your list.

Email Verifier can do 2 things.

The first one is that you can upload your complete email list and it will automatically remove the fake emails immediately. Imagine how easy and powerful this is.

The second option that the Email Verifier gives you is that it detects the fake emails when people try to sign up and grab your lead magnet and it does not allow them to use this email address. This is an amazing way for you to get their best email(the email that they daily check).

Finally, this MarketerMagic tool is really easy to set up just by “copy and paste”.

Let’s move on to the next feature.

Workhub: Keep Your Employees Productive

marketermagic workhub

This is another innovative option that MarketerMagic gives you. It is very possible that at some point during your marketing career you will need or want to outsource some tasks to other people.

Some people outsource much stuff and others like being very much involved, however, no matter what you prefer to do there will be some occasions that you will outsource some tiring or difficult tasks to freelancers or employees.

However, how can you be sure if they do the work or if they are lying to you?

Workhub gives you the solution to this problem-headache because it allows you to have complete control over your employees and freelancers.

Here is the basic process to use Workhub:

  1. You create a new project
  2. You invite your freelancers by giving them a link
  3. Every employee has to install a Workhub Chrome Extension for project tracking
  4. The took gives you information about how much time each employee has worked, project timelines, etc
  5. It also gives you the option to pay your employees

One cool thing that this tool does once they install their Workhub Extension is that it takes random screenshots and sends them to you so that you can ”spy” your freelancers and know if they are doing the work or scamming you.

All in all, this is an amazing tool to keep your workers focused and strict to the project plan and timeline. Really useful.

ManyLeads: Increase Your Audience

marketermagic manyleads

What are the main problems and the main priority of every online business?

What does every business need to make money?

You guessed it right.

Having more leads is the daily goal of every business. Having more leads simply means having more potential buyers. It is that simple. Yes, there is also some more stuff here like conversions, etc but the general rule is. More leads, more money.

MarketerMagic’s ManyLeads is an amazing option and probably the most important feature of MagicMarketer.

In fact, I would probably buy MagicMarketer even if they only had this tool. It is so powerful.

ManyLeads automatically finds leads in your industry and lets you know their website, their social media accounts, their addresses, their email addresses, phone numbers, and also tells you if they have installed a Facebook pixel and/or a chatbot on their website.

Wow, Tasos this is very good information but how all this information can help us?

There are endless ways that this can help you…

Some of them can be:

  • You can ask them if they want to install a Facebook pixel
  • You can ask them if they wanna have a chatbot on their website
  • You can mimic their website
  • You can offer Facebook Profile optimization and training
  • You can try to get backlinks from their website
  • If they have no Facebook pixel, they probably won’t have Fb ads either, so you can explain to them that they leave money on the table and provide them with your knowledge on ads and pixels if they pay you.

And these are only some really basic things you can do with your leads…

All in all, this tool is really spectacular. I can’t stress enough how important this is.

MiniMe: Not Your Ordinary Link Shortener

marketermagic minime

MiniMe is the 6th and last MarketerMagic tool.

This tool is really useful because it does much more stuff than just cloaking a link. It also has 4 different features:

  • Link Tree
  • Link Splitter
  • Deep Link
  • Retargeting Link

Link Tree is a very cool feature.

Most social media platforms or most forums allow you to place only one link in your profile on their platform ( for example Instagram)

This can potentially hurt your business because your audience can’t reach the pages you want them to see so that you can make money. For instance, if only 1 link is allowed on your Instagram profile you may want to place your website’s link.

But what if you could redirect your audience to a page that has all your best links(sales funnel link, bridge page link, sales page link) that you want them to click?

This is what Link Tree does.

You create 1 single link that people can click and that sends them to your other links.


Link Splitter

As a marketer, you continuously wanna test your conversion rates and see what makes you the most money and gives you more leads.

In order to do that, most of the time, we use A/B split tests. We do this everywhere from website pop-ups, Facebook ads, sales funnels, landing pages, etc.

Link Splitter, as you may understand from its name, is A/B split testing tool that allows you to send people to 2 different versions of a page with the same URL. You split test the 2 versions and you keep the one that converts better. Then, you try to split test again and again.

This is called optimization.

Very good feature after all…Right?

Deep Link

Deep link is simply a tool that redirects people to native apps like YouTube, Messenger, and Instagram to increase conversions. This helps you to keep people to your page because they open other apps in new tabs.

Retargeting Link

This is by far the best feature of this tool.

What most people may know is that we can use a Facebook pixel on our website or page to track people and then send them our ads.

Our audience is hotter and it is more likely for them to buy since they have already seen you somewhere on the web and you are not another random guy with ads.

However, MarketerMagic retargeting link does much more than that!

It allows you to create a shortened link, embed a Facebook pixel on it, and then use it to retarget people from other websites or social media posts or ads that you don’t own and also see how many clicks they have got and their analytics.

This is crazy. Nothing more to add here. Pretty self-explanatory how powerful this feature is.

Now, you wonder…

Hey, Tasos, MarketerMagic is really spectacular but it should cost hundreds of dollars per month and probably I can’t afford it…

Let’s find the truth about MarketerMagic’s pricing.

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MarketerMagic Pricing

marketermagic pricing table

MarketerMagic has 3 pricing plans.

  • The Legendary plan($47/month)
  • The Platinum plan ($97/month)
  • The Enterprise plan (custom price)

Marketermagic is really affordable for anyone serious about running an online business in my opinion. If you wanna take all these tools separately you would need to pay hundreds of dollars.

Also, if you buy it longterm (annually) you save a lot of money.

For, example, the Legendary plan, if you buy it annually, it will cost you $37/month. This means you save $120 in 1 year. Also, for the platinum plan, if you pay annually, it will cost you $67/month. This means you save $360 in 1 year.

marketermagic pricing table annually

For me, even if I was paying for the lead generation tool, it will be worth it to pay just like 40-50 bucks a month…

However, I also like the other tools and my favorite is the Retargeting link feature.

But, what are the differences between the 3 pricing packages?

Every pricing plan provides all six tools. However, the Legendary plan gives you less usage (clicks, searches, subscribers, etc) than the Platinum plan.

This means you are not allowed to use every tool unlimited times with cheaper plans. (but in my opinion, if you are a beginner you better take the cheapest plan and then you can upgrade if you want to)

Last but not least, Marketer Magic provides a 7-day Free Trial that lets you explore the platform.

You can test the platform and if you like it you can keep using it otherwise you stop.

>>Get Your 7-day Free Trial Here<<

MarketerMagic Customer Support

When you are going to buy or use a platform online, you should always take into consideration their customer support. Many times there are platforms such as one of my favorites, Clickfunnels, that they don’t provide helpful customer support.

When you are using a platform and even more if you are a beginner, you may need some help with the technical stuff and this is absolutely normal. There is nothing wrong with that.

In my opinion, every marketing tool/platform should have 24/7 chat support. This is what I am looking for. I don’t care about phone calls or emails in 2020. I want chat support 24/7.

Marketer Magic has all 3 kinds of customer service. They provide chat support, phone support, and also email support.

I won’t overanalyze this. When I choose a platform, I want it to have at least chat support otherwise I don’t buy it. (except for Clickfunnels)

This platform gives all kinds of support and as a result, it is ok.

Let’s move on.

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MarketerMagic Affiliate Program

Affiliate marketing is the process of promoting other people’s products or services for a commission. Most businesses online try to promote themselves through affiliate marketing because they only pay money when a sale is made. If they were using ads they would pay even if a sale was not made.

Marketing Magic has its own affiliate program as any other serious platform. (Amazon, Clickfunnels, eBay, Walmart, Shopify, etc)

Their affiliate marketing program is very simple. They offer a 41% commission on every sale. This means that when a sale via an affiliate link is made 41% of the paid amount goes to the affiliate that brought the customer and 59% goes to MarketerMagic.

You can join the MarketerMagic affiliate program for free but in this case, they don’t give you some additional materials like banners, images, infographics, etc in order to help you promote them.

This is one of their disadvantages but this is only if you wanna promote it.

But, let’s be real. If you wanna promote something and have any chance of succeeding you have to use it so that you know what you are talking about.

From this perspective, I don’t think that the fact that they don’t provide their affiliates with all the marketing materials is a great deal.

MarketerMagic Marketing University

Marketing University, in simple terms, teaches you how to use the platform and how to get the best out of it. Kevin David has made a video tutorial for every MarketerMagic tool.

This is really helpful and you get this for free.

The platform is easy to use but the tools will be new to you and you will need to see the video training to understand exactly how to use them properly and fast.

These tutorials really saved me some time and effort because I didn’t have to figure out how to use the tools myself.

What I like About MarketerMagic

  • Innovative Features
  • Pricing
  • Customer Support
  • Free Tutorials In Marketing University
  • Ease Of Use

To be honest with you, MarketerMagic is a good platform. It has a variety of tools and features that can help online marketers build and grow their online businesses. I honestly believe, it can help most of you if you really want to succeed and take advantage of its features and tools.

Is it for anyone?

Of course, not! Actually, it depends.

It depends on your preferences and on your pocket.

I am not here to tell you to buy it. I am here to review the platform and provide you with all the info you need to be able to decide if this platform is good for your financial future.

To sum things up, it has 6 great features, affordable pricing, great customer support, free tutorials for you to learn how to use it and it is generally easy to use.

What I Don’t Like About MarketerMagic

  • Their free trial is very short (7 days)
  • You need to use your credit card to get the free trial
  • Their affiliate program does not give you the tools to promote it if you are not a paying member.

All in all, I do not have many complaints about Marketer Magic but I would suggest them to improve these 3 things.

In 7 days you can definitely test the platform but if you have kids or you have a job and you are busy you may not find this amount of time sufficient. So, I would definitely suggest they make the trial for at least 14 days.

Also, I do not know the reason(cause if I wanna cancel I will cancel no matter what), but most marketing tools ask for a credit card before they give you the free trial. I do not have a problem with it but it is a waste of time.

The last complaint I have for MarketerMagic is that they do not provide the same tools to every affiliate and they give an edge to their members.

Q and A for MarketerMagic

Are there any alternatives to MarketerMagic?

Yes, of course. You can search for its features online and find some good alternatives. But, it will cost you much more to buy all this stuff separately since you can have everything on this platform for just $37-47/month.

How To Cancel The Subscription?

In order to cancel the subscription, you just start a chat with them or you send them an email and they cancel it.

Which is the best plan for beginners?

The best overall plan is the Platinum but I honestly believe that the cheapest plan (the Legendary) is the best for beginners. No need for you to break the bank before you start making some money online.

How can I start the MarketerMagic 7-day free trial?

You can start to use it for free, here.

marketermagic free trial popup

Will I make money online instantly with this platform?

If anyone tells you that making money online is easy and fast he is lying to you 100%. This platform or any other platform online can’t guarantee anything. It all depends on your work ethic and dedication.

This is only the tool for success but you have to use it in order to succeed. I hope it makes sense.

Who is MarketerMagic for?

This platform is for digital entrepreneurs who want to make money online without paying huge amounts of money.

There are plenty of ways to make money online and one of them is by using this platform. Everything works. You just have to be obsessed with success.

This platform helps online marketers automate the process of making money online, generate more leads, and much more.

>>Get Your 7-day Free Trial Here<<

Final Words

MarketerMagic is a marketing platform created by Kevin David, a very well-known entrepreneur, that has 6 powerful tools that help online marketers start and grow an online business.

My favorite tools are the lead generation tool called ManyLeads and also MiniMe (with its 5 features) however, all tools are really good.

Its pricing is very reasonable in my humble opinion.

Also, their customer support is very good.

Overall, I believe this platform is very good and its cons are very insignificant. Also, they provide tutorials so that people learn and use the platform with ease. I like this.

Their affiliate program is lucrative but gives priority to paying members.

And…that’s it with the MarketerMagic review. I hope you liked it.

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