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Kartra Pricing 2020: How much does Kartra Cost? Is It The Best?

Have you recently found out Kartra and you wanna learn more about it but also everything about Kartra pricing?

If yes, you are in the correct place.

Kartra is an all-in-one marketing platform that helps online marketers start and grow a profitable online business. Kartra provides all the necessary tools so that you don’t need to buy and integrate other platforms to it.

The monthly and yearly Kartra’s pricing plans are:

  • Kartra Starter plan is for $99 per month, $79 when paid for a yearly subscription upfront
  • Kartra Silver plan is $199 per month, $149 per month when billed yearly
  • Kartra Gold Plan is for $299 per month, $229 per month when billed yearly
  • Kartra Platinum Plan is $499 per month, $379 per month when billed yearly
Kartra landingpage overview

What is Kartra?

Kartra is a one-in-all marketing platform that promises to provide all the marketing solutions needed to launch and sustain an online business successfully. It manages all aspects of your business such as product creation, ready-to-use sales campaigns, video marketing, tracking and analytics.

Let me quickly take you through some of the most prominent features of Kartra.

Kartra has numerous tools that let you attract and engage new customers with upsells and downsells. Kartra has an intuitive drag-and-drop builder that lets you build your website.  Zero technical knowledge required.

You can also find and go after leads using Kartra’s inbuilt lead management system. Kartra lets you create marketing campaigns from scratch or choose from their built-in templates.

Kartra’s inbuilt analytics system lets you have data at your fingertips that tells you how your business is doing.

There is also the option for affiliate marketing with a built-in system of affiliate marketing and affiliate management.

These are just some of the features of Kartra and we have just skimmed the surface here. I will tell you more about how you can experience the power of this entire suite of tools. Understand the pricing first as given below.

How much does Kartra cost? Pricing Plans For 2020

kartra pricing table

I am going to tell you the best Kartra pricing plans for 2020. You can get started with Kartra for as low as $1 and this will be a 14-day trial period where you can get up to 2500 leads.

According to me, this is a very good way to familiarise yourself with all the features of Kartra. If you like what you see and decide that the platform is for you, you can go ahead with a monthly or a yearly plan.

The monthly and yearly plans for Kartra are as follows:

  • Kartra Starter plan is for $99 per month, $79 when paid for a yearly subscription upfront
  • Kartra Silver plan is $199 per month, $149 per month when billed yearly
  • Kartra Gold Plan is for $299 per month, $229 per month when billed yearly
  • Kartra Platinum Plan is $499 per month, $379 per month when billed yearly

Key Kartra Features

Kartra features overview

Kartra Starter Plan   

Starter Up to 2,500 Leads

  • 1 custom domain
  • 15,000 emails /mo
  • 50 GB bandwidth
  • Host 100 pages
  • Host 50 videos
  • Sell 20 products
  • Build 2 membership sites
  • Add 1 additional team member
  • Connect 1 helpdesk
  • Agency not included

The starter plan limits you to a custom domain, 2500 contacts and 15000 emails. As the name suggests, if you’re starting off, this should be fine but once you have automated emails being sent out, 15000 will not seem like a lot once your leads list starts to grow.

You can build 2 membership sites with this plan and connect one helpdesk. You get a limit of 50 GB bandwidth which should be enough when you are starting out. This is the best plan for a starter or small business owner.

If you are a beginner, you should not even think about the more expensive plans. This plan is more than enough for you.

Kartra Silver

Up to 12,500 Leads

  1. 3 custom domains
  2. Unlimited emails
  3. Unlimited  bandwidth
  4. Unlimited pages
  5. Unlimited videos
  6. Unlimited products
  7. Unlimited membership sites
  8. Unlimited team members
  9. Unlimited helpdesks

Kartra Silver allows you to have 12,500 contacts and unlimited email subscribers which is a significant jump compared to the Starter Plan. There is also an increase in the bandwidth space which is not unlimited and this is crucial. (It used to be 125GB in this plan before May 2020)

Finally, you are allowed to build up to 3 websites with unlimited pages.

This plan is extremely good but I would recommend this to marketers that already have an audience and want to grow and scale their businesses to the next level.

This plan is not for starters and that’s why it costs more. However, if you just going to find an email autoresponder with unlimited email contacts you will need to pay at least $300 a month. If you take everything into consideration, this plan’s price is very reasonable if you are not a beginner.

Kartra Agency

In the silver plan, you move from the territory of limited to unlimited (mostly).

This is a good plan for growing businesses who are expanding or want to expand. You also get access to the Kartra Agency which is a one-stop dashboard provided on Kartra to view all your clients from one centralized location.

The greatest benefit of this is that you no longer have to keep track of multiple billing accounts for multiple clients. You can even let clients co-manage their accounts by creating separate login credentials for your clients with custom permissions.

Kartra Gold Plan

  • Up to 25,000 Leads
  • 5 custom domains
  • Unlimited emails
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Unlimited pages
  • Unlimited videos
  • Unlimited products
  • Unlimited membership sites
  • Unlimited team members
  • Unlimited helpdesks
  • Kartra Agency

If you have a fairly large business where you to sell unlimited products and create unlimited membership sites, the Gold plan from Kartra should be your go-to plan. With access up to 5 domains and ability to send 250,00 emails, this plan also gives you access to Kartra Agency.

Kartra Platinum plan

If you are a large business entity like a corporation, and you need more of everything then this is the plan for you

  • Up to 50,000 Leads
  • 10 custom domains
  • Unlimited emails
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Unlimited pages
  • Unlimited videos
  • Unlimited products
  • Unlimited membership sites
  • Unlimited team members
  • Unlimited helpdesks

Who needs Kartra?

Kartra is a very competent and efficient business development and marketing platform and its track record speaks for itself. However, when it comes to deciding whether it is something your business will need or not, you should keep the following in mind.

When it comes to deciding whether Kartra is for your or not for you, you need to think about certain factors such as type and size of your business, your budget and your ease of use of the software.

One of the strong points of Kartra is that it is a platform that allows use of all its tools irrespective of the plan you’re subscribed to. So, if price is not a concern for you and you want the bells and whistles of marketing, Kartra would be the way to go.

However, at the same time if your main marketing strategy is Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and you’re really dependent on organic rankings, Kartra wouldn’t be my recommendation for you.

Cheaper alternatives of Kartra

As mentioned above, if you have evaluated the pros and cons of Kartra and found out that you need cheaper Kartra alternatives, I will tell you about two cheaper alternatives to Kartra which will not disappoint you.

The cheapest alternative to Kartra is Builderall.

Builderall is also an all-in-one marketing and business development platform that lets you create beautiful websites and generate leads using various marketing tools contained within the platform.

It is suitable for everyone from the novice to the most experienced people. Pre-made templates for websites, sales funnels and pages make it the perfect choice for everyone.

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The pricing plan starts from $19.90 and the highest plan for Builderall costs $69.90 which is still $30 cheaper than the cheapest plan of Kartra. You also have the option of testing the platform with an absolutely free-of-cost 14-day free trial.

If you want to learn the differences and similarities of those platforms feel free to read my article where I compare them, here.


What Kartra Can Replace?

Let’s see if Kartra is actually expensive or cheap. What do we really need to start an online business and not fail.?

Well, even if you just start by creating a website during your journey you will surely need some more stuff in order to reach a serious income online.

  • Email Autoresponder/Automation, for example, Getresponse $15/month if you don’t want automation and $50/month if you want automation
  • Landing Page and Funnel Builder: Builderall is the cheapest but still you need to pay at least $49,99/month to be able to utilise most of its features. If you go for Clickfunnels it costs $97/month for the basic plan that does not include much stuff
  • Course Hosting. You can buy Teachable for example that will cost you $39/month
  • Shopping Cart. If you buy a professional shopping  cart platform like SamCart it will cost you $99/month

I can continue adding stuff but I don’t want to waste your time. You get the point. Kartra will replace many other things that are going to need to start a profitable online business and will save you at least $100-$150/month which adds to over $1200 in a year minimum.

Also, you will have everything in one place and you won’t need to log in different platforms and try to integrate them and make em work.

It will take you months if not years to be able to connect and make all these different platforms work together. Because it is not only that you copy an APi key, paste it and then you are done. There is more to that, trust me.

One platform for everything is really good. Now, you would ask me. Yes, Tasos, but if I could buy all of these services separately wouldn’t it be better?

I will be crystal clear to you. It would be better if you could buy and connect all of these.

But, it would cost you thousands of dollars and also hundreds of hours to learn how to use every platform. Makes sense?

Kartra has a variety of features and they are professional. Let’s say that Getresponse autoresponder which is the best works 100%, Kartra’s email marketing tool works 95% as good as Getresponse but it is included in the price.

I honestly don’t want you to waste your money. I could tell you to buy this or that but this is not how I am.

Kartra is enough you don’t need to pay for other stuff. If you are making thousands of money then yes. Come and contact me to tell you what to do but as a beginner Kartra alone is perfectly fine…

But, this is just my honest opinion, you are free to form your own…

Is There A Money Back Guarantee?

Every professional company will have a money-back option. You may not have the money to pay for it eventually, something may have happened in your life, etc and that’s ok.

Kartra will give you a refund within 30 days of your purchase.

Contact their support on support@kartra.com and you will do it in no time.

As you understand there is zero risk involved…You can test it out here.

What services and platforms will Kartra replace?

Once you get Kartra, most of your marketing needs will be fulfilled. Some of the services and platforms that Kartra can replace are as follows:

  • It can become an email marketing campaign platform.
  • You can use Kartra as a marketing automation platform.
  • You can use Kartra to develop and build marketing pages.
  • You can build shopping carts, online forms, membership portals.
  • Helpdesk can be created, which may include live chat and ticketing system.
  • It can replace your affiliate management system.
  • You can use Kartra as a campaign analytics platform.

Kartra is good for graphic designers as well. It has amazing templates designed to serve a wide range of requirements, such as forms, emails, and pages.

Will I get anything else other than the main features of Kartra?

Kartra is an all-in-one marketing tool where you will get professionally copywritten and beautifully designed sales funnel created by some of the most knowledgeable internet marketing experts. All you got to do is use them, and they are all set to get activated that too in just a few minutes.

Not just this, you will also get ready-to-use, beautifully designed templates for opt-in forms, checkouts, pages, new emails, and more. If you consider Kartra, you will not have to worry about anything to launch your online business. All you need is a few hours, and everything will be set.

Is it a must to have designing skills?

Here’s the good news for everybody. Kartra provides you with important marketing assets that are professionally designed. If you want to launch your business, you must consider Kartra because there are no designing skills required at all.

The platform has expert internet marketers and graphic designers who will craft astounding designs for you, which will allow your website to attract more customers and clients to generate enhanced revenue. You get to have a top-notch marketing platform that, too, for an affordable price.

Is There Kartra Support And Training For Their Platform?

There is a full training inside Kartra called Kartranaut that will guide you to everything inside the platform. These are step by step video tutorials that show you everything.

However, if you didn’t understand something or you have a question about anything feel free to contact their customer support. They are really kind and helpful, at least to me! You can contact them via chat or email.

Finally, they have an official Facebook Group where there is a lot of information for the platform. Good option.

Is it possible for me to cancel the plans?

Kartra is easy to use, but whatever plans you choose to build your website, you will be able to cancel or shift to another plan whenever you want. No questions asked! However, all the plans that are offered by Kartra are economical and convenient.

What is the best package to go for?

Well, there are different packages available depending on your business requirements and needs. If you look at the features, you will notice that the package varies as per the number of monthly emails you would like to send, the number of contacts, marketing assets, and monthly bandwidth that you have.

To answer this question, go with the package that suits your budget and cater to your requirements. You must know how many contacts you want, emails you wish to send, and your monthly budget. Accordingly, choose a package.

Can I integrate Kartra with other platforms?

Certainly, you can. You can integrate Kartra with different popular email marketing platforms, membership platforms, and also payment gateways. The platform is continuously adding more and more!

Is it compulsory to learn coding to use Kartra? 

No, not at all. The platform allows you to use drag and drop interface, making it easy for the user to add whatever they want to their website without even learning to code. From emails, marketing pages to designing and launching, everything will be available on Kartra.

With Kartra, you will face no challenges whatsoever. Templates for different forms, emails, and web pages will be readily available and allow you to build your website as fast as possible. No matter how many years of experience you have, you can easily build your business website with Kartra.


There is no doubt that Kartra offers a competent if not downright affordable pricing compared to many of the industry heavyweights such as Clickfunnels which can require you to shell out almost 1300 dollars per month to get access to the complete platform.

Kartra pricing is really reasonable for someone that is on a budget because you won’t need  to buy any other complementary tools.

For growing businesses and businesses that want to expand Kartra offers a practical and cost-effective solution.  For all its flaws, it is still an impressive platform that will replace the need for a separate email marketing platform, membership platforms and analytics tools.

It doesn’t have a steep learning curve too. The bottom line is that if you need a reliable marketing platform for your online business, you’re in good hands with Kartra.

If you want to test it out feel free to do it here.

And that’s it for today’s topic.

I hope you found this article helpful.

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