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Builderall Compensation Plan: All About The Affiliate Program

Do you want to learn about Builderall Compensation Plan and how you can make money online using it?

You are in the right place.

Builderall platform has one of the most amazing affiliate programs online and if you promote it properly you can make a lot of money.

BuilderAll is a blessing for online marketers because it is an all-in-one tool that allows you to build beautiful, high-converting sales funnels, easy WordPress websites, allows you to build and grow your email list and send automated emails.

In BuilderAll, you can also create courses, webinars, messenger, and website chatbots, you can design videos and presentations, it also has SEO tools, apps creator, and many other features.

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As you can easily understand, Builderall’s pricing should be really high. However, here is the catch and that’s why it is so easy to promote BuilderAll.

Builderall is extremely cheap. Its most expensive pricing plan costs 69,99$/month and it includes literally everything for you to start a business.

Builderall compensation plan and contest

If for example, you choose Clickfunnels you will pay 97$/month only for funnels and website creation without WordPress.

This means you will also need Clickfunnels Actionetics which is their autoresponder(you need Clickfunnels platinum 297$/month) and much more stuff compared to Builderall that has it all.

But let’s start with how you can make money from BuilderAll with this Builderall affiliate review.

What Does It Mean To Be An Affiliate Marketer?

Definition of affiliate marketing: Affiliate Marketing is the process of promoting other people’s products or services for a commission.

So, both sides are happy. You, as a marketer will bring a new customer to a business and you will get paid part of what this customer pays for their product. They will give you this commission but they pay only after they make a sale, so it is pretty fair.

When you promote BuilderAll, they pay you every single time you bring a new member to their platform but also they pay you every single month your customers stay to the platform.

For example, if you bring one customer in May 2020 and he stays with Builderall for 2 years, you will get paid each month for 2 years.

And this is only from 1 customer. So, you can understand that this thing can scale really fast.

Before we jump into the commission rates, we have to learn Builderall pricing plans and how you can join Builderall’s affiliate program.

Joining BuilderAll Affiliate Program Is Free

It is widely known that Builder All has one of the best affiliate programs on the market.

That’s why in order to become an affiliate you used to pay for the Builderall business plan which was 49,99$/month.

But now they have changed this and you can become a BuilderAll affiliate for free which is amazing and many people don’t know it.

How much is Builderall?

builderall pricing table

Builderall has 5 pricing plans.

Their first plan is the free plan. Builderall free plan is quite basic and obviously you can only use this pricing option to hook people in and learn the platform before buying.

Their second plan is called Builder,costs 19,99$ and it allows you to create and share funnels which is very important for you and generally for affiliate marketers.

People want ”done for you” stuff and sharing your funnels is an amazing way to make them buy from you and have their business ready to go.

Builderall’s third pricing plan is called Marketer and costs 29,99$/month. This plan is the first actually good plan because it gives you up to 5,000 email subscribers and more options.

So then, you can create funnels and landing pages giving away freebies so that you build your ultimate asset, your email list.

Their fourth plan is called Essential. This plan costs 49,99$/month and finally, you can have the WordPress installation. It is widely known that every successful online business has a website for getting traffic and for building their brand.

WordPress websites are easy and are those that rank on Google. This plan also allows up to 15,000 email subscribers and in my opinion, it is one of the best plans you will ever see in any marketing tool at a ridiculously affordable price.

Builderall’s most expensive plan is called Premium and costs only 69,99$. This can make many of you laugh because you may know that Click funnels basic plan costs 97$/month and has 10 times fewer features than Builderall.

In order to find the 27 features of Builder all anywhere else, you need to pay at least 350-400$/month. At the very least. Check Builderall features here, and then Google it to find these features at a better price. Good luck!

builderall business apps

No other tool can create webinars, courses, marketing funnels, email automation, apps, videos, free websites, and also give numerous tutorials and free templates to use at such a price.

Every other funnel software like Clickfunnels, Kartra etc, starts from 97-99$/ month and only creates sales funnels or has 1-2 more features.

Also, Builderall has a free trial. Builderall free trial is for 14 days and you have full access to all tools they have.

So, BuilderAll is so amazing because it has all the features a business needs but it is also very affordable. This makes the affiliate marketer’s life much easier for 2 reasons.

First of all, when he wants to promote Builderall it is very easy because it is a no brainer, by far better than the others and cheaper.

But also, he should use it to save money. Because in order to promote anything you should have a website and funnels. Guess what, Builderall can do these 2 things with only 69,99$ so you can run a whole business with it.

Otherwise you will need 97$/month for Clickfunnel, 15/month or more for the autoresponder(Getresponse the cheapest), Bluehost for website hosting and domain, SEO tools, webinar, and course software (because you may want to offer training as a bonus for people to buy from you) and much more.

Now, let’s move on to the BuilderAll affiliate payout structures.

BuilderAll Compensation Plan

builderall affiliate sign up page

The BuilderAll affiliate program is amazing. They give their affiliates 100% on the first sale and then recurring 30% commission for this customer they brought for as long as the customer stays with Builderall.

However, when someone starts a business, a website, funnels, etc, he plans to stay with the platform longterm. So, you will get paid long term.

But, there is more. If this customer you brought, brings let’s say some more customers you will get paid 30% commission on each one of them again! These are called Tier 2 commissions.

But, this is nothing like pyramid scheme or so. It is just a way to atract more affiliates. If you wanna learn more about pyramid schemes and why Builderall is obviously not one of them, read this.

This can scale up really quickly but let’s do some maths here.

Let’s suppose that in your first month you bring 5 customers on the Premium plan which is the most complete.

So, you will get around 21$ x5 = 105$ in Month 1

In Month 2, even if you don’t invest your money again in your business to attract more customers, you will bring 5 customers.

So, you will get 21$x5=105$ +105 from customers that came to Builderall in Month 1. So, 210$.

And so on, and so on. In 1 year, you will be making 1260$ per month passive income at the very least because we didn’t take into consideration that these people will bring more people and you will take tier 2 commissions as well.

But if you are not good at maths, the Builderall affiliate calculator is another cool tool they have that allows you to calculate your commissions pretty easily.

Aren’t you pumped up?

And of course, you can make a lot more money. I don’t do it that way. I reinvest most of my profit to bring more members. So in the short term, I make less money but I scale faster and in 1 year I didn’t have 1200$ per month but much more.

And this is only 1 product. Nothing stops you from promoting as many products as you like as an affiliate marketer. Imagine making 2,000$ per month not only from Builderall but also from other 3 products. This stacks up to 8,000$ per month.

The most important thing here is that you make 100% in your first sale at any pricing plan and then 30% recurring every month and also 30% every single month for your tier 2 commissions on every plan.

This is the Builderall payout. Your commissions depend on the pricing plans but it’s ok because most features are included in the 2 most ‘expensive’ plans.

Now, you will ask why most people promote Clickfunnels if BuilderAll is the better choice? The answer is simple. Clickfunnels is more expensive so when they promote it, they think that they make more money.

But that is not true because Clickfunnels gives only 20-40% for every new customer and it isn’t an all-in-one tool so it is far more difficult to promote it especially when it is so expensive.

Final Words: Builderall Compensation Plan

BuilderAll is an amazing tool for affiliate marketers both to use and also to promote. You can build your whole business, both the sales funnels and also a Builderall free website and then you can promote BuilderAll with this business.

That way you will know all the features really well and you will save a ton of money. They are 27 so it is not so easy to master them without having the tool!

Builderall compensation plan is amazing because they pay 100% on the first sale and then 30% commission on the customer’s pricing plan.

But also, they do have tier 2 commission which means that if this customer brings more customers you will also get another 30% from their new customer.

This can scale up really fast and after some months, you will be able to make quite a lot of money with Builderall affiliate program payout.

Are you ready to start promoting Builderall and make money online this year with Builderall bonuses and features?

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