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Builderall Review: Is It Worth It?

Do you want to start or grow your own business and you search for the best all-in-one marketing tool in digital marketing?

Have you had enough paying overpriced tools and wasting your hard-earned money?

Today, we will discuss a very interesting tool that provides quite a lot of options for marketers. The reason this tool is not highly promoted by other marketers and especially affiliate marketers or fake ”gurus” is that it is quite cheap.

So, they avoid promoting it and they prefer to promote other expensive products to make more money. Makes sense, right?

I have been making money withaffiliate marketing for quite a long time to be able to understand what is going on around me.

With that being said, let’s start with this honest Builderall review 2020!

What is Builderall?

Builderall is a complete, cheap, all in one marketing platform for online companies and businesses. It offers full-fledged website development software, complete SEO toolkit as well as high converting sales funnels, beautiful landing pages, an email marketing tool and much more.

Builderall was created by Erick Salgado in 2011 to help online marketers run their businesses easily.

This Builderall honest review goes through everything that this software can provide its users with and how this company is looking forward to supporting internet businesses like yours.

Builderall has changed the game and destroys the myths around sales funnels and marketing tools. Every competitors’ pricing is at least double the Builderall’ price with absolutely no good reason.

What makes Builderall so unique?

builderall review featured image

This marketing platform is unique because it combines different features and qualities of a variety of tools currently available on the market in one complete go-to solution.

This tool comes with several handy applications that are essential to every online business for-example: an internet entrepreneur needs to keep in touch with his audience, but how he can do it?

He needs something to automate the process. And he can automate this process with the help of chatbots, and we all know how difficult and expensive it is to set them up correctly.

But in Builder all 2020, they have supplied the users with social media accounts and a page manager. Now you don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars on making chatbots from scratch or with the help of some freelance programmers.

This is not the only thing that makes it the best marketing tool. But there are a lot of other good features too, keep on reading to discover more!

What to expect and not to expect from Builderall?

Builderall is a marketing tool, and if you are working solely on your own, it is best for you because you can literally do everything easily by yourself. You are the boss, and everything in it is drag and drop but also they have a training tutorial in every feature they have.

They also provide endless ”ready to use” funnels and templates with exceptionally beautiful designs. But stay till the end, because I have also some bonuses on it for you.

There is also complete information available on the site on how to build a site or set-up a chatbot for your social media account.

On the other hand, please keep in mind that using any marketing tool doesn’t guarantee success nor we believe in any overnight success.

Marketing and especially affiliate marketing is teachable. I have many free articles on my website for affiliate marketing and how to do it correctly.

Using Builderall will be the only thing you need to start your business saving thousands of dollars on other tools.

What are you going to get in Builderall?

Now, we will discuss in complete detail what tools and features Builderall has to offer its users. Note these are only features and applications, discussion about tutorials and affiliate program is in the next section.

There are 6 different categories for Builderall features so it is easier for you to follow. Don’t overwhelm yourself, I will tell you which ones are the most important later on.

Builderall Applications

builderall apps

Builder Tools

Cheetah Drag N Drop Website Builder:

Ever wondered how difficult and expensive it is to create your website in HTML5 or even WordPress, but with Builderall you can do website development in a matter of hours. And it’s just ‘drag and drop, and linking pages together’. In the end, you have to link your domain name with that website, and your website is ready for the world.

Pixel Perfect Builder:

It is another type of site builder known as Pixel Perfect in Builderall, that lets you develop your website. The website development of those HTML5 pages doesn’t need any optimization. If you want to save more time, this should be your go-to option.

Builderall Canvas:

Now you don’t have to buy or learn advanced software like Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Illustrator because this tool provides basic to intermediate functionality of a graphic creation program, and learning is super easy too.

WordPress Integration in Builderall:

WordPress Integration is one of the most crucial integrations Builderall offers. WordPress is used on 99,9% of websites currently ranking on the top page of Google. I have run multiple successful websites and all of them use WordPress which makes my life so much easier.

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Builderall Ecommerce website development:

If you are looking to develop an eCommerce store or a dropshipping store, it is super easy with this tool, and it is just drag and drop. You don’t need to pay Shopify or something else. All you need is here.

Builderall Webinar Builder:

This application lets you create your webinar efficiently. It takes care of everything. You just need to get live on the phone and communicate with your audience.

Builderall eLearning:

It is a platform within Builderall that helps you teach and create unlimited online courses that you could provide your audience with. These courses can be professionally made with Builderall eLearning and make you hundreds of dollars.

App Builder:

Do you know it takes around 5000$ to 15000$ to build an app for a single platform? But this application lets you create your very first app and publish it in many popular stores like the Apple Store or Google Play. Super fun, right?

Builderall Directory Builder:

This powerful application lets you build a directory in which you can save names of businesses, listing, and much more.

Email Marketing

builderall apps overview

Builderall Mailing boss:

This tool helps you to create and send eye-catching emails that attract customers from all around the globe. You don’t need to pay extra for more email marketing software.

Check out whichever tool you want, it won’t provide email marketing tools and all other features(funnel and website builders etc) in this price and not even close. The price will be 3x at the very least. I challenge you.

Builderall Professional Emails:

This powerful tool helps you to set up professional email accounts on your domains, which boosts the credibility of your business.


Builderall Professional Messenger Chatbot:

It automates the system of replying and engaging with your Facebook audience and retain some leads and sales.

Builderall Share Locker:

It blocks some content of your website until someone visiting the websites shares it with his or her Facebook or social media friends and followers.

Builderall Social Proof Pop-up:

It builds credibility and trust among your potential customers by showing them recent purchases via your site only authentic data is shown.

Builderall Professional Website Bot:

It lets you create custom bots who can handle quick queries of your potential customers and also assist them during their purchase not on Facebook but in your website.

Builderall Social Autopost App:

It is boring to posting several posts manually on Facebook, but with this Builderall Facebook application, you got all covered because it posts on your behalf on all social media channels. So, you have to post only time.

Builderall Browser Notifications App:

It sends a push notification to your subscribers in their notification center, allowing you to reach them even when they are not on your site.

Builderall Instagram Autoresponder:

It is a complete hassle to respond to all of your followers on the Instagram account. That’s why they have created an application for auto-responding queries on Instagram, no more paying for expensive python bots.

SMS Messaging in Builderall:

Some customers don’t have enough data to be online 24/7 so, this SMS messaging tool comes extremely handy when you want to reach them in the morning or the late hours.

Telegram funnels:

It lets you create fantastic telegram funnels with instant integration with your telegram account.

CRM (Customer Relationship Management):

Use this tool to manage professional relationships with your valued customers. It is included in the package, and it costs much less than other CRMs available on the market.

Script Generator:

Do you know how much it costs to ghostwrite a powerful sales pitch? At least 70$ for 1000-word copy, but, with Builderall it’s all Done for you. You can use this tool to generate a powerful sales pitch that will make your leads convert much more.

Design applications

man typing in front of a mac

Builderall Unlimited Magazine Builder:

Ever thought about releasing your entrepreneurship magazine? Now it is time to do it. With this tool, you can create your magazine in a matter of minutes.

Mockup Studio:

It takes time to learn photoshop and create realistic mockups, but now with this tool, you can do it by yourself without having to download anything.

3D Photo Editor Studio:

This is a complete photo studio kit that is both lite-weight and fast, requires no additional knowledge than using a browser.

Animated VSL Video Builder:

The animation is indeed very difficult to learn, and master that’s why they have pulled the load for you and created an application with easy animation. It is so easy that you can learn it in a matter of minutes.

Transparent Floating Videos:

Surprise and create unique floating videos to better engage with your customers with minutes with the help of this app.

Presentation Studio:

This application lets you create amazing presentations within a matter of seconds without having any experience in presentation design.

Video Wrapper:

This tool lets you create small social media feed styled short video to deliver messages with full impact, that are expected to convert potential customers.

Video Tag Tool:

It streamlines the process of adding interactive tags on your videos, which help viewers to visit your website in one click.

Video Funnel Builder:

It takes the tagged videos and creates a video funnel through which you can convert potential customers into customers by delivering free value.

builderall features funnels


SEO On-Page Report App:

For the success of an online business, Search Engine Optimization is very important so, this application lets you check the on-site performance of your site.

Click Map:

It tracks the clicks of users on the website, which helps you to track where your users are clicking.

Other Tools in Builderall:

VA Access:

Managing is a problem for you? Hire a virtual assistant and lay back and relax and see things done in an automated manner.

DNS Manager:

Setting up sites can be a hassle, and networking technicians take hundreds of bucks for what this simple app can do.

Setting up your business:

Installing applications and general management:

The installation process is pretty simple; you sign up no credit card details are asked only your email and password.

They don’t even ask to verify the email. You can start right away. Some basic applications are pre-installed, which are Website Builder, Site Builder, Email Marketing Automation.

You can start using them to create your first site, remember you haven’t been charged a single cent.

Next, you will upgrade your package to be able to start more apps, and you will attach a domain name with your website and boom, your site is live and ready to go.

Migrating Your Business:

There is not much information available about migrating sales funnels, and other databases, but there is a way to restore your old WordPress website with the help of the three-click integration application.

And other than that, you have to manually recreate funnels, which is not hard because they are also providing a funnel builder in the package.

Builderall Training:

Each lecture is 50 minutes, and they even tell you how you can use tools available in the whole kit to offer video editing services to your clients as a gig.

They have prepared full lectures on every aspect of this tool, and even still, if you are unable to get any concepts, you always have the option to open up a support ticket or get things sorted out on a call.

The Builderall Affiliate Program

Builderall has a very easy and lucrative affiliate program. It is not difficult to make money using it because it is easy to find a customer who needs to start an online business cheaply and easily.

As you understand, Builderall has every tool and feature(27+), as of now, you need to make money online without using other tools.

The program is amazing it offers a complete dashboard through which you can monitor your earnings and check how effective your affiliate campaign is.

Builderall affiliate is quite similar to other marketing dashboards, but it is only for monitoring affiliate leads, your rest of business or called virtual office stays untouched.

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They offer 100% commission for the first sale and 30% commission after that for every single month. Also, if your customer brings one more customer you are also getting paid 30%. This is a level 2 affiliate program but nothing like pyramid scheme or mlm.

It is very easy to promote Builderall because it is an excellent product at a cheap price. You can easily make a course on Builderall explaining how to use it and even share your funnels. This way you will get many people to buy it.

Builderall Pricing

BuilderAll has 5 different pricing plans which are starting from Free to Premium.

builderall pricing table

The first plan is the free plan which includes sales funnel creation, landing page creation, website creation and email marketing.

However, the number of subscribers is only 100 and in this plan, there are also many other vital elements missing.

This plan lacks share funnels, the WordPress installation, and also lacks SSL certificate and CDN which in my opinion makes it impossible to create a website that can rank on Google.

Builder Plan: This plan costs only 19,99$ per month and includes SSL certificate, CDN and share funnels.

However, it provides again only 100 subscribers to your email list and no WordPress installation.

But, if you don’t need a website with WordPress and you only want funnel creation and an adequate email marketing system to start, this plan is for you.

You can always upgrade when you are closing to 100 subscribers.

Marketer’s Plan:

The marketer’s plan includes Cheetah Website Builder, another easy and fast way to create your website. Its price is 29,99$ and it gives you up to 5,000 subscribers to your email list.

It also gives you the CRM, SMS messaging and Telegram Automation.

The only main disadvantage I see is the lack of WordPress installation.

Essential Plan: This plan costs 49,99$ per month and this plan is the cheapest plan on the internet for a beginner to start an online business. It includes almost anything you need as a beginner and intermediate marketer.

It has everything other plans provide but also WordPress installation, up to 15,000 email subscribers, messenger and website chat-bots, up to 10 domains and 10GB disk space. This plan is my recommendation when you start online.

This plan saves you a ton of money. If you buy Clickfunnels (Builderall’s alternative) plan with autoresponder it costs 297$ per month and you don’t have nearly half Builderall’s features.

This is approximately 250$ less every single month which means 3,000$ per year.

The final plan in Builderall is called Premium and it is also cheap. It costs 69,99$ per month and provides 15 domains, unlimited subscribers to your email list, better support and training but also with this plan you can create webinars, courses, Facebook and Youtube Livestreams.

There is no Builderall Business plan anymore. They change their pricing plans and now from 3 plans that they used to have, they have 5 options for you to choose from.

You can easily understand that the most expensive BuilderAll’s pricing plan is 30$ cheaper than Clickfunnels or Kartra’s basic plan.

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They are even offering Builderall free trial for 14 days.

BuilderAll’s Pros and Cons:


  1. Huge Library of Apps and tools you can use to start your business
  2. Excellent Support System
  3. It is an independent platform that can run all your business in one place.
  4. Superb Training on every tool and feature for free.
  5. Drag and Drop stuff to make it really easy to use.


  1. Way too many tools. You won’t need to use all of them.
  2. The Free trial is not enough for testing all features. It could be 30 days.
  3. Some good features are available, but they are soon to be released (probably in this month)

My Free BuilderAll Bonuses

I always want to provide the cheapest and best possible solutions on the market and I try to do it every single day.

But also, I would like to keep my readers even happier providing free bonuses for buying BuilderAll which is already a no brainer in my opinion.

Bonus #1

Unlimited Email and Chat support personally from me. (value 1,997$)

Do you have a question? Email me or send me a messenger message and I will do my best to reply as soon as possible.

Bonus #2

1 personal skype/messenger call with me(value 497$)

This personal call is to analyze not only BuilderAll program but also plan your business with me and ask me your questions on affiliate marketing and marketing in general.

Bonus #3

Ready To Use Youtube Scripts(value 1997$)

As you may know Youtube is one of the best ways to promote your business and your brand. It is amazing how fast you can explode with Youtube.

These ”done for you” scripts will help you grow from 0 to 1000$/month immediately. You take the scripts, apply them right away and with Builderall you have the core of the business ready to make money online.

Bonus #4

My Step by step Blueprint on how to create high converting sales funnels in Builderall in 5 minutes (value 497$).

How To Claim Your Bonuses

After you buy whichever Builderall pricing plan suits you the most, email me with the receipt to acquire all these bonuses on

Final Thoughts: Builderall Review: Is It Worth It?

BuilderAll is a tool, and a tool never guarantees your success, but it is an amazing all in one package for your all digital needs, it is not only a marketing tool but a complete digital office.

It offers its users flexibility and accessibility to be able to create websites, sales funnels, email marketing, chatbots, webinars, courses and graphics for their business and save money that would be spent on programmers, graphic designers, and website developers or other tools.

What makes Builderall one of the best marketing tools in 2020 is the ease it provides to the user, making able to do everything from funnels to websites everything by their own hands and their numerous tutorials.

Are you ready to start or grow your own business online with the minimum cost but also with the maximum tools you will ever need?

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