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The Free Plus Shipping Clickfunnels Funnel – Free Download

One of the most powerful marketing strategies is the Free+Shipping Funnel. You can use it for lead capturing, upselling and as irresistible offer to your funnel. If you want to set up such an offer you’ll need a funnel in the backend in order to maximize your order value. Thus you can get back your ad spend earlier or even make a profit on the front end offer. For this reason, you can download your Free Plus Shipping Clickfunnels Funnel.

How does Free Plus Shipping Work?

Step 1. Find a cheap but attractive product 

…and an audience that would like to have it. Some good examples are necklaces or earrings for certain niches. You can get those oftentimes for a couple of cents from Aliexpress

Alternatively, you can write a book or get a private label one and let it print on demand. Books are often times front end products for Free plus shipping offers because they can be very valuable.

One of the most valuable books in online marketing uses this model. It’s the Dotcom Secrets Book by Rusell Brunson. If you don’t know it yet, you should strongly consider reading it. 

These are only the two most popular ones, but there is a ton of opportunities to look after for free plus shipping funnels. 

To claim your Free Plus Shipping Funnel just jump on the Free 14 Day Clickfunnels Trial and send me an email or Facebook Message.

Step 2. Set the right price 

…and also the right shipping cost. Always keep in mind that people aren’t stupid and you should be fair if you want to build a sustainable business. 

Controlling the price gives you some options to calculate. Depending on the shipping options and costs you try to break even or even make a little profit on the frontend. But always consider building an audience and an email list. Thus you can make the money you spend upfront back later.

Don’t make a free plus shipping offer and charge a ridiculous amount for shipping, people know what marketers are doing there. If you are selling a book, you can try to charge a little more for the printing costs, but don’t overdo it, be fair.  

The Free Plus Shipping Clickfunnels Funnel - Free Download 1
free plus shipping order form

Step 3. Build a Funnel

…and maximize your average cart value. Here is where the magic happens. The Free plus shipping offer will cost you more than you earn. At least in the beginning.

If people start to “purchase” your product make sure you upsell them. Meaning make One-Time-Offers, product bundles and discount for higher quantities. 

For example:

The Dotcom Secrets Book funnel, gives you a free book, just for a couple of dollars shipping costs. If you “purchase” the book you’ll be presented a one time offer for the “marketing blackbox”. This includes a second book, manuals, stickers and such. The full blackbox costs about $30 and there will be people buying it, because it’s a great product, bringing a lot of value.

Thus the average cart value increases and then you will be able to a) make back the money you spend on ads earlier and b) spend more ad money per customer. 

dotcom secrets funnel

Why upselling is so important

Finally, people will have to take out their credit cards, to pay for the shipping. This is the best time to make them another offer because they are in a buying mood. They have already said yes to your first offer, so why not try to sell more?

This is why you will need a funnel. It’s to guide your potential customer through a certain sequence and buying process. To take him by the hand and show him what he can purchase to fulfill his needs and desires.

You’ll be able to make your ad spend back earlier, or spend more per customer. Also, you will collect a lead, which you can send to another funnel and earn even more money later. 

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Conclusion: Your free plus shipping Clickfunnels funnel

There is a lot to learn in ecommerce and dropshipping. Also, there is a lot of products to test. Clickfunnels gives you the opportunity to do that quickly. You can build a funnel within minutes and customize it to your products. 

You can download a full free plus shipping Clickfunnels funnel through clicking on the button down below. If you don’t have an account yet, you will be asked to join the 14 day free trial. The signup process just takes 3 minutes and you will be ready to go with your first eCommerce funnel. Furthermore you will get some bonuses, through this site.

Also if you like to succeed faster and get a huge discount on Clickfunnels I recommend checking out the funnel builder secrets webinar.

To claim your Free Plus Shipping Funnel just jump on the Free 14 Day Clickfunnels Trial and send me an email or Facebook Message.

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