What Is The Best Sales Funnel Builder For Your Needs?

Looking for the best sales funnel builder can be frustrating. Everyone on the internet has an own opinion and uses a different program. Some recommendations can be honest, other biased by affiliate commissions or even both at the same time. Depending on your needs and even more your skills, you’ll be left with multiple options to choose from. Let’s discuss what could be the best sales funnel builder for you.

What’s your Budget?

Depending on your budget, it’s possible that some sales funnel builder aren’t affordable at the moment. If you are just starting out with no idea or product at all it can be costly to spend $300 the month for a sales funnel software. 

Nonetheless it could be the best solution for your need. Assuming that you don’t have the budget to spend $300 the month, but you need an allround tool that has it all, I would highly recommend to checkout Builderall. Builderall is a beautiful platform that can build funnel, landing pages and even apps but also has an integrated email software. 

Read the full Builderall Review here

If you just need one single landing page with a backend funnel you maybe want to try one of the cheapest solutions. That would be ProfitBuilder.  It costs only $67 as one time payment. one of the disadvantages will be, that you’ll need a WordPress site and at least some tecchy skills. 

Sometimes it’s a little glitchy and rather complicated to use, because of it’s user interface. It’s not nearly as functional as Builderall or Clickfunnels, but like I said…if you only need one page it’ll be sufficient. 

You can check out a Clickfunnels vs Profitbuilder comparison here.

best sales funnel builder
What is the best sales funnel builder?

What are your Tech Skills?

Assuming you are very tech savvy you can build a funnel within WordPress. You’ll need hosting, as well as multiple plugins and a decent level of skill to put all together. For designing your WordPress site I would recommend Elementor, because it’s free.

If you like to bring your design to the next level you should check out ThriveThemes.

I can’t give a full tutorial on how to build a full funnel just within WordPress, because I’m not that tecchy. I prefer a simple solution that is called Clickfunnels.

However you can also look up how Clickfunnels stacks up against it’s competitors here.

Conclusion: What is the Best Sales Funnel Builder?

There are a lot solutions that can help you to achieve your goal. It always depends on what you want to achieve or where your lack of skill is.

Some people will strongly recommend one software, while others would hate to use it. That’s often times just personal preference or taste.

Assuming you want to start with a simple solution that is easy and quick to learn and you have a some budget to spend, I recommend Clickfunnels. It comes with a Free 14 Day Trial so you can test around and see if it fits your needs.

Furthermore, if you sign up through this page you will get a full A-Z training on how to use Clickfunnels and a couple of funnels to start with. You can just download them through clicking one link and they will be imported into your Clickfunnels account.

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