Is Clickfunnels Legit? What You Need To Know

Heard about Clickfunnels? This unbelievable software of one the most successful online marketers Russell Brunson? You did, otherwise you would not have googled this. So now you’re looking for the answer to the question of questions: Is Clickfunnels really legit?

I know it’s hard to believe that something so awesome is really no scam. However, with Clickfunnels this is the case.

Clickfunnels is a so called SAAP, a software as a service. Russell Brunson and his team developed the software as a solution for thousands of online marketing problems.

There are plenty of tools for all sorts of people inside of Clickfunnels.

For example for email marketers, e-commerce experts, info product creators, small and local businesses, network marketers and so on.

clickfunnels legit

A good indicator for a serious online marketing business is time. Clickfunnels does already exist for several years and has helped many entrepreneurs to grow their businesses and lift them up on the next level.

Most of the time these awesome sounding products and services that promise to make online marketing fast and easy come and go very quickly.

In my opinion products that exist for longer than two years have a good chance to not be a scam.

Clickfunnels has made it past that mark and obviously they’re doing very well.

However, I can assure you that your bad thoughts are without any reason. Clickfunnels is one of the reliable online marketing companies out there.

All the awesome offers, programs (and the free books of Russell Brunson!) are truly that awesome and helpful for every sort of business person.

Summary: Is Clickfunnels legit?

In short: Clickfunnels is definitely legit.

The bad thoughts and probably rumors you heard about scammy affiliate marketers are not the case with Clickfunnels.

Some indeed scammy affiliate marketers where trying to sell the Clickfunnels software as a business opportunity. A business opportunity that makes one rich fast and easy.

The point is, that Clickfunnels is no business opportunity. The good thing is that a major update on the affiliate terms and conditions of Clickfunnels has forbidden to promote Clickfunnels like that.

Clickfunnels is a platform that can help you achieve your marketing goals and if your serious in growing your business it will definitely help you do that.

The software has a lot of marketing skills and knowledge to offer. Coachings and education through the Clickfunnels team are the best way to help you learn these skills.

And the fastest and most intense way is the “One Funnel Away Challenge“. You’ll get 30 days of intense marketing training to get your first funnel from the ground.

Still on the fence? Stop the endless research and simply start your free trial.

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