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Clickfunnels Website – Can Clickfunnels Replace Your Website?

Can you use a full Clickfunnels website? The short answer is yes. But it can come with some disadvantages in terms of search engine optimization and organic reach. Let’s see if you should use Clickfunnels as a website builder to build or replace your or traditional website.

The Technical Aspect

Are you familiar with WordPress, domain hosting and DNS settings? Do you know how to set up a free SSL certificate? Do you know what an SSL certificate is?

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If the answer is yes then you will be able to build an entire website for all of your needs. Depending on your technical and design skills you can use traditional methods to build your web presence.

If not…well you can use Clickfunnels. But why?

Clickfunnels has a build-in page editor that is super user friendly. You can just drag and drop elements like texts, pictures, headlines, and videos around your site and instantly see how it will look like.

Even more, if you don’t know how to buy a domain, set up hosting, install WordPress and configure it, you can just get a free domain with your Clickfunnels account.

Just plug it into your website or funnel and you are good to go. Simple as that.

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Depending on your technical skill level you’ll have the choice. If you have no idea about most of the things mentioned above and you just want to have a web presence, go with Clickfunnels.

Still on the fence? Convince yourself in the full Clickfunnels review!

There is no need for coding or web design skills whatsoever. You can find hundreds of beautiful templates and just replace the elements with your own content. Plug in your free domain and your site is ready to go.

Furthermore, you can get full Clickfunnels training and my personal assistance in setting it up, by signing up through this site.

SEO Aspects And Organic Reach

If you are generating your traffic mostly through SEO I wouldn’t use a full Clickfunnels website.

Is your main source paid traffic through Google Ads, Facebook or social media then you can absolutely use Clickfunnels.

Page Speed

Page speed is considered to be a massive ranking factor in Google. When it comes to responsiveness Clickfunnels is amazing. You can configure a desktop as well as a mobile version of your site on the same domain.

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But in terms of speed, you won’t have as many options to tweak them as you would have with a WordPress site.

With a traditional WordPress site, you can use several plugins to optimize your page speed, automatically minimize your pictures, CSS and Javascript.

Giving these possibilities you can really nerd out on your website to make it the fastest possible. Unfortunately, you can’t with Clickfunnels.

So when you are looking to build a content-rich website you can run into some trouble with page speed and loading times. Nevertheless, people made tons of money through their Clickfunnels websites even with this issue.

Search Engine Optimization And DNS Settings

Most SEO’s are using plugins to optimize their content in order to rank better in google. Those Plugins like Yoast SEO or my favorite RankMath will help you to find the weak spots in your content and improve it for more google love.

You won’t find those options in the Clickfunnels editor. At least you will find the basic settings for search engine optimization, but it’s far less than in WordPress in combinations with RankMath.

Furthermore, your content will be hosted by Clickfunnels. The problem with the name servers of Clickfunnels is, that it stores several different websites and funnels from all kinds of industries.

Some of them will be unfortunately sort of spammy “make money online” funnels that are not very google friendly. This can have a negative effect on your site when your website target is the same nameservers as in the make money online space…

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Can Clickfunnels Replace Your Website?

Yes, of course, it can. The editor is super easy to use and you can learn it very quickly. Furthermore, you can connect your website to different payment providers and email software, if you are selling on your website or collecting leads. Nevertheless, be aware that the SEO options on Clickfunnel are very limited and you won’t have as many technical possibilities as on a traditional website.

Putting it short: Are you interested in optimizing your site and you are very tech-savvy, you’ll be good with WordPress.

If you’re not skilled in tech stuff and web design and you will be promoting your site through paid ads, Clickfunnels is perfect for you!

Finally, you can still use a traditional website to generate organic traffic AND connect it through a subdomain with a Clickfunnels account. By doing so you are able to have the best from both worlds and build funnels to lead your website visitors to your marketing goal which can be a sale or generating a lead.

After signing up for your free 14-day trial you can send me a message through the contact form of this page or just hit me a Facebook message to claim your personal bonus.

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