Basic Steps To Create Your Clickfunnels Webinar Page

Before you can host an online seminar (webinar) you need to take care of some preparations. One of the tasks you need to complete is your Clickfunnels webinar page. And the other one your webinar plattform or hosting.

Here is how you prepare your page for your webinar.

How to set up your webinar funnel (two ways)

Step 1. Create the Funnel with the classic editor

Go to your Clickfunnels Account and create a new funnel by clicking “Add New”

Step 2. Select the Classic Funnel Builder

clickfunnels editor option

Step 3. Select “Host Webinar”

After the selection you will have the option between “live webinar” and “webinar replay”. Choose the one that you desire. If you want to host a one-time-webinar choose the live. Assuming you want to put a replay online and make the webinar evergreen, choose “webinar replay”.

Give your Funnel a name and click on “build funnel”. Now your basic setup is nearly complete.

host a webinar

Step 4. Page Setup

Your Funnel will consist of two pages. The “Webinar Registration” and the “Webinar Confirmation”. Additionally you’ll can build a “Broadcast Room”. Otherwise your attendant will be sent to a broadcastpage of your webinar software.

Add one more step to your funnel and select “Broadcast Room“. Finally you will have three steps and your Clickfunnels webinar funnel is complete.
Now you can select the templates you want to use and edit them. Change the copy and pictures, set the date for your webinar and connect your autoresponder.
clickfunnels webinar

The Cookbook Webinar Builder

You can also choose the Cookbook to build your funnel even faster, by selecting a full funnel template.
Reapeat the process, but in step 2, select the cookbook builder process.
After that choose the webinar funnel, select a template that you like.
clickfunnels webinar funnel

After completing the steps you will have to edit your funnel steps in order to host your webinar, like in the step 4 above. Just switch he content of the elements and you are ready to go.

Final step for you Clickfunnels webinar

In order to get your webinar going you’ll need some kind of video or webinar software to stream. You can just upload a video on youtube, do a youtube live or use any other video plattform that you like.

Or choose and integrate from webinarjam, everwebinar or gotowebinar.

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