Clickfunnels Everwebinar Integration Tutorial – How To Connect

Clickfunnels is an allround tool that you can use for many things, such us webinars. You can connect all webinar plattforms in just a couple easy steps. In this article I’ll show you, how the Clickfunnels Everwebinar Integrations works.

Connect via API

Obviously you’ll need an everwebinar account, and at least one webinar to retrieve your API key.

After connecting your everwebinar account with Clickfunnels you’ll be able to send your subscribers directly to everwebinar.

Step 1. Go to your everwebinar account and choose a webinar

Step 2. Click on “advanced settings” in the right bottom corner

Step 3. Set the checkmark on “API custom integrations” and copy the API key

Step 4. Go to your Clickfunnels account, click on your profile picture and go to “Integrations”

Step 5. Click on “Add New Integration” and search for Everwebinar

Step 6. Select the Everwebinar Integrations. Give it a name, paste your API key and click on “Add Integration”

If you have done everything correctly, you shoul get a green success message.

Everything you need to do now is create a webinar funnel. Alternatively you can use GotoWebinar or WebinarJam.

clickfunnels everwebinar

Your Clickfunnels Everwebinar Connection Is Done

Now you are ready to go to add your webinar software directly in the webinar funnel. Please think of setting First Name, Last Name and Email field as *required. That must be done with most webinar plattforms to operate properly.

The tecnical aspect of a webinar is just one side of the coin. I strongly recommend to get the Perfect Webinar Script, in order to make your webinar successful.

It teaches you everything you need to know to craft your story and sales message and bring people to buy your product.

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