What’s Clickfunnels? More Than Just A Funnel Software

Lately, there has been a lot of hype around Clickfunnels. Still, a lot of people never heard about or tried it. Basically it’s a funnel building software. Anyone who runs any kind of business can profit from its usability. If you need leads or sales…you can use Clickfunnels. But the community and the spirit behind it are also very special and unique. So what’s Clickfunnels?

The technical part

Clickfunnels enables you to get rid of a traditional website and any kind of need for programming skills. 

It’s very simple and build to help entrepreneurs build their online presence in a very easy way. Also, the funnels work seamlessly together without any sort of techy stuff.

Furthermore, you can build any sort of funnel through just a couple of clicks within minutes. Build lead capture funnels, sales funnels, webinarsauto-webinars, squeeze pages, one-time-offers, up- and downsells…

Also, Clickfunnels integrates well with a huge list of other software providers. If you like to know more details you can read the Clickfunnels review.

What’s Clickfunnels Community like?

There is a huge community on Facebook with ten thousands of online marketers and entrepreneurs for any niche and like-minded.  If you are searching for help or have any questions you can always depend on helping people, who are willing to answer all of your questions. This mindset mirrors Clickfunnels co-founder Russell Brunson and his team.

What's Clickfunnels? More Than Just A Funnel Software 1

These guys are genuinely trying to help their customers and Clickfunnels users to succeed. Unlike other software companies, Clickfunnels is not a generic company without faces. 

Once in a year, you can connect with a lot of successful entrepreneurs using Clickfunnels on a live event called “Funnel Hacking Live”.

The 2-Comma Club

A lot of these successful online marketers who attend that event are “2-comma club award” winners. What’s Clickfunnel’s award about? Everyone who reaches $1 million will get one. 

So can be sure that anyone, being an award winner knows what he does. And even a lot of those guys are active in the community and giving advice.

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