Clickfunnels Membership Site Examples – 2 Inside Looks

Clickfunnels has the feature to build full membership sites to host subscription and courses. One of those Clickfunnels membership site examples is the affiliate training from this page.

If you would like to take a look, you can just sign up for the training and see for yourself here.

Clickfunnels Membership Site Features

The membership site features are pretty basic, but they give you everything you’ll need. You can upload anything you want and separate it by lessons and modules. The design features are sort of limited, but you can edit everything you need to fill it with your content.

To see how simple it is, to build a membership site in minutes take look on the quick tutorial.

How Does It Look Inside The Membership Editor?

Take a look inside two of Clickfunnels membership site examples. You can access the editor Menu and edit all of your designs within the funnel.
This is how your sign-up page will look like within the editor. You can change everything to your individual needs. Adjust the the sign-up form, colors, fonts or even a video background if you like to.
You can get full Clickfunnels Training on how to use the editor if you sign up for the free trial through this link.
clickfunnels membershipt site signup
The Membership Sign-Up Page

This is the funnel overview. You can connect your membership site to any funnel, add or remove funnel steps and restrict access to certain lessons. Just add any lesson or module you want and upload your content to edit it in the simple and easy to use editor.

You’ll get two links, one to the sign-up page and one to the login page for existing members.

membership site edit
Membership Funnel Overview

Design your membership site as you want. You can add header, menus and sub menus, different rows to access the lessons and of course change backgrounds and colors.

clickfunnels membership site examples
Custom Design Editor

This would be another example of a clickfunnels membership site. It’s the one funnel away challenge. As you can see in the picture below you can restrict access to modules, to upsell on your members.

Furthermore you can remove all of the menus above and simplify your design.

one funnel away membership site example

Conclusion: Clickfunnels membership site examples

There are a lot of membership site examples done in Clickfunnels. You can also join the one funnel away challenge or the free affiliate bootcamp to see how the design can look completely different within those memberships.

You could also pay attention to the small Clickfunnels logo an the bottom right corner, when joining membership sites. It ensures you, that it was made in the software.

Furthermore you can ad custom CSS to your templates and designs. The options aren’t as large as in other membership software, but with Clickfunnels you’ll get the complete package, even for a lower price than competitors.

Finally you can create membership sites without any technical knowledge and have all the important features to manage your membership site.

If you want to test out yourself what Clickfunnels membership site feature is capable of, you can just hop on the 14 day trial and play around. Otherwise just join the free affiliate training on this site to see how the membership feature performs. Just opt-in below, to get access.

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