Clickfunnels Backpack Pricing – Worth it’s price?

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Want to know more about Clickfunnels Backpack Pricing? In this blog, you’ll find everything about the costs and benefits of the Clickfunnels Software.

Clickfunnels Backpack Pricing

What is Backpack?

Backpack was part of the Etison Suite plan and is now part of the Platinum Edition of Clickfunnels.

So for those of you asking: “Is Backpack still available in the new Platinum version?” – YES, it is. 

It’s a software inside of the unlimited Clickfunnels plan Russell Brunson and his team built and it helps you create your own affiliate program.
An affiliate program is the fastest way to generate more revenue for your business without spending too many dollars on expensive ads. 

Sound great?

The Backpack software and with it your own affiliate program allows you to scale your business… While you’re asleep.

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This helpful software offers full functionality: 

You can set up your own affiliate program, create commission plans for your affiliate partners and simply integrate your affiliate program into your sales funnel.

In addition to that, it gives you the opportunity to review commissions and manage the affiliate payments quickly and easily.

Imagine having an entire army of motivated, commissions only sales people selling your products for you around the clock!

And only pay them after they close a sale!

By signing up for your Free Clickfunnels Trial through this site you’ll get these bonuses, that will help you get started.

For example: You’ve got a $100 product and you’re selling 10 of them per day. This means you get out a $1000 per day.

Now you’re having 10 affiliate partners. They sell 10 per day each as well.

You’re probably paying them 40% commissions and you would still have an additional $6000 in profit!

Now imagine having 20 affiliates.

Or 50…

Or 100!

Wouldn’t that be nice?

clickfunnels pricing and features table
The Clickfunnels Pricing And Features

Sticky Cookie

The Backpack Software comes with the so-called sticky cookie. This cookie will help you trace the sale to the affiliate partner who closed it. 

E.g. a customer buys one of your low ticket products. Weeks later he decides to buy another higher ticket product from you. 
This second sale will now be credited to the account of the affiliate who’s ad made the customer buy for the first time. 

Thanks to the sticky cookie he’ll get the commission for it both times.

By the way, the same rule applies to the Clickfunnels Affiliate program.

Clickfunnels Backpack Pricing – What does it cost?

Since the Backpack software is included in the Clickfunnels Platinum Edition the Clickfunnels Backpack pricing is $297 per month. 

Clickfunnels Backpack
$297 per month
Discount via Funnel Builder Secrets Package (includes 6 Months of Clickfunnels Platinum)
or FBS Package including 12 Months of Clickfunnels Platinum
14-Day Free Trial!

This $297 include the backpack software, full unlimited ability to the newbie-friendly funnel builder software of Clickfunnels, the daily virtual Hackathons, the Funnel Hacker Forum, Funnel Flix (a new streaming platform for entrepreneurs and those aspiring to become one and many more bonuses.

The only available discount not many know about yet comes with the Funnel Builder Secrets package. This package includes the Platinum Edition with all it’s benefits for 6 to 12 months.

Not sure why you need this?

It’s pretty simple: For quickly scaling your business you will need traffic. But what’s the easiest way to get some? Word of mouth traffic converts way better than Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and so on.

An own affiliate program helps you get the traffic you need. Without money wasted, without any risk.

Your affiliates will spend their time, their money for ads and they’ll get paid only after they close a sale. This is the quickest and least risky way to increase your sales.

You probably think that this traffic source is not for you because you’re in affiliate marketing. 

Let me tell you kindly that you’re wrong. One of the most successful affiliate marketers, THE super affiliates for Clickfunnels use it. 

Spencer Mecham, Jacob Caris, Franklin Hatchett and many more use the Backpack software to promote their own courses. 

Many affiliate marketers have their own webinars or whole online courses e.g. for affiliate marketing. With Backpack, they’ve created their own affiliate program that’s now growth hacking their businesses. 

For those of you who didn’t know: Spencer Mecham and Franklin Hatchett both are members of the two comma club!

Ready to get started? Just click the button below.

In case you haven’t tested Clickfunnels yet I am offering you a special bonus. Simply start the absolutely free 14 day trial and get to know the software at no financial risk.

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