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Infusionsoft Review – The Great, Good, and The Bad:

Infusionsoft software is many things. It is a digital marketers tool that includes e-commerce and a CRM module. This Infusionsoft review focuses on investigating whether the software is worth it’s salt. However, before we jump right into the details about the software, it is important to know the businesses behind it. 

This will effectively help you to decide whether you can trust the product. It is more like knowing the in-laws first before you get married. It is good to understand the nitty-gritty about a product and the company before you invest huge sums of money in it.

What is Infusionsoft?

The Infusionsoft software is developed by the Kean company that is renowned for its impeccable organization culture and so are its products and the majority of its employees. 

What stands out from their core values is the commitment to help small businesses grow. The majority of marketing SaaS businesses focus on the medium to large businesses because due to their stable customer base and spending power.

The product is marketed as an all-inclusive digital marketing solution that offers email marketing, customer relationship management (CRM) system, e-commerce capabilities, and marketing automation solutions. 

As such, its users not only do email marketing but also can sell products and services to the prospects in their sales pipeline via the built-in shopping cart. 

An Exceptional Campaign Builder

 The software offers one of the best marketing automation tools in the market. The company was the first to build automation tools for small businesses. Though it is not the most polished automation builder, it features a flexible editor allowing you to create infinitely simple and sophisticated automation.   

Those who run their business with a team will also be glad to hear that it is fully integrated with the CRM. 
CRM integration automates the project management process including assigning work responsibilities to team members. 

It can also track marketing campaigns’ progress in action. CRM simply automates numerous aspects of marketing and the daily running of your business enabling you to focus more on growing your business.

The all-in-one solution

We love the fact that the all-in-one solution means that small businesses have access to a wide range of tools that could have been much expensive and time-consuming if they had to access them individually.

Small businesses now can do marketing automation, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), email marketing, and e-commerce thanks to Infusionsoft technology.

For small businesses that need these features, this is a huge advantage. They don’t need to custom code their own solutions or have to integrate multiple software into their system; which can prove to be a headache. 

Moreover, the database is effectively managed and centralized. Thus, businesses don’t have to worry about the double-entry of information because an individual can be a prospect and eventually become a customer.

 All-inclusive also means that businesses can perform sales and marketing activities with the software. For instance, businesses can easily track which marketing campaigns have reached a particular prospect. This is because all the data is integrated and housed under one system. 

CRM and eCommerce Integration

If you have ever tried to implement an e-commerce system, you might have had a hard time integrating your email service to the rest of the e-commerce functionality. Though you might achieve some level of integration, it might not be flexible enough to achieve your desired functionality. 

Marketing automation with this tool is also way much easier when using the built-in e-commerce platform. Moreover, everything else integrates with the CRM. Thus, you can see all the orders, email history, and web page visits a customer makes all in one place.

What We Don’t Like: Infusionsoft Review

 First, given that it is a very large platform with a multiplicity of features, it can be hard to know where to start. However, this cannot be entirely blamed on the software. If you do not have a set strategy, any marketing automation tool is bound to confuse you

The support is also less than reliable. It is often a hit or a miss affair, mainly depending on the customer support agent you find on the other end. 

To get the most reliable support, contact them during US time zone working hours. This is because, the support reps are physically at work, and thus can refer you to other support reps if they cannot handle your issue themselves.

The signup process is also quite a challenge. You have to jump through various hoops which include having to first speak to someone on the phone. You also have to pay a mandatory extra fee for the new user onboarding. 

Though this orientation is a good thing, it is not necessary. Some people prefer learning the software on their own. Others don’t have the luxury of time to schedule up to five different one-hour calls. Exiting is also not an easy affair. This is especially given that the fact that, you are forced to enter a one-year contract after you sign in. 

Thus, if you decide to withdraw before this term is over, you will have to forfeit 25% of your annual subscription fee.

Infusionsoft Review: Verdict

Infusionsoft is the marketing tool of choice for business owners who are looking for an all-in-one solution and not just to fix a marketing problem. It is more of a tool and less of a solution. 

As such, you really need to know what you are doing. You should consider the software as a world-class piano, but the kind of music that comes out will largely depend on the skill of the composer. If you want to do it yourself, you’ll have a lot to learn and invest tons of time or hire someone.

clickfunnels and infusionsoft
A T-shirt Russell Brunson was wearing during the Clickfunnels promotion

Alternatively, you can try Clickfunnels. Clickfunnels is the biggest competitor to Infusionsoft. Even a campaign was named after that software calling them out on t-shirts saying “We are not confusionsoft”.

This is because Clickfunnels is very easy-to-learn-software with awesome usability. You won’t be caught in a yearly subscription like in Infusionsoft but you can cancel any time. Also, Clickfunnels comes with a 14 day free trial.

In addition to that, I will give you access to full A-Z training on how to use Clickfunnels if you sign up through this page.

If you are not convinced you can read the comparison between those to here: Clickfunnels Vs Infusionsoft 

I am an independent website owner, not an employee of Infusionsoft. Whether this business or its representative website is of any kind associated with Infusionsoft. The opinions expressed here are my own and are not official statements of Infusionsoft or its parent company, KEAP.

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