Clickfunnels and Infusionsoft – An Old Ongoing Rivalry

Clickfunnels and Infusionsoft have a old rivalry going on until today. The reason for that is a promotion Clickfunnels did, using the slogan “We are not Confusionsoft”

Infusionsoft being rather complicated to use and pretty expensive was to its time the only software capable of building funnels. But you needed to be very very skilled in order to manage that task.

Clickfunnels became the new leader

Russell Brunson and his company build Clickfunnels with the intention to beat Infusionsoft and all of their competition. They could manage to grow rapidly and take the market by storm.

Simultaneously they improved Clickfunnels over and over again, to become the best funnel software on the market. It’s very simple and quite intuitive to learn.

As a consequence of Infusionsoft’s unpolished user interface, Clickfunnels wanted to improve the user experience as best as possible. Combined with their extraordinary marketing skills they climbed to the top as a software provider in no time.  

clickfunnels and infusionsoft

Clickfunnels and Infusionsoft Review and Outlook

If you like to know more about the duell Clickfunnels vs Infusionsoft you can checkout the comparison here.
Nevertheless Clickfunnels crushed the competition and therefore Infusionsoft. Even though Infusionsoft tried to defend with a new email software they couldn’t resist.
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